I Know Everything chapter 188

Chapter 188: A Scam?

For many people, Sunday morning was a time for rest.

But in the era of the internet where people relied on the internet to make money, Saturday and Sunday were actually similar to the other day for many people.

Ordinary people’s work in the weekend were generally more relaxed but there weren’t any changes in life and work for people on the internet as it would be lively as usual and many unexpected things could happen.

For example, the Weibo celebrity I Like Mantis Shrimp would be busier during weekends.

Because she had to sort the pictures, materials and etc… She received the past few days in one night and even writes three articles from them.

This spur on by her who wasn’t a good writer when she was young.

Her writing got better after a few years and people praised her pictures and said her writing was very touching.

Sometime she thought she might be an author deep inside and that she might have a lot of potential as a writer.

I Like Mantis Shrimp sat in front of her computer after waking up and eating breakfast her mom cooked.

It was the winter vacation. She lived in Gusu and recently went to Lin’an to collect more information on Chen Huan and even a few pictures of him at high price from a fat man.

It wasn’t carefully taken and just some ordinary pictures but a large amount of fans kneeled and licked their screen when she put it on her last article. It was very lively.

This time she was going to release a photo of Chen Huan when he was about to enter his High School. He completely overlapped with the persona of male Fang Shu with his school uniform on.

I Like Mantis Shrimp felt a wave of happiness and excitement when she could see Chen Huan in everyday life and that he was as handsome as Teacher Lu Xiaofeng on TV.

I Like Mantis Shrimp’s real name was Dai Rongrong and was 24 years old.

It was pure luck that she became a Weibo celebrity.

At the beginning, she was just fighting against haters for her favorite celebrity but due to her unique personality, she suddenly became famous.

I Like Mantis Shrimp was very subjective and emotional but she would never lie or blindly follow someone so after studying for three years and graduating from communication, she directly went to Weibo and opened her own little business.

With the 17 million fans she had previously, the advertiser that weren’t involved with the stars battle would usually contact her so she would earn ten to eight thousand a month.

Earning ten to eight thousand a month in 2015 was a figure that most people in China didn’t even dare to think of.

If it was ordinary work, it would take a lot of hard work and luck to be able to earn that much money.

In today’s era, it was really hard to believe that a 24 years old would have such a high income.

Her parents obviously wouldn’t be able to say anything to her with income like this and even actively acted as her nanny that took care of her everyday necessity.

She had been crazy about a teenager since she saw ‘Love Letter’ last year and felt that there was nobody purer than him in this world so she established the ‘Happy Fans Group’.

Originally, this was just a simple fan group established by fans for an idol and many Weibo celebrities did that but they weren’t as famous as her.

But who knew that Chen Huan turned out to be Teacher Lu Xiaofeng!!

This changed everything!

The level of ‘Happy Fans Group’ had been upgraded as they went from an idol fan group to a very, very high grade fan group.

They had much more prestige compared to idols, singers and actors’ fans groups!

It wasn’t only because Sister Xiaofeng was unparalleled handsome but because Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was so talented that the entire country admired him.

In particular after Sister Xiaofeng supported the Grandpa all the way to the championship and countless young people admired Teacher Lu Xiaofeng who was even younger than most of them!

The results was the number of ‘Happy Fans Group’ skyrocketed and I Like Mantis Shrimp follower counts reached 30 million!


You read it right!

She had 17 million followers in June but it had nearly doubled and directly went to 30 million which made her a real Weibo celebrity.

I Like Mantis Shrimp had a hard time believing it and always felt it was a dream.

She was out of her wits so after the end of ‘I Sing My Song’, she sent a DM to Han Dong’er Weibo while giving her name and contact info. She hoped that Teacher Lu would contact her and discuss with her on how to manage this group of fans.

30 million people!

Troublesome things would happen if they weren’t guided well.

To put it bluntly, it was a matter of cohesion.

She was just a girl and her previous 17 million fans were just casual fans so there wasn’t any problem.

But there were more and more people joining the ‘Happy Fans Group’ and various groups kept emerging like an endless stream so she felt that she couldn’t take care of it anymore.

But she didn’t dare to step back because it was a fan group she organized and her Weibo would completely be destroyed by the angry fans if she backed down.

When I Like Mantis Shrimp bite the bullet to take care of the fans group, she also hoped that Teacher Lu would open a Weibo account so he could also help and calm fans.

