I Know Everything Chapter 195

Chapter 195: You’re really a noble person.

“Alright, let’s discuss business.” Chen Huan diverted her attention, “Teacher Fan, what do you think of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’?”

“Oh…” Fan Dan quickly concentrated after he brought the subject of her coming here today, “Teacher Chu, our Huajin Theater Company is very experienced in terms of theater adaptation and is amongst the top in our country. We read the full book version of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ and found out that most of the plot happens inside a prison so the location is suitable for a theater performance!”

“I believe you’ve watched ‘Thunder Storm’, ‘xxx’, ‘Tea House’ and etc… Those were all classics that were performed in a specific environment like ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ so they can be adapted into theater so everybody can enjoy the charm of the story!”

“What about the specifics?” Chen Huan calmly asked.

“We certainly hope that you could do it in terms of adapting it into theater…” Fan Dan said while looking at him.

“I don’t have the time.” Chen Huan immediately refused, “You should have people for that, right?”

“There’s Teacher Sui Han from our theater! She is very good at expressing the emotions and has successfully adapted a dozens of books.” Earlier, Fan Dan was just being polite by asking as they had a very strict process to adapt a work into a theater play and it should be adapted by people with experience so it could bring out the best of it.

The plot in ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was very clear and Chen Huan slo wrote it very meticulously so the adaptation wouldn’t be hard so it was natural for the theater to let someone experienced do it.

“Okar.” Chen Huan said, “But I’ll need to read the script after you adapted it.”

“No problem, you’re the original author and we’ll only feel confident to move forward if we have your approval.” Fan Dan agreed.

After a pause, she continued, “As for the performers, we have already decided on some of them, you can take a look if you wish.”

While she said that, she took out a pile of documents from her bag and handed it to Chen Huan.

Chen Huan didn’t know much about famous theater actors in this world.

It was only when Zhu Mei talked to him about it that he went on the internet to inform himself about the theater industry.

Theater in this world and also opera was much better preserved and developed in this world than his previous one.

There was at least a good theater troupe in every province and there were constant theater plays in the province while the attendance rate was also quite high.

The best ones were obviously the theater troupe in Huajin and in Huhai. Most of the profit every year were generated by them.

So the scale of those theater troupes were much greater than the local ones.

The three greatest theater troupes were the National Theater Company, Huajin Theater Company and Huhai’s Theater Company.

Huajin Theater Company that was preparing to work with Chen Huan had a long history and was a big brand.

They had a lot of big names in their repertoire.

There were countless famous actors coming from there for multiple decades.

The 45 years old and pillar of the company Zhong Zekun was an actor that played in theater for 30 years and could be considered as a national treasure level artist.

Zhong Zekun’s occasional appearance in TV or movies would make the audience suddenly talk about acting skills as few people could match his ability.

However, the casting for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ didn’t have his name.

After all, only the male protagonist Li Chengong was worthy of his status.

But the problem was that Li Chenglong had thick eyebrows as well as big eyes and he also didn’t look like the simple minded and little retarded Li Chenglong so he had to unfortunately miss the play.

For the main protagonist role of Li Chenglong, Beihua recommended Xu Gu one of their three best actors.

Xu Gu was a little fat and looked down to earth with very expressive eyes but for an actor of his level, it wouldn’t be a problem to adjust his image to the role.

“Teacher Fan,” Chen Huan looked at the profile and couldn’t help but ask, “This Teacher Xu must at least have 80kg, right? Although Li Chenglong has a big face, he didn’t weigh more than 65kg so isn’t his look unsuitable?”

“As long we can do this adaptation, he will definitely be able to lose weight and get to 65kg in two months.” Fan Dan assured without hesitation.

Since the other party said that, I wouldn’t be polite for Chen Huan to insist.

There was no doubt about the determination for those artists.

Next, was the role that embellished the story and that is Li Yiyuan when she was a child. Chen Huan saw two cute and beautiful faces.

One was called Zhang Shihan, 8 years old, and had made some small appearances in various TV and movies.

The other one was Li Wei, who was also 8 years old. She started to star in some advertisements from the age of 5 and started to be an actress one year ago.

Chen Huan could remember every detail of the movie due to the reward from the Good Lord so he obviously wouldn’t forget how the little girl looked.

“Well, I suggest Zhang Shihan for the female lead!” Chen Huan felt like Zhang Shihan was better.

“Okay, Zhang Shihan would be the female lead but Li Wei will also work with her!” Fan Dan knew that Chen Huan didn’t know how theater worked, “If little actresses like that take too much responsibility, it would be easy to make mistakes so it will be better for them to alternate so they won’t get tired.”

