I Know Everything chapter 189

Chapter 189: Geniuses contests.

Chen Huan was a bit tired as he arrived at the mathematics academy exchange.

The three people at the coffee shop discussed it until 2 am and they had to interrupt it because it was getting late.

But the discussion that lasted for five or six hours was very useful.

As Devries said, “I feel that we are a thin layer a paper away from ‘Chen Huan Conjecture’ and as long as we take a step forward toward ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ proof, we can enter a brand new world.”

Chen Huan was the only person in this world to know the in and out of ‘Chen Huan Conjecture’.

Devries was worthy of being one of the top mathematicians in the world as he was indeed one step away from understanding ‘Chen Huan Conjecture’ and using it as a proof process.

Chen Huan decided to take that step before the Spring Festival so they delayed the proof of ‘Chen Huan Conjecture’.

Get the fame early.

How could Chen Huan’s skills be shown if ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ took three to five years to be proven?

He wanted to rely on ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ to enter China’s prestigious schools.

There were already a dozen people sitting and chatting at the place, old and young, most of them in their 40s and 30s.

He Qiang came with Chen Huan and Chen Huan found out that the other five participants of IMO, who should have gone back home, also came with their teachers.

“I heard that there will be a group of world-class mathematicians coming today. They will give some interesting speeches.” Lei Xiaode was well informed as usual, “But my English isn’t good enough. I can deal with tests but speech is beyond my level.”

Chen Huan slightly nodded.

He was the same before he got ‘Advanced English (Beginner)’.

With that, he could smoothly discuss with the two professors last night.

He already realized that Professor Devries and Karuide would be among the professors that would be coming today.

Sure enough, he saw his teacher’s master Yu Dingbian along with other people walk in with five foreign mathematicians.

Professor Devries and Karuide were among the five foreigners.

A mathematical academy exchange wasn’t that much different from the other subject exchange.

The normal procedure was that a famous mathematician or a young student would come to the stage to present his new discovery or his thoughts.

It was in fact a way to present oneself as enlightened.

But there was another kind of exchange, which was to announce that they had proven a certain conjecture, theorem and etc…

Those kinds were a one man show and that person usually would talk for a few hours straight.

Today’s was of course a very relaxed and simple exchange meeting.

Including the professor from China, everybody talked from morning to evening.

The number of students attending it was still quite large and there were at least twenty to thirty of them. They were all the local top students of Huajin.

They couldn’t compare to Chen Huan’s six man team but they were still the top students of their respective school.

These students obviously didn’t understand those profound speeches as they couldn’t understand what they were saying half the time.

They held greater interest toward Chen Huan.

‘The world’s most handsome teenager’.

‘The righteous Sister Xiaofeng’.

‘Super math genius’.

With all those titles on a single person, even those mature people would give Chen Huan a few more glances, let alone the people from the same age range as him.

The boys were jealous but they could only recognize their better.

Not mentioning his appearance and ability to write songs, his ability in mathematics where he beat everyone in the Winter Camp to stay lonely at the top was enough to put them in awe.

There were so many geniuses and opportunities but none of them were able to do it and was all defeated by Chen Huan, how strong was he?

People who were proficient in mathematics were rational people and even if they were dissatisfied with it, they recognized Chen Huan’s strength.

Girls were different as the few genius math students would look at Chen Huan from time to time after listening to the lecture a bit as if Chen Huan was something that could relax their mind.

Chen Huan listened seriously and with relish.

The thoughts from these mathematicians couldn’t be said to have given him a lot of insight but there were a lot of novel viewpoints that gave him a deeper understanding of mathematics.

After receiving ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’, Chen Huan not only mastered a lot of mathematical knowledge but also increased his interest toward math.

Even if he wouldn’t necessarily use that skill to make a living in the future, having more skills would ensure his future.

Everyone was tired after a day of lecture.

The evening meal was in the form of a buffet.

