I Know Everything chapter 191

Chapter 191: Old Song, You can kill two birds with one stone.

At this moment, in the president’s office of Phoenix Record at Huhai, two people were discussing Chen Huan.

The man with a bald head was Song Luding and the president of Phoenix Record and sitting at his opposite was Lan Kai the best producer of the country.

The two were chatting as they drank tea.

“Old, how do you think Teacher Lu can be so skilled?” Song Luding said, “He’s like a god! The song he wrote isn’t a song that someone at his age should be able to write! Isn’t ‘Deskmate’ a song about a man in his thirties remembering his youth? He’s only 16!”

Lan Kai laughed when he heard it, “I also think the same at this point but all the media in China has been investing around and they still couldn’t find those non-existent ghostwriters!”

Song Luding was the founder of the largest record company in China. He was in a dance troupe before and worked hard for 20 years to cultivate many singers so he obviously wasn’t some unknowledgeable person.

No one would dare to claim they knew the music industry the best except Song Luding.

With so many years under his belt, Song Luding absolutely didn’t believe that Lu Xiaofeng could write so many great songs in different styles but as Lan Kai said, what could he do since he couldn’t find any ghostwriters?

Lu Xiaofeng wrote so many songs and there were people doubting him that he actually wrote them.

But none of those people showed a shred of evidence so people took them as clowns.

So Song Luding could only believe that Chen Huan was a genius and a super genius that was born every hundred years!

At least in terms of lyrics and composition, nobody in China could compare to him.

Wang Zhao, a guy who always looked down on others, praised Teacher Lu after being on ‘I Sing My Song’ and claimed he didn’t have one-tenth of Lu Xiaofeng’s skills.

Fu Bufan the ballad singer hated things like leaders or industry tops but after ‘I Sing My Song’ and a bit of Lu Xiaofeng, he would scold whoever dared to say that Lu Xiaofeng wasn’t good in front of him.

Fu Bufan regarded Teacher Lu as his idol in his recent interviews.

Even Tang Yuan from his company praised Lu Xiaofeng more than once. He wanted every song from Teacher Lu and considered Teacher Lu as better than the song he created so very worthy of friendship.

Then there was also Lan Kai who dealt with Chen Huan several times and it was rare for him to say he had a promising future.

A songwriter that was that talented in writing songs was already impressive enough.

But he also had the appreciation of some old fogeys and wild people, this wasn’t something anybody could do.

Even those old foxes in their 40s and 50s couldn’t do what he did!

Song Luding returned from his thought and asked Lan Kai, “Old Lan, look, since you and Lil’ Yuan are so familiar with Teacher Lu and everybody is a good friend… Can you sign Teacher Lu to our company?”

“Ho? Sign a songwriter?” Lan Kai was shocked, “Old Song, we don’t usually do this! Which company ever did this?”

Although Song Luding was his boss, both of them  knew each other for more than ten years and Lan Kai’s status as a golden producer also allowed him to talk to him so casually.

In this world, every person contracted was a singer or a producer and it was really difficult to sign a songwriter.

Wouldn’t they have to pay them a monthly salary if you sign them?

The problem was songwriters weren’t usual workers that could just write songs in their offices. Those were called industry based creation and not inspiration based creation.

It was impossible for those types of songs to be popular.

It wouldn’t be weird for a songwriter to not be able to write a good song for three to five years straight.

But in that amount of time, they would have already given them a few millions which was already enough to get a good song.

So the attitude toward the songwriters was the same in the domestic or abroad market as they just ordered or purchased already made songs.

After they created a song, they would generally show it to various record companies and the company that liked it would buy it for a few hundred thousand.

The interest for the two parties would be guaranteed in this way and it was the best of both worlds.

Of course, abroad and the domestic companies had a slight difference as the songwriters also got a share of the song profits which ensured them continued income from their works.

Usually, it may provide for them for a lifetime if the song was popular.

It was a one time sale in the domestic market and before it would be 500k at most regardless of the lyrics and melody.

After Lu Xiaofeng came out and set the price of his songs at 2 million, the record company increased their limit to 1 million.

But only Teacher Lu could get the number he asked.

Perhaps later, the market would grow and those songwriters would be able to earn more.

Back to the present.

Song Luding nodded his head after hearing Lan Kai’s question and said, “Those are ordinary songwriters. If it’s Teacher Lu, I’m willing to be hired with a high salary even if he doesn’t write any songs.”

Lan Kai just smiled and said nothing.

Song Luding had been friends with him for a long time so how could he not see his thoughts?

“Old Lan, don’t gauge the heart of a gentleman with your petty mind, I’m being serious! Of course, by hiring Teacher Lu, it’s also with the intention that he doesn’t end up writing for the singers of other companies, I don’t deny that.”

“Just give up, Lu Xiaofeng doesn’t lack money!” Lan Kai shook his head, “The album ‘Life’s Only Love’ can earn him at least 30 million and 100 million in a few more years, do you believe it?”

