I Know Everything chapter 187

Chapter 187: Devries’s visit.

The two weeks Olympiad Winter Camp finally ended for the struggling geniuses.

Chen Huan dominated the entirety of the IMO training camp with his genius. He was undisputed first place for 14 consecutive days and qualified to participate in the IMO competition in Los Angeles this July.

Lei Xiaode was the only one he knew amongst those who were selected.

It wasn’t entirely true as Li Naihao was also there. His overall results put him at second which showed his strength.

Regardless of how proud Li Naihao felt before, nobody was unable to surpass Chen Huan in the 14 days and a gap like that could make anybody feel despair.

Li Naihao was included amongst them.

He no longer dared to look for trouble against Chen Huan and was more taciturn but he would still stare at Chen Huan with hatred occasionally.

Chen Huan didn’t even know what he did to offend this person.

Then he learned that being better was considered as a fault.

Since this was a fault, Chen Huan could only continue to be at fault then.

A mere Li Naihao was nothing to Chen Huan. He wasn’t Chen Huan’s opponent in any category.

However, he had the ability to participate in the competition and be a teammate, otherwise Chen Huan would have found a way to get him out.

He wasn’t those good old people that absolutely needed to keep their enemies close so they could stab him at critical time. Only idiots do that.

The IMO was held in July and the students couldn’t wait for the competition to start in Huajin so they all went back for the Spring Festival.

Chen Huan had to stay for the rehearsal and to participate in the Gala so he didn’t return to Lin’an and moreover the Shui Family of three was already there. The four of them were in Huajin for the Gala and it was a new experience for them.

He Qiang originally planned to go back to Lin’an but Yu Dingbian called to say he was coming to Huajin to participate in an academy exchange so told He Qiang and Chen Huan to come take a look so He Qiang could only refund his ticket and wait for his teacher.

Chen Huan just happened to go to an internet café to check his email and saw that Professor Devries sent him an email three days ago. It said that he was coming to Huajin for an academy exchange and he