I Know Everything Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Unexpected Poaching.

The closer they approached the spring festival, the stronger the charm of the New Year illuminated.

In terms of ancient custom, Huajin New Year was a little bit worse than places like Yuedong, Minnan and Yuexi but they had no rival at the north of the Yangtze River.

Zhao Changshou had never been in Huajin so he took his wife shopping these last few days whenever he had the time.

Tang Yuan was from Huajin so he obviously found a friend that was in a travel agency and asked him to send a driver a guide to follow the old couple and guide them along the way.

The old couple was recognized many times but thanks to the driver and lady guide, they were able to avoid being crowded.

Chen Huan also put aside the proof essay on ‘Chen Huan Proposition’ and walked in the streets of Huajin with Shui Qianyu.

Shui Qianyu in fact held no interest in doing those things as the monuments in Lin’an were better preserved than in Huajin and the city was also better than Huajin but nobody saw her tour around the city.

She mainly did it to accompany Chen Huan.

Chen Huan liked to walk around the city and eat around so she did it with him.

Shui Qianyu that the 16 years old heart finally came out of Chen Huan’s mature personality.

It wouldn’t be good if he acted mature all the time.

As for Shui Qingshan and Xia He, they certainly wouldn’t go play with the kids but nobody knew where they went all day long and it wasn’t unusual for their room to be unoccupied for a whole day.

Xiao Shuishui was to be thrown to Chen Huan in the future anyway so it was best to let them get used to it.


Chen Huan obviously wasn’t having fun all day long.

He would write his proof thesis during the night.

He didn’t write that fast but he should be able to finish it before the end of February at the current speed.

After all, Chen Huan had already seen the proposition but after discussing about it with several professors, he now had a thorough understanding of it.

So it wasn’t difficult for Chen Huan to write the thesis smoothly.

However, he needed to be careful with it if he wanted a more detailed proof process.

Last night he received a message from Han Dong’er.

Han Dong’er: Xiao Yan from Yanhuang Music came to look for me yesterday and asked to sign with them after I left Yongren Studio.

The small empress’ straightforward personality could be reflected on her messenger app name which was her real name.

The succubus Bu Yiyi’s Wechat’s name was Reluctant Yiyi which was the opposite of the feeling she gave people. Since meeting Bu Yiyi in Huajin, she would send messages to Chen Huan daily and also send pictures of herself to him from time to time.

Those pictures of course were every day normal and serious pictures and there was nothing more to it.

It could be seen from this that Bu Yiyi paid a lot of attention to Chen Huan.

Hardworking: Xiao Yan!? What is he plotting!?

Han Dong’er: It doesn’t look like it. Look at the offer he proposed to me.

Han Dong’er wasn’t so cold and dull on the chatting app and she also spoke more in it.

It was just that she didn’t know how to be tactful so her words always came as straightforward and rude.

Han Dong’er typed out the offer she received.

Chen Huan got even more shocked.

Yanhuang Music wanted to sign Han Dong’er for five years and she’ll have a signing fee of 10 million since she was a small empress.

Yanhuang Music promised to make three albums during the contract period and each album would have no less than 20 million in production budget and another t20 million for advertisement.

Yanhuang Music also promised to give Han Dong’er at least 5 endorsements from the domestic top brand and split the endorsement fee fifty-fifty.

Yanhuang Music promised that during the contract, they would prepare a concert with a budget of 5 million if Han Dong’er wished to do so and they would do so as many times as she wanted.

Yanhuang Music promised that during the contract, Han Dong’er wouldn’t be forced to participate in any commercial performance or participate in any entertainment that Han Dong’er didn’t want to.

There were dozens of similar clauses.

It could be seen from this that Yanhuang Music was prepared to give very generous conditions to Han Dong’er. This wasn’t a probing offer at all and it left no ambiguity either.

The offer was absolutely great if they didn’t count Xiao Yan.

Hardworking: Dong’er, why did Xiao Yan come to look for you? Don’t they know that him and I have beef?

Han Dong’er: It’s because he knew he did wrong before so he personally came when Yanhuang Music wanted to sign me lest you will think that he was plotting something if someone else came… this is something Xiao Yan said.

Hardworking: Humph, he’s really a bit self-aware.

Han Dong’er: He said he already knew he was wrong and that dispute and relationship are secondary in the field of business where the most important thing was profit. They would only get a future empress by signing me but also repair the relationship with Teacher Lu so this is a great thing for Yanhuang Music and redemption for Xiao Yan.