“Of course!” Song Luding didn’t contest it.

Lan Kai gave a knowing smile after seeing him nod.

Lan Kai knew that the album would be popular when he produced it but he didn’t expect it to be at that point.

It already broke the sales record of the last ten years and at this pace, it would break the record of the last 20 years.

The huge album sales represent big profit.

But Zhao Changshou would only use a bit of the money for his wife’s treatment while the rest of the crew wouldn’t get a single cent as everything would be donated away!

Obviously the one who lost the most out of it was Lu Xiaofeng.

The 16 years old boy lost the most out of the 100 million Lan Kai was talking about.

But Lan Kai had never seen a trace of regret or unwillingness on Chen Huan’s face when they discussed this topic on the video conference.

Such a cute kid with such a noble personality was why they liked him so much!

Lan Kai didn’t if he should tell Song Luding this and wondered if Song Luding would still dare to offer to hire Chen Huan with a high salary when Chen Huan treated money like dirt.

What’s the point of talking about money when the other party doesn’t care about it?

Absolutely vulgar!

Even Tang Yuan felt like he looked vulgar in front of Chen Huan, let alone Song Luding who was a businessman.

Of course, Song Luding wasn’t a bad person and was a good friend and boss.

“It wouldn’t be easy for you to get priority on his songs, much less hire him to our company.” Lan Kai put aside his thoughts and said, “He would have never written so many songs if it weren’t for ‘I Sing My Song’ and as you have seen before, using Lil’ Yuan or my face is completely useless.”

“So we don’t have any chance at all?” Song Ludin said in disappointment.

Lan Kai had one of the best skills in the music industry and it wasn’t only on making music but also on personal relationships.

Didn’t it mean that it was hopeless since Lan Kai and Chen Huan were also considered as close but Chen Huan still refused?

“Well, it’s not completely impossible.” Lan Kai said.

“Hurry up and say it.” Song Luding immediately came out of his depression.

“Ahem, Old Song, you seem to have a 50 years old Maotai in your home, right?” Lan Kai suddenly said.

Song Luding immediately widened his eyes at that, “No! I knew you were eyeing my baby! Absolutely no!”

“Then there’s nothing to say.” Lan Kai spread his hands, “Old Song, you’re still so stingy after so many years. A simple bottle of alcohol is enough to expose you, I scorn you!”

“This isn’t about personality! This is about a baby I’ve saved away for more than ten years!” Song Luding was fuming, “Change! Change! Hey, let me tell you something, alright? I’m your boss!”

But seeing Lan Kai’s uncaring attitude, Song Luding could only choose to give in after yelling for a long time, “You won, you thief! Old Lan, just pray you don’t fall into my hands or I’ll make you pay back!”

“Tsk, it’s just a bottle of wine, look at what you’re saying.” Lan Kai felt great after getting what he wanted, “I’ll tell you and you’ll definitely thank me after hearing my idea. It’ll kill two birds with one stone!”

“Hurry and say it!” Song Luding slammed the table.

“It’s very simple actually. Don’t we have the biggest help after you sign Han Dong’er?” Lan Kai finally said, “Han Dong’er only has an album with Yongren Studio and she’ll be free after it. Quickly sign her and we’ll get a future empress along with her help with Lu Xiaofeng, isn’t it killing two bird with one stone?”

Song Luding’s eyes lit up at that.

Then he slapped his own face, “I’m so stupid! This is such a simple idea and I couldn’t think of it! I’ve even got my baby wine stolen away now, idiot!”

Lan Kai felt quite good seeing him slap himself, “Alright, Old Song, stop embarrassing yourself… you have to step up if you want to do this! There’s definitely other people who thought the same as me. Our competition isn’t small.”

“I know.” Song Luding said with a smile, “I have to thank Xiao Yan, if he didn’t break down his relationship with Teacher Lu, we would have one more competitor. The strength of the Yanhuang Group can’t be underestimated! This is great now, a strong competitor is out right from the beginning, hahaha…”

Lan Kai also laughed.

Xiao Yan was the top producer of Yanhuang Music and because he was dissatisfied with the 2 million price tag that Chen Huan gave him, he went to slander him everywhere.

The result was that Xiao Yuan’s face was slapped until swollen these last few months.

A song by Sister Xiaofeng wasn’t worth 2 million!? 

Only idiots would think that now!

The words “2 million” was now linked to Xiao Yan and it was a shame he would never be able to wash away.

With such circumstances, would Yanhuang Music not be embarrassed to go look for Chen Huan?

Would Chen Huan work with Yanhuang Music when Xiao Yan slandered him a few months ago?

Teacher Lu would have fallen like a meteor after Xiao Yan used his influence to slander him if it wasn’t for his heaven defying talents.

This was Xiao Yan’s own evil digging a hole for himself!

It was really puzzling what Yanhuang Music saw in this producer.

Had it not been for Zhu Shengyu who was one of the three emperors, he would probably be unable to take it anymore and resign!

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