I Know Everything chapter 192

Chapter 192: Don’t look at the critics.

Humans were the strangest animal.

There would be a time they would fail no matter how calculated the person was.

No matter how Song Luding and Lan Kai knew about the industry and were familiar with the people in it, they would still sometimes be wrong.

For example, what was happening in the small recording studio of Yanhuang Music would surprise outsiders.

In fact, it wasn’t only outsiders that wouldn’t believe as one party of the conversation, Fu Bufan, was also shocked.

“I want to sign Han Dong’er. Bufan, can you give me some ideas?”

This was the first thing Xiao Yan said to him after today’s recording.

Fu Bufan thought that all the recording made him crazy after hearing what he said.

Xiao Yan wanted to sign Han Dong’er?

Didn’t he know the relationship between Han Don’ger and Teacher Lu Xiaofeng?

With such a bad relationship between him and Lu Xiaofeng, was it even possible?

It would be impossible for her to come even if she had to stay in a second rate studio like Yongren Studio!

Fu Bufan thought Teacher Lu’s price was too high before he met him in person. Even if ‘Mama Do You Remember’ was his favorite song, he couldn’t understand the high price that obviously broke the rule in the industry.

He realized that Teacher Lu was really someone honest after meeting him.

Teacher Lu didn’t put a random price but really thought that his song was worth 2 million.

And it was really worth the price.

‘Tolerance’ made Guan Yili into a popular singer even with his womanly voice. The money and influence he earned was worth more than the two million spent.

If they knew the result, even 5 million would be worth it let alone 2 million.

Therefore, Xiao Yan was being laughed at since then.

He still couldn’t hide his failure even if he continued to spread all kinds of bad rumors about Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

After getting to know Teacher Lu and knowing about Zhao Changshou’s situation with his wife and especially participating in the recording of ‘Life’s Only Love’ and donating the money, Fu Bufan’s admiration for Chen Huan was through the roof.

Even if Fu Bufan was 9 years older than Chen Huan.

He couldn’t tolerate someone bad mouthing Teacher Lu anymore.

So Fu Bufan didn’t have any favorable view of Xiao Yan who bad mouthed Teacher Lu after failing to get a song.

Now that Xiao Yan rushed over to talk about signing Han Dong’er to Fan Bufan, his first thought that it was impossible.

Then the second thought was that this guy wanted to control so he could force Teacher Lu to write songs, right?

He didn’t reply to him for a while with unhidden vigilance in his eyes.

Xiao Yan was a well-known producer from Yanhuang Music but Fu Bufan was a small emperor.

Fu Bufan wasn’t weaker than Xiao Yan in terms of influence at all and Yanhuang wouldn’t make it hard for Fu Bufan because of Xiao Yan.

Otherwise, Fu Bufan would just buy out his own contract and leave. They would only be able to cry at that time.

One of the three major companies of the music industry only had Zhu Shengyu and Fu Bufan to begin with. Would you have to rely on Zhu Shengyu alone if Fu Bufan left?

How could Zhu Shengyu carry the whole company by himself?

The shrewd Xiao Yan obviously knew what Fu Bufan was thinking about just by looking at him.

He didn’t explain immediately yet as he took Fu Bufan to sit next to him before he said, “Bufan, I know you think that I’m a bad guy, an idiot and a joke that the whole country is laughing at. These are all right, I did indeed make a big mistake with the matter concerning Teacher Lu Xiaofeng. As a man, I do admit I was very wrong!”

Fu Bufan didn’t say anything but his expression did ease up a bit.

Xiao Yan didn’t make any excuses and admitted his mistake right from the beginning. This was what a man should do.

“Leaving aside the feud between Teacher Lu and me, I admire his talent very much as a musician and it is almost at the point of worship.” Xiao Yan said, “You might not believe this but I’ve been in the music industry for more than 20 years and I’ve never seen such a brilliant and shocking genius like him, this is what I really feel.”

Fu Bufan nodded when he heard this.

As a producer, you could not like Teacher Lu and find it unbelievable but you could never turn a blind eye to other people’s skills and achievements.

“A genius like that, Our Yanhuang Music is in dire need and his songs are what we dreamed of.” Xiao Yan exclaimed, “The unfortunate thing is I’ve gotten into this state with Teacher Lu and I really can’t go look for him. It isn’t because I can’t afford to be embarrassed more but because he definitely won’t want to see me and consider my request.”