Hardworking: Tsk, tsk, this doesn’t look like the Xiao Yan I know!

Han Dong’er: The contract Xiao Yan’s gave me wasn’t those that go on for hundreds of pages but written clearly and simply. He also said we can look for someone to look at it such as Lan Kai.

Hardworking: It seems that he’s for real!

Han Dong’er: I think so too.

Hardworking: Then what do you want to do?

Han Dong’er: Help me decide, Sun Yan don’t know and I don’t know.

Chen Huan was speechless and thought that Han Dong’er really gave him a lot of trust.

But if he thought about it, the small empress trusted him so much because she started to depend on him more and more.

Then when the time comes, would she be able to escape from his hands?

Then Chen Huan thoughts returned toward the matter at hand.

Xiao Yan should be honest according to the attitude he showed.

Maybe he said those things not for Han Dong’er but for Chen Huan.

He was showing that he was a person that pursued profit and nothing else was as important.

In fact, he was a true snake.

The combination of Teacher Lu Xiaofeng and Han Dong’er wasn’t something he could harm by his small hands and they could also bring him huge profit so he obviously took a humbling attitude.

From the perspective of Han Dong’er development and despite Xiao Yan, Chen Huan also thought that Yanhuang Music was the best place for her.

Even if Phoenix Record gave the expression they would surely be able sign her, it wasn’t something set in stone.

The reason was simple.

Phoenix Record already had the empress Zhou Jing and small empress Liu Fu’er. Han Dong’er would have to compete for resources with them.

And she would be unlike to have any preferential treatment for the resource allocated.

After all, it was impossible for a company as big as Phoenix Record to abandon their old member for the newcomers, right?

It would be impossible for them to justify it no matter how they say it.

Not to mention that Phoenix Record also signed the runner up of ‘I Sing My Song’ Li Bi. This beautiful girl who had a lot of stage presence would definitely allocate a lot of resources and Han Dong’er may even have to compete with her.

It was similar for the other giant of the music industry Totem Music. They also had empress Xu Ping so Han Dong’er would have to compete with her.

In contrast, Yanhuang Music only had the emperor Zhu Shengyu and small emperor Fu Bufan. Although they had several female singers in their roster, they weren’t as good as Han Dong’er. So Han Dong’er would be the focus of the resource if she went there.

As long Yanhuang Music wasn’t stupid, they would happily help Han Dong’er so they could have their own big name female singer as they could even expect her to become the third empress of the music industry!

It was a big credential to the company when they had big names under their label.

Why was Yanhuang Music always behind Totem Music and Phoenix Record even when they had the big Yanhuang Picture backing them up?

Wasn’t it because their quality of their singers were inferior to the other two?

The other party had emperors and empresses, small emperors and small empresses, and a lot of other talented singers, they only had a dozens of singers in total so how could they match up to them?

It was for this reason that Li Bi chose Phoenix Record instead of Yanhuang Music after she thought about it even if they had a better offer.

But Yanhuang Music was still more suitable after saying all that.

Li Bi didn’t have Teacher Lu Xiaofeng to help her write songs otherwise she would have definitely chosen Yanhuang Music.

Chen Huan replied to Han Dong’er after thinking about it.

Hardworking: Yanhuang Music has the best offer currently but we’re not in a hurry. Just wait after you release your album before we think about it.

Han Dong’er: Okay.

Hardworking: Did Xiao Yan urge you to sign quickly?

Han Dong’er: No, he said he wasn’t in a hurry and they are very sincere about it. They are prepared to adjust their offer if I wait until the release of my album but it will only increase and not decrease.

Hardworking: Okay then, you should go get some songs. I’ll have to wait until after the Spring Festival to be able to you give songs.

Han Dong’er: I’ll watch your performance in the Gala.

Hardworking: o(^o^)o

Chen Huan didn’t think much about the possible reaction of Phoenix Record.

This was a business society and Chen Huan had no responsibility toward Phoenix Record. He only had to take care of Han Dong’er’s interest and future.

It wouldn’t be impossible for them to think about it if Phoenix Record gave the same offer after Han Dong’er released her second album.

But the probability of that was pretty low.

Even if Tang Yuan and Lan Kai were in Phoenix Record, it was impossible for the boss to give so many resources for female singers only to Han Dong’er.

He believed they would understand as long they learned about the offer given by Yanhuang Music.

You will certainly not be angry if you are a real friend.

You’re not a real friend if you are furious about it.

Why would I care about you if you’re not a friend?

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