I Know Everything Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Did I enter the wrong room?

It was Fan Dan the deputy director of the Huajin Theater Company that went to discuss with Chu Liuxiang.

Fan Dan was only 42 years old and joined Huajin Theater Company as soon as he graduated from Hua Drama and had been working for 20 years in the company.

She obviously wasn’t only an administrative worker as Fan Dan had strong acting skills as her best role was as a domineering and strong woman.

However, theater hadn’t been very prosperous in recent years and Fan Dan had put a pause to her career due to marriage and having a daughter so she didn’t play in any good role for several years.

Fan Dan didn’t expect to play any role even if the negotiation for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was successful.

All the characters were men except the lovely Li Yuyuan.

This was a story about a group of men with a little girl but it could generate countless tears and emotion for the viewers. The people in Huajin Theater Company were all quite learned so they all read the foreign book of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Therefore, Fan Dan came today to negotiate with Chu Liuxiang and her most important task was the right for adaptation in theater and everything else could be discussed later.

But Fan Dan wasn’t very confident in this.

Among all the writers Fan Dan knew, Teacher Chu was the most mysterious and the most down to earth.

The short story of ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’ touched countless people and touched those people who were struggling with life. It even received praises from People’s Daily.

But Teacher Chu Liuxiang didn’t reveal himself to reap more fame and fortune or came out as a ‘Famous Writer’.

He instead devoted himself to creativity to create a pure love story that was ‘Love Letter’.

Not to mention he also made ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ that conquered the people of Korea and Japan in one fell swoop and now caused numerous people in China to cry.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ couldn’t be described as a mere great novel anymore but as a classic that would be engraved in the history of literature.

But there was still no trace of Chu Liuxiang even if the novel caused a sensation across Asia. Not many people knew him and those who knew him didn’t talk about him so everyone was anxious to know more.

Teacher Chu not only didn’t want to be known and also wasn’t interested in money.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ caused the collective literary fans to flow with tears. The boss of Yanhuang Picture and the second son of the Yanhuang Group’s president Qi Yiwen declared that he was willing to pay a sky high price of 10 million for film adaptation rights of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

But Teacher Chu didn’t reply at all.

Judging from his work in ‘Love Letter’, he should be willing to adapt it into a movie.

The reason for his non-response was probably because some aspect didn’t meet his personal requirement and that it wasn’t about money.

He didn’t even care about the proposition of 10 million for the right to adapt, how awesome was he?

It wasn’t only Qi Yiwen as many companies sent invitations toward him but he still didn’t respond to any of them. He gave the impression of being aloof and haughty.

From that, only Zhu Mei could contact him as he did many things for Zhu Mei.

There were even some rumors that Teacher Chu was in fact Zhu Mei’s boyfriend and he was writing a script and book in order to help her girlfriend.

That kind of nonsense was actually taken seriously by the people so that was why Zhu Mei ran away.

Fan Dan didn’t know about that but when the director tasked her to negotiate with Teacher Chu, she started to believe the rumors a little bit.

It was better to rely on Zhu Mei!

Fan Dan took a breath before pushing the teahouse private room open while in thought.

She had already had in mind how Teacher Chu looked.

Maybe it would be a gentle and kind middle aged man.

Or a kind and wise old man?

A middle aged man that went through a lot?

Hm, it was still the first type that suited Teacher Chu’s appearance more.


Fan Dan knocked on the door and opened it and only had the time to say one word before she stared blankly at the young man at the table writing something.

February in Huajin was quite cold and there was not a lot of natural light so the room’s light was open.

So Fan Dan clearly saw the boy’s face and it was the renowned most handsome teenager.

So beautiful!

He was so handsome in that angle!

How could god carve out such a man? Was he trying to make the women go crazy?

Unfortunately her daughter was only a few year old and couldn’t marry this man.


Wait a minute!

Aren’t I here to talk to Teacher Chu about ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’?

This matter didn’t concern Teacher Lu Xiaofeng!

Why is Chen Huan here?

Did I get into the wrong room?

Fan Dan didn’t know what she should say now that she thought about it.

Chen Huan heard some movement and saw the beautiful woman with a sharp aura walk in. he knew at that she was Fan Dan the deputy director of Huajin Theater Company at that moment.

