I Know Everything chapter 193

Chapter 193: Drama adaptation.

Professor Devries and Karuide left after four days.

They still had a lot to do in the Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences and they couldn’t delay it.

They further discussed about ‘Chen Huan Proposition’ with Chen Huan during the other days of their stay in China.

With the help of the two Professors in mathematics and Chen Huan help on key points, ‘Chen Huan Proposition’ had finally advanced in a brighter path.

The fast advancement in ‘Chen Huan Proposition’ was also the reason they felt relieved to leave.

Chen Huan sorted out the theories and proofs from the beginning to end and it would take up ten to twenty days before they could publish the proof according to the two professors.

Professor Devries also told Chen Huan to not send it to the Mathematical Journals by himself but let him send it out as the treatment would be different.

The mathematical world would learn of this at the fastest speed in this way.

Chen Huan also wasn’t worried that Professor Devries had ulterior motives.

It was impossible for him to steal ‘Chen Huan Proposition’ with the personality he had.

Professor Devries also prepared it in advance.

He already revealed that a friend from China proposed ‘Chen Huan Proposition’ and was trying to prove it the proposition and this was like an endorsement.

The reason Professor Devries asked Chen Huan was because a paper sent by a 16 years old would definitely be treated the same as a paper sent by a world-class mathematician.

Chen Huan agreed to it readily and also made a decision secretly.

He would be the main author of ‘Chen Huan Proposition’ but he would also name Professor Devries and Karuide as the second authors while giving third authors to the other mathematicians that helped.

In this way, it wouldn’t hide his own brilliance while praising the other professors.

Money and status was no longer useful for professors like them but if they could participate in the proof process of something as great as ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ and leave their name in history, they would be very pleased.

Chen Huan didn’t start to write the thesis yet after sending away the two Professors.

Because he had to rehearsal ‘Laughter From The Sea’ and take care of some matters.

Although ‘Laughter From The Sea’ was already confirmed to be in the Gala and it was in the primetime slot of 9:30 pm, Zhao Changshou, Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu are newbies and Huaxia TV was afraid of them making a mistake so they begged them to rehearse more. Practice makes perfect after all so they naturally became less nervous.

Shui Qianyu was completely cold blooded as she was even less nervous than Chen Huan.

But Zhao Changshou knew this was his last and most important performance so he was very nervous. This was something that was more than what he wished for.

Shui Qianyu and Chen Huan could only accompany him since he felt like that.

So they rehearsed one to two hours per day.

The current intensity wouldn’t hurt Shui Qianyu’s finger which eased Chen Huan’s concern.

The other thing was that Huajin Theater Company came up to the door.

Huajin Theater Company was one of the most famous theaters in China. Their countless talented affiliated actors that were active in theater, TV series or movies.

Even today, many of the big names in the film and television industry came from Beihua. (Beihua is another name for Huajin Theater Company)

They looked for Chen Huan not because he was Chen Huan or Lu Xiaofeng but because they were looking for Chu Liuxiang.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ began to be published by Qiantang Evening News in October last year and it finished in January this year.

The novel was dubbed as ‘the saddest novel in recent years’ and had received unprecedented attention.

Qiantang Evening News had achieved great success during the twilight era of the newspaper.

It was unknown how many people asked their friends in Zhejiang to send them a copy of Qiantang Evening News by courier every day so they could see the novel as soon as possible.

Some people even started to call Qiantang Evening News, “Shortage of Paper”.

Readers across the country lamented at the end of the novel but the entertainment industry started to take action.

It was wrong to say they only started to take action now.

Some companies already started to act as early as ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ started to get the first place in book sales at Japan and Korea while gaining huge popularity.

They wanted to obtain the right to adapt the book into a movie or TV series and also the publishing right of the book.

It was a big cake.

It was certain to make a lot of money depending on how popular it was in China.

But none of those companies could find Chu Liuxiang.

Of course, the publishing rights were given to Zhejiang Newspaper Group since everybody was an old acquaintance. The company also made a great effort to conceal Chu Liuxiang’s identity so Chen Huan definitely would give them a discount.

They first printed 5 million copies. This crazy number was actually only half of the total demand of the bookstores in the country.

Zhejiang Newspaper Group was very cautious as the estimated demand was generally not the final number so they printed only half of it to see the situation.

Even if they didn’t sell all of the 5 million copies in a moment, with the reputation of Chu Liuxiang and how good ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was, it would definitely be sold in one or two years.

For this reason, Chen Huan received 13 million of author remuneration for the first batch of books. This number set the record of royalties received for books in recent years.

If ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ had to be printed again, maybe Chen Huan would get the highest number of royalties.

Seeing such a move from the Zhejiang Newspaper Group, the Film and TV companies were even more in a hurry.

They tried to talk to Zhu Mei last year and that was why she went into hiding. She changed all her phone numbers and even turned them off. She had yet to return to home.

However, Zhu Mei could still communicate things to the outside world through close friends.

So those smart people went to Ding Lun and Shi Liyou to have them pass the message to Zhu Mei so she could then pass it to Chu Liuxiang about working with them.

Fortunately, these people didn’t know that Ding Lun and Shi Liyou in fact knew who Chu Liuxiang was otherwise they would have to go hide in a mountain.

Even so, Ding Lun and Shi Liyou couldn’t have any peace as they received phone calls and guests endlessly.

Returning to the matter.

Zhu Mei knew how Chen Huan wanted to handle the Film and TV rights. TV series would be for later as the film adaptation would take precedent.

The director would definitely be her but in that regard, Zhu Mei needed absolute control and couldn’t rashly give promise to anybody. It wasn’t time to talk about cooperation.

However, Zhu Mei couldn’t make up her mind about the adaptation of ‘The Gift of Room No. 7’ in the theater so she asked Chen Huan what to do. 

Chen Huan was familiar with the theater adaptation from his previous life and knew how great it was thanks to it.

So Chen Huan wasn’t against adapting the novel into the theater but welcomed it instead.

However, because he wanted to keep secret that he was Chu Liuxiang for a bit longer so he entrusted Zhu Mei to tell Huajin Theater Company to send someone that could negotiate.

And no matter if the negotiation would be successful or not, they must keep his identity as a secret.

Huajin Theater Company quickly agreed on this point and immediately sent someone to meet with Teacher Chu Liuxiang at the agreed time.

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