I Know Everything Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Reveal!

It was New Year’s Eve in a flash.

On this day’s night, Huaxia TV’s Spring Festival Report broadcasted a special edition.

Chen Huan was having dinner with Shui Qianyu and was surprised by the special edition when it was broadcasted on the Hotel’s TV.

Because the episode was about Grandpa Zhao Changshou and Grandma Jiang Hui but Zhao Changshou didn’t say anything about it to him.

The reporters of Huaxia TV interviewed him in Huajin.

Jiang Hui had taken more than half a month of treatment at that moment so her condition had improved a lot but she was still weak and a bit clumsy.

But her mind was quite clear and could express herself normally.

However, Jiang Hui didn’t remember clearly the moment when she met Chen Huan and Han Dong’er for the first time.

So the story was told by Zhao Changshou.

“That day, I was just eliminated from the top 64 to 32 and I thought I already realized our dream of letting my wife see me sing on stage and was ready to go home. But who knew that at the small grocery store nearby my hotel, Teacher Lu and Miss Dong’er would also pass by and hear us giving our farewell.”

“Then you guys know what happened later, Teacher Lu and Miss Dong’er helped me all the way to be a champion. To be honest, this is something I’ve never expected and I still feel like I’m in a dream! And because of this, I will also be able to participate in the Spring Festival Gala!”

After Zhao Changshou finished his tale, the lens changed to the entrance of a hotel.

The narration of the show started and informed that it was the hotel where Zhao Changshou and his wife stayed. Then a very eye-catching grocery store appeared on the screen.

It was an old fashioned type of grocery store that had been open for multiple decades and that served the people near the neighborhood. It was a place where gossip happened so people were quite informed there.

“Aiya, I remember clearly what happened that night!” The lady boss appeared on the screen as she smiled with emotion and said, “Brother Zhao and his wife really had a hard life. His wife has developed Alzheimer and was about to forget a lot of things so Brother Zhao wished to give her plenty of nice memories while she could still remember them.”

“Although her thought and movement aren’t very encumbering, it was still inconvenient so whenever Brother Zhao competed, she would stay in the shop to watch with us.”

“Sister Jiang quietly wiped her tears away when Brother Zhao got eliminated. I saw it but I didn’t say anything, she still thinks nobody knew! Brother failed to pass to the next round and was about to leave Lin’an, we felt regretful about that but it can’t be helped, right? Competitions are like that, there’s success and failure, it was already enough for Brother Zhao to fulfill his wish.”

“Unexpectedly, there were three people that appeared when we were saying our farewell, it was shocking! The two women and one man took out their mask and sunglasses, then we saw the beautiful woman was the judge Han Dong’er! Then we learned later that the incredible handsome boy was Teacher Lu.”

“They overheard us and learned that Brother Zhao participated in the competition because he wanted to give his wife the best memory possible and they were very touched by the story.”

“Han Dong’er asked Teacher Lu to write songs for Brother Zhao in order to let Brother Zhao have no regret in life and let Sister Jiang watch him sing more. I was still thinking at that time how could a little child be able to write any good song? In the end, he was really amazing and made Brother Zhao win it all!”

The shop’s boss also added, “We also watched the finals and when Teacher Lu pushed Sister Jiang out, it was because he wanted to let her watch Brother Zhang perform live on the stage… but there are still people saying irresponsible things such as Brother Zhao used this to gain sympathy.”

“Your hearts are all too dark! Teacher Lu didn’t think about that at all! he simply wanted to satisfy the wishes of two old people! If he really wanted to gain sympathy, they would have already told them about the situation about Brother Zhao’s wife Alzheimer, wouldn’t he pass just with this!?”

The screen returned to Zhao Changshou.

Zhao Changshou also saw the video about the shop’s boss and his wife.

He unconsciously cried.

He recalled the hardship he went through at the beginning as well as the fortune he got after meeting Chen Huan and Han Dong’er. He not only fulfilled his wife’s wish but also had the hope to improve her wife’s health.

“They are all good people.” The old man said, “There was something they didn’t want me to say but if I don’t say it now, I won’t have the opportunity to say it after I go back to my village! I must let everyone know that I’ve met a lot of great people and let you know what they gave without anyone knowing, I must say it!”

“After the competition, Teacher Lu wanted to check if my wife’s dementia could be delayed so he called the show’s director Hua since he was a native from Lin’an so there’s more connection.”

“Unknowingly, he was having dinner with Teacher Tang, Teacher Fu, Teacher Lan, Teacher Wang and Miss Bu. He failed to keep it a secret because of alcohol so everyone knew my situation and came over to see me.”