Well, Chen Huan didn’t have a Weibo.

Otherwise she wouldn’t try to contact Han Dong’er in desperation.

However, she didn’t receive any response until now.

Her good mood was gone after thinking of this and couldn’t help but sigh. The joy of sharing Chen Huan unparalleled beauty with the fans had dimmed.

Suddenly her cell phone rang at that moment.

She picked up the phone to see it was the courier who often delivered the orders she made online.

After saying a few words over the phone, I Like Mantis Shrimp asked her mother to go downstairs to get the package for her.

The new generation liked to buy things online so it wasn’t unusual for her to receive a delivery package.

Her mom quickly brought up all the packages but she ignored it since she brought many things, how could she know exactly all of them?

It wasn’t until she finished posting Chen Huan’s picture and articles as well as taking a bathroom break before she sat on the sofa to open the packages.

Those were two days of packages so there were a few of them, small and large.

I Like Mantis Shrimp liked to open the larger ones first before ending it with the small one.

She opened one and saw a red stylish envelope inside.

She opened it and saw it was an invitation letter.

The title was ‘2015 Huaxia TV Spring Festival Gala Invitation’.


I Like Mantis Shrimp immediately burst out in laughter.

Her mother nearby was surprised by this so asked, “What’s going on?”

“Mom, look!” She handed the invitation letter to her mom, “Those scammers are getting worse and worse. They actually wanted to scam me with a Gala invitation. They will probably call me next and say I must donate if I attend the Gala, right?”

Her mom took the letter and gave it a couple glances before opening the letter and read the content inside, “Dear Miss Dai Rongrong, we hereby invite you as a special guest to the Spring Festival Gala held by Huaxia TV in Huajing Huaxia TV Station Studio Hall at 8:00 pm. Sincerely, Huaxia TV’s Spring Festival Gala’s program team.”

“Tsk, it looks the part!” I Like Mantis Shrimp took an apple and gnawed at it, “Mom, you’ll see how I’m going to play those scammers later!”

“Hello Sister Dai, I’m Chen Huan, I’ve received the DM the sent to Sister Dong’er but I was very busy recently so I didn’t have time to reply black, I’m very sorry.”

“’Laughter From The Sea’ will be performed by Grandpa at the Spring Festival Gala by Huaxia TV this year. To thank you for your long time support, I asked the Gala’s program team to send you an invitation. I hope you can come over and watch the show. My phone number is xxxxx and you can call me anytime if there’s something.”


I Like Mantis Shrimp immediately stood up and snatched the letter from her mom.

She saw there was a sticky note attached to the invitation and that paragraph came from there.

Her face expression was uncertain and she didn’t know what to think of it.

“What?” Her mom said in confusion, “Didn’t you say it was written by scammers? It shouldn’t be from you beloved Chen Huan, right?”

“It shouldn’t be fake normally.” I Like Mantis Shrimp said with uncertainty, “Because I sent a DM to Han Dong’er and nobody should know about it except Han Dong’er, me and maybe the staff at Weibo and they won’t dare to disclose it or Weibo will be ruined.”

“So this is very likely a note written to me by Chen Huan and that the invitation to the Gala is real. The invitation is real! He really gifted it to me!”

“Then what are you still worried about?” Her mom asked.

“I’m still worried it’s fake!” Dai Rongrong spread out her hand and leaned back on the sofa, “Aren’t those scammers like this? They promise you something you really want before dragging you into their scheme and make you willing to get fooled!”

“You such a silly girl!” Her mom laughed, “Let me ask you, do you have money now?”


“Answer me.”

“I don’t have a lot but there’s still around a million yuan, don’t you know? The bank book is with you!”

“Darling, if you have money, why don’t you fly to Huajin? You can take an invitation letter to Huaxia TV and ask them to check out if it’s true or not, wouldn’t everything be clear up at that time?”


“There’s no way for Huaxia TV to help the scammer to lie to you, right? As long they confirm they were the one giving you the letter, doesn’t it mean that it was really Chen Huan that gifted and wrote a note for you?”

I Like Mantis Shrimp immediately stood up and gave her mom a big hug before running to her room.

“Mom, I’m packing to go to Huajin right now! You’re really my mother! My dear mom! You’re too good, Hahahaha….”

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