Zhu Mei already warned him that Fan Dan was quite a heavyweight.

She wasn’t only a pillar in the Huajin Theater Company but also trained plenty of actors. She was guaranteed to become the next director after the current one retired after his term.

It was also impossible to send nobody for such an important matter.

Today’s theater industry wasn’t as bleak as ten or twenty years ago but it couldn’t be to be good either.

If it weren’t for the financial support from the state and that many actors dedicated their skills to theater, the domestic theater troupe would probably be unable to continue to operate.

Most of the theater troupes were very average as the most powerful theater troupe monopolized 70% of the best actors and the teams behind the scenes.

Beihua was one of those giant theater troupes. They were in good condition and their business was improving in recent years but they also wanted to do much better so they took fancy of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Because it was that important so the person they sent could make all the decisions!

“It is Teacher Fan?” Chen Huan stood up, “Please take a seat.”


How does he know me?

Fan Dan was a bit confused and said, “Chen… Teacher Lu, I came to see Teacher Chu Liuxiang today, is he not here yet?”

She remembered at that moment that Teacher Lu and Teacher Chu cooperated before and maybe they knew each other.

Since Chen Huan had a pen name and she was a careful person so she naturally called him with his pen name to show respect.

After all, Teacher Lu’s reputation in the music industry was much higher than hers in the theater industry.

“He’s here.” Chen Huan pointed to himself, “Let me introduce myself, I’m Chen Huan, pen name for writing songs is Lu Xiaofeng, pen name for writing book is Chu Liuxiang. You came here today to talk about ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ with me.”

“You… you… you… you…”

Fan Dan was so shocked she couldn’t even speak.

She couldn’t believe it and didn’t believe it.

How is it possible?

Teacher Chu is amazingly talented but Teacher Lu isn’t inferior at all! 

How can they be all you?!

How can a single person have two distinct talents like that!?

“I can lie to you but will Aunty Mei lie to you?” Chen Huan walked over and closed the door tightly before he said, “We can discuss and if it’s good, I can sign the contract on the spot. Unless Lu Xiaofeng has gone mad, he would definitely go impersonate someone else, right?”

Fan Dan took a few breaths before nodding.

He was right.

How idiotic someone must be to come here to impersonate Teacher Chu Liuxiang?

If Chen Huan wasn’t Chu Liuxiang but impersonated Chu Liuxiang to sign papers, he would be legally held accountable!

And everyone knew that Chen Huan was Lu Xiaofeng.

Chen Huan may afford to be embarrassed but Teacher Lu couldn’t!

It was impossible!

Teacher Lu’s reputation in China was no worse than Teacher Chu and they could be said to be equal.

Besides, Zhu Mei already told Fan Dan that Teacher Chu would wait for her here and there was no reason for him to not come by himself and instead have Teacher Lu come instead.

But she still felt a bit dazzled.

Chen Huan received a lot of admiration for being Lu Xiaofeng already but what storm he was going to set if people learned he was also Chu Liuxiang?

There was probably no genius like him in the entire country.

It wasn’t only China as there was probably nobody like him in the entire world!

The last all around genius like him was Leonardo Da Vinci from a thousand years ago!

“Teacher Lu… no, Teacher Chu, how did you develop your skills?” Fan Dan walked to the table faintly and sat down, “You’re so young but how did you write ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’? This isn’t something a 16 years old can write!”

Fan Dan had actually a lot of admiration toward Teacher Chu that wrote ‘A Bowl of Plain Noodle’, ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

As a person in the artistic world, she even worshiped a little that talented writer.

Women were more easily touched and Fan Dan was easily attracted by a good story so she often fantasized about what kind of person Teacher Chu Liuxiang was.

But now…

She looked at the teenager that was 20 years younger than her, Fan Dan couldn’t help but blush.

Chen Hiuan didn’t directly answer her question but instead asked, “Don’t people also say that someone my age shouldn’t be able to write the songs I did?”

Fan Dan was speechless after hearing that.

With Lu Xiaofeng as an example, it was really hard to question him about why he was able to write such a book as a 16 years old.

Perhaps he was a true genius.

There was no other reason that he was a genius that received heaven’s gift.

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