I Know Everything chapter 190

Chapter 190: Sister Xiaofeng is mighty!

“Thank you Sister Xiaofeng for your gift, everyone, please clap……..Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap”

This was the latest post on I Like Mantis Shrimp’s Weibo.

Below the text, there was a picture of a bright red invitation letter from Huaxia TV.

The name was obviously obscured but showoff display was clear on the screen.

“Shocking! The well-known blogger used her power for personal gain and obtained a gift from her idol!”

“Haaaaaaaaa, I Like Mantis Shrimp is so lucky, Sister Xiaofeng gave her a gift just like that!”

“Hand over the invitation! We want to go too!”

“Didn’t you say Sister Xiaofeng is haughty and difficult to contact? Look at the gift he gave, it means that he thought about the head of his diehard fans!”

“So great! It proves that Sister Xiaofeng pays attention to us! I hope there’s a fan meeting in the future so I can have close contact with Sister Xiaofeng!”

“Get away you creep! Sister Xiaofeng is ours!”

“Tsk, aren’t you women more dangerous? You think I don’t know that all the girls in Lin’an want to swallow Sister Xiaofeng!?”

“So what? Is the law forbidden him from marrying multiple girls?”

“Huh… it seems that you have a point. However, Sister Xiaofeng doesn’t have much money, he’s destined to marry a rich girl and eat soft rice!”

“Life is difficult! Please give me soft rice!”

(Soft rice= kept husband= rely on the women to live)

Dai Rongrong, who had returned to Gusu, was smiling ear to ear after seeing the comments on her Weibo.

She went to Huajin and contacted Huaxia TV Spring Festival Gala’s program team and they confirmed the invitation letter was indeed a personal gift from Teacher Lu. Then, she called the number Chen Huan gave her.

Chen Huan was also in Huajin so he had a meal with her and she almost fainted on the spot when she saw him.

Fact had proven that even a Weibo celebrity such as Dai Rongrong would act like a little shy and excited girl when they eat with the idol they were obsessed with and admired.

The most important thing was Chen Huan revealed a big secret to her while eating with her.

Although the people in the Gala already knew, it was impossible for them to leak the news and it hadn’t happened in decades.

So Dai Rongrong was the first to know this.

She promised to Chen Huan that she wouldn’t tell anybody about his appearance in ‘Laughter From The Sea’.

She obviously also wouldn’t say anything about the song being on the Gala either.

Because it could only be announced by Huaxia TV.

CCTV would let whoever leaking it, why the flowers were so red!

It didn’t matter which celebrity they were, even if they were Tang Yuan or Chen Hao, they would all have to behave when facing CCTV.

But the secret wasn’t kept for long.

Because it was already the beginning of February and this year’s Spring Festival was on February 18th and although they complain about it every year, they all look forward to the Gala when it was time.

So Huaxia TV announced who was going to perform on the next day.

The internet exploded when they saw the lists.

Huaxia TV’s Spring Festival Gala had in fact more than half of their program decided in advance whether it was the format or participants.

There were rarely any surprises and only some popular newcomers of the entertainment industry were given a chance to be on the stage.

And that was why the internet was looking forward to the list.

So they obviously got excited when they saw that Zhao Changshou was going to perform ‘Laughter From The Sea’.

“Our Sister Xiaofeng is indeed mighty and domineering!”

“Wow, what am I seeing? Sister Xiaofeng come look, your song is on the Gala!”

“Are the posters above joking? How could Sister Xiaofeng not know about such an important matter?”

“Right, Sister Xiaofeng really kept it to himself! He should have told us sooner so we can celebrate earlier.”

“Don’t be stupid, not mentioning Sister Xiaofeng, did Tang Yuan dare to leak in advance? This is CCTV we’re talking about!”

“Hihi, stop caring about those things, we can finally enjoy ‘Laughter From The Sea’ again! The feeling of watching it live is really different from hearing it.”

“In my opinion, this probably won’t be the only song by Sister Xiaofeng. ‘Start Back From Scratch’ and ‘Chinese Kung Fu’ will probably be played too.”

“Bullshit! It’s already great if one of his songs is played! Sister Xiaofeng is only 16 years old, he has plenty of time and many opportunities in the future!”


The reaction from the normal citizens was already very strong but it was even stronger for the people in the industry.

‘Laughter From The Sea’ was a song that made Zhao Changshou as the effect wouldn’t be much different if it was another person who went to sing it.

The people thought about it and thought that they might be the one on the Gala if they received the song!

Normal people only watched it for fun but it represented another thing for the professionals of the industry.

The singers that had been on the Gala even if they declined in the future, they could earn a few millions by just spending a few months a year to participate in several commercial performances by just relying on that one song. They completely didn’t have to worry about their comfort anymore!

A singer that wanted to develop further must sing in the Gala to prove themselves.

Which one of the four emperors or two empresses didn’t perform on the Gala at least a few times?

If Zhu Shengyu didn’t appear on the Gala’s stage three years in a row, would he be considered as the third emperor of the music industry at the age of 32?

Even with that, he was often ridiculed by Tang Yuan and Su Mo’s fans.

If he didn’t appear on the Gala three times, he probably would be unable to make it and be downgraded as a mere famous singer.

Similarly, if Han Dong’er could participate in the Gala three times within ten years and have one or two big selling albums, she would also be able to become an empress.

This was the importance of playing in the Gala.

Moreover, having the whole country see your face was already a huge win.

Therefore, there were endless singers that wanted to contact Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

Chen Huan didn’t turn on his phone so the people around him were bombarded instead.

Even Ding Lun and Shi Liyou weren’t spared as they couldn’t’ get a moment of rest when they got back for the Spring Festival.

This also proved that the Status of Teacher Lu Xiaofeng in the music industry had risen once again.

A songwriter that could send a newcomer to the Gala would be a priceless treasure to any record company!

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