“We went to the hospital the next day and the professor told us that they could delay the disease of my wife but it would cost a lot of money. The best treatment for the next ten years will cost 3 million if they added whatever they said”

“3 million is an astronomical number for me, I’m just a farmer, where can I get so much money? The 1 million prize money wouldn’t be enough even when Teacher Lu and Miss Han refused to take any of it!”

“The group of teachers told me that they would help me pay the 3 million so I can treat my wife and life a more comfortable life with her but I still didn’t agree. For my matter, accepting their help constant was very embarrassing and unnecessary.”

 “In the end, Teacher Lu came with an idea and decided to have me make an album. 20% of the album sales would be given to me to treat my wife. The rest of the money will be donated to charity except the money used to make the songs. The specific donation was handled by Teacher Tang.”

“The name of the album ‘Life’s Only Love’ was also chosen by Teacher Lu. He said it represented my life with my wife. I’m not someone cultured but I think the name is very nice and gives people a lot of emotion, I’m really thankful for the nice name he gave to the album!”

“Oh right, I would like to point out that there are ten songs in the album and Teacher Lu didn’t take a cent for his six songs nor did Teacher Wang or Teacher Fu, they were all free. Director Hua helped get a recording studio and also didn’t receive any money. Teacher Lan acted as the producer and also didn’t charge anything. The Steed band also came over the help with the soundtrack for free. Miss Han and Miss Bu also helped for free.”

“I heard recently that many people on the internet saying how much money we got and fill our pockets but what you people said isn’t right, this old man swears with his life and reputation that only my wife and I received money and the others with great heart didn’t receive a single penny!”

“I took the money for myself but I’ll donate the rest if there’s too much just like the other teachers. But they are different, they did great things so the public shouldn’t misunderstand them.”

“So I wanted to use Huaxia TV to wash away the unjust treatment they received. Because I know that many of you will keep treating me unjustly if I don’t say anything!”

Zhao Changshou was really in tears at the end.

Even the female reporter near him had red eyes.

They knew it wasn’t easy for Zhao Changshou just by listening to it. 

(Sorry but I can’t help but say LOL, so only things that was hard here was how hard he was carried by the other. I don’t get how he’s pitiful when he refused money to treat his wife because of his pride.)

She was also touched by how Zhao Changshou met so many kind hearted people in his path.

Whether it was Teacher Lu, Han Dong’er, Lan Kai, Tang Yuan…

It was because of so many great people that such a miracle happened. A happy affair that would make anyone heart warm in the cold winter.

The female reporter at that time didn’t know that her interview would be broadcasted at such an important timing and for so long.

The original request was for interviewing Zhao Changshou for maybe two minutes or so and maybe even up to five minutes.

They ended with one hour of footage and sent it back to the TV station to let them decide which part to broadcast.

Huaxia TV decided to make it a special episode and broadcast it separately after seeing the strong positive energy from it.

The facts had proven they were right to do so.

Chen Huan lowered his head the moment he saw the show and only listened to it.

The people in the restaurant were filled with emotion after the program ended.

“Tsk, look at that, the Grandpa really didn’t have it easy! His wife is also very pitiful! Fortunately, the things took a turn for the better now!”

“Didn’t I say that? I said Teacher Lu isn’t the person to act to gain sympathy! I just got proved right now! He pushed Grandma so she could listen to Grandpa Zhao sing and that was the right decision! Back then, who thought that Grandpa Zhao would be able to get on the Gala?”

“They are so generous! I heard that ‘Life’s Only’ had a record high sales! They donated tens of million just like that? Really?”

“No shit! Can it still be fake? Would Huaxia TV report fake stuff?”

“You’re not wrong, it made me believe that there’s still some beautiful things in this world.”

“I’m such a superficial idiot! When Tang Yuan promoted ‘Life’s Only Love’, I even scolded him for being crazy for money that even accepted that kind of advertisement!”

“Who didn’t say it? I also thought so and thought that there must be some kind of benefit in it!  I didn’t expect that nobody made money in it and it was just free effort!”

“Sister Xiaofeng was the most generous, alright? He donated away dozens of million! Six of the songs were his!”

“That’s why people like Teacher Lu are what society needs the most!”


Hearing people talk and seeing Chen Huan eat with his head down, Shui Qianyu unconsciously had a sweet smile on her face.

She of course knew about the donation.

What she was happy about was Chen Huan’s gentle and pure heart, it didn’t change a single bit even after becoming famous~~~

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