After a slight pause, Xiao Yan continued, “So wondered for a bit, isn’t the contract with Yongren Studio about to end? If we can buy out her contract and sign her with very good conditions that show how much importance we put on her, we can maybe ask a few songs from Teacher Lu through her, shouldn’t it be feasible?”

“Of course, those songs will be used for Han Dong’er album and not be given to any other singer. I think we can ease the relationship between us in this way. With this as the beginning, I’ll try to slowly repair my relationship with Teacher Lu and he will surely be satisfied with sincere apology.”

Fu Bufan’s eyes widened.

Producer Xiao, you’re good!

You’re amazing!

He could easily let go of his pride and change his tactics before immediately soughing after Teacher Lu with a method that couldn’t be refused, very impressive!

It may be really possible for Teacher Lu to change his impression on him after Fu Bufan thought about it.

Fu Bufan’s heart warmed at the thought of Teacher Lu writing a few songs for Yanhuang Music.

He wasn’t trying to hope to get Teacher Lu to write a song specially for him but he could learn a lot during the process of creation, wouldn’t it be beneficial for his growth?

So Fu Bufan said, “Brother Yan, I think Teacher Lu will accept it if you apologize in this way.”

“Right? I think so too!” Xiao Yan clapped happily, “Bufen, what kind of condition should we give Han Dong’er then? She doesn’t need to worry about the contract, I’ll talk with Wei Xi! What Han Dong’er will received from us is definitely the top quality!”

“Don’t get excited.” Fu Bufan gave him a bitter smile, “It won’t be that easy.”

“What wrong?” Xiao Yan was startled, “Is Han Dong’er also very dissatisfied with me?”

Fu Bufan said while shaking his hand, “Dong’er certainly doesn’t have any affection for you but she wouldn’t be as hostile if you expressed your sincerity… what I mean is that Dong’er already started the preparation for her second album and Teacher Lu will write a few songs for her!”


Xiao Yan patted his head regretfully, “This is going to be hard!”

Fu Bufan smiled at that.

He obviously knew what Xiao Yan was troubled about.

Han Dong’er gained a lot of fame thanks to ‘I Sing My Song’.

But as a small empress, she still lacked her own great song.

A singer had to rely on their songs after all.

So if Xiao Yan wanted to buy her out, he wouldn’t meet very harsh conditions.

Buf if Han Dong’er took this opportunity to make an album along with Teacher Lu’s tailor made songs, her album’s huge sales was a forgone conclusion.

Once Han Dong’er had such results and even if she was free agent after the album, the conditions Yanhuang Music had to give would increase exponentially.

But it wasn’t a big deal.

The most important point was that many companies would come to compete with Yanhuang Music for Han Dong’er and it would be very hard at that time.

The price would usually exceed the person’s value when multiple people bid against each other.

Yanhuang Music would be at disadvantage due to Xiao Yan.

Unlike when they struck early.

Xiao Yan pondered for a while but didn’t intend to give up.

He said to Fu Bufan, “Bufan, let’s do this, you recommend me to Miss Han Dong’er… I want to communicate with her more. We can’t worry about the album since she already started. But we shouldn’t slack otherwise she would be snatched by someone else and it’ll a true tragedy if that really happened!”


Fu Bufan readily agreed.

Because Fu Bufan already knew what Xiao Yan wanted to do and as long Xiao Yan kept this attitude of making amends while being sincere, there shouldn’t be any problem.

This was also good for Han Dong’er as it gave her more choice even if she didn’t end up choosing them.

Fu Bufan also believed that Xiao Yan wasn’t stupid to trick Han Dong’er into signing a slave contract.

Xiao Yan’s reputation would be absolutely ruined in the music industry if that was the case.

Even Yanhuang Music wouldn’t be able to resist if they provoked Teacher Lu’s full brunt fury.

Xiao Yan wasn’t a fool either as he definitely wouldn’t do that.

Morever, Teacher Lu had many acquaintances in the music industry that could help him check after they signed the contract.

For example, Lan Kai was very experienced with this and definitely wouldn’t let Han Dong’er take a loss.

This matter was actually quite funny if he thought about it.

Xiao Yan should be the person who hated Teacher Lu the most in the entire music industry.

But in the end he was the first to bow.

Being such a shameless and decisive person, Xiao Yan was definitely the model of a person that could bend and stretch in order to seek profit.

If they cooperated with a person like him, the most important thing was to have great personal strength and influence.

There was no need to be afraid as Xiao Yan would do his best to hug the thigh.

As for power, Han Dong’er didn’t lack any and Teacher Lu had even more!

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