The young mathematicians obviously went to the old so they could clear up their confusion.

The old professors were also happy to discuss with them over the meal.

This was one of the pleasures for mathematicians although it may seem boring for other people.

Chen Huan didn’t join in on the fun as he went to get the food he liked to eat while dealing with the girls that went to him.

A group of students gnashed their teeth at that sight.

Although these girls didn’t reach the School Flowers’ level in terms of look, they still all surrounded Chen Huan and completely ignored everyone else.

Lei Xiaode was already very experienced with that so he quickly pretended to not know Chen Huan and joined the people that secretly condemned Chen Huan while listening to them scolding Chen Huan.

Unfortunately, Lei Xiaode lost interest after listening for a bit.

These math nerds had too little experiences and couldn’t be compared to the students in Lin’an on the scolding and tricks. They were thousands of miles away from them and weren’t entertaining at all!

“Xiao Huan, come over!”

Yu Dingbian was close so he called out to Chen Huan and motioned him to come over.

Standing with him was a gray haired old professor and two foreign professors, Devries and Karuide.

Both of them smiled as they looked at him.

Chen Huan already asked them to not reveal his identity last night as he didn’t want to be disturbed.

Devries and Karuide readily agreed.

They appreciated Chen Huan’s lowkey attitude and thought that uninterrupted studies and research was the best way for Chen Huan to progress.

So they pretended to not know Chen Huan when he walked toward them and politely greeted everyone.

The white haired professor was Chang Guancheng, the head of the mathematics department of Peking University, and gave a particularly kind look to Chen Huan.

“Xiao Huan, I know a good and very smart boy.” Chang Guancheng said to Chen Huan, “You are a genius who was born to study in the best school and mathematics department in the country. Don’t worry, as long as you get good results in this year’s IMO, Peking University will directly give you a spot so you don’t have to worry about the rest.”

“Hey, Old Chang, you dare to poach in front of me!?” Yu Dingbian instantly got unhappy, “He’s my disciple, he obviously would go to Fudan, is my math department worse than yours? We don’t have any less famous people than yours!”

“That was before but now you have to admit that Peking is better in term of mathematics.” Chang Guancheng waved his hands dismissingly, “A genius like Xiao Huan will stagnate his grows if he’s in your hands!”

“Bullshit! You think I don’t know how to teach talents?”

Yu Dingbian got angry and started to argue with him.

The two old people who were more than 100 years old if they added their ages together. Devries and Karuide were completely surprised by this and wondered why they suddenly started arguing out of nowhere.

They went to ask Chen Huan what was going on.

Chen Huan explained them roughly in a low voice.

They both laughed at that.

In their opinion, how could a Chinese university deserve Chen Huan?

It wasn’t that they looked down on Chinese universities but that they had no university in the top 20.

This was especially true if it concerned only mathematics.

There were plenty of young mathematics geniuses in China but those who grew into adults and became a renowned Chinese mathematician or scientist were far less than foreigners.

Yu Dingbian and Chang Guancheng were among the best but there weren’t even 10 of them in China.

So it was fine if they trained ordinary talent but a super genius like Chen Huan who appeared once in a hundred year, it would be a huge waste to have him study in this country.

Only the best of the world was worthy to train a talent like him so he could live up to his god given gifts.

Both of them subconsciously looked at each other when they thought of that.

Sparks flicked instantly as their eyes crossed.

It didn’t matter that they were old friends when it involved a genius like Chen Huan.

The two of them were like Yu Dingbian and Chang Guancheng as they thought that their respective universities were the best. It would be a great thing if they could persuade Chen Huan to join their university.

It would already be a great honor to the university if they said that ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was proved by one of their students.


Although Chen Huan hadn’t reached the core of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, the two of them had no doubt that the hope of proving ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ lied in Chen Huan after talking and debating with him for several months.

This young man was born with an affinity for ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ as he took paths that nobody before him did so everyone could see the hope of proving it on him.

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