She went on to say, “In fact, we will have a full substitute lineup so we can prevent any problem with the leader actors. Of course, rest assured that the substitute will also be able to perform otherwise we wouldn’t be substitute!”

Chen Huan nodded.

He had forgotten that the little girl’s role was very heavy and all their performance would be on stage.

It wouldn’t matter if it was one or two performances but it would definitely be too much if there was dozens of performances.

It was also normal for theater troupe to have a substitute. After all, theater plays were performed every day and it was bound to have some problems so it was better to be prepared.

Then Chen Huan looked at the choices for the role of gang leader, scammer, crazy prisoner, model prisoner and menacing prisoner.

Those five supporting roles were very important to the story.

It was precisely because of their cooperation and care that made it so touching.

It was an important performance that showed the light among the darkness of humanity.

The profiles of the actors resembled the characters from the book.

Their acting skills shouldn’t be a problem since they were theater actors.

 Those people were in their 30s and 40s after all and it wasn’t easy for them to be able to gain a reputation in the theater industry.

So it could be seen that Beihua had been carefully prepared and tried to win the approval of Teacher Chu with their professional ethics and preparation.

Fan Dan felt nervous when she saw Chen Huan flipped through the documents.

She knew it would decide the outcome.

Whether Huajin Theater Company could win the right to adapt ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ depended on Chen Huan’s decision now.

“I think it’s good.”

Chen Huan said after finishing the profiles and Fan Dan let out a sigh of relief at that moment.

“Thank you! Thank you Teacher Chu!” She happily said while stretching her hand, “I wish us happy cooperation!”

“Don’t worry about it.” Chen Huan shook her hand and said, “How are you going to prepare it?”

“If you agree, we will decide on the people you saw. Then we will gather everyone and study the story after the spring festival. Then we’ll start adapting some lines and making other preparations.” Fan Dan said, “We will probably be able to do a full rehearsal by the end of April and do 4 more rehearsals in May before performing on stage in June.”

Chen Huan nodded softly.

The mission given by the Good Lord told him that it should be released to the public in June.

Theater was also a form of performance in a stage so with the theater version, Zhu Mei’s movie adaptation didn’t need to be rushed.

With Zhu Mei current renown and her personality, she would be very strict and would want to improve her craft so even if she prepared her crew right after the spring festival, it would be difficult for a June release.

Chen Huan knew that fifty years ago, a good theater play would need to be discussed for three months before they thought about the rehearsal and play in front of a crowd.

A good classic theater play would take at least six month.

But the times were different now.

Theater actors had more advanced technique and their various experiences also improved with modern society.

They already put a lot of care into preparing for three months before they started the first rehearsal.

Moreover, Huajin Theater Company was serious as they dared to take such a story that the whole country was paying attention to so they definitely wouldn’t ruin their own reputation.

Fan Dan saw that Chen Huan didn’t comment on it so she started to talk about the next thing, “As for the profit shares, I’m sure what Teacher Chu has in mind? Please, you can propose anything.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Chen Huan shook his head, “What do you usually give?”

“If the story is well-known, it’s between 10-20%.” Fan Dan said, “If it’s a lesser known story, we’ll buy it out with a price of 10, 20 or 50 thousand.”

“I want a 5% share, is that alright?” Chen Huan calmly said.

“Huh… isn’t it too little” Fan Dan was a little surprised but also felt it was reasonable.

Teacher Chu really didn’t care about money.

But he didn’t even want 10% but 5%, wasn’t it a little to Buddhist like?

Even if the income from theater wasn’t high, it was still a continuous stream so the amount was considerable.

With his renown and ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’, Huajin Theater Company was even prepared to give 30%.

But 5% was beyond Fan Dan’s expectation.

“It’s enough, I can’t use that much money anyway.” Chen Huan said.

“You’re really noble.” Fan Dan said from the bottom of her heart.

Fan Dan had seen many talented people but someone as talented as Chen Huan who didn’t have any weird quirk and who was indifferent to fame and fortune, there was only him.

Chen Huan felt bitter but couldn’t say it.

What was the use for me to ask for more money?

The Good Lord would make his appearance the moment he accumulated enough and for him to donate it all.

It wouldn’t care if it was only a hundred thousand or so and it was only at that moment he could use it without restraint.

Now that he mentioned, he really had a hard life!

He didn’t have any saving for marriage and retirement money was just a faraway dream!

Was he destined to eat soft rice in the future?

A trace of worry appeared on Chen Huan’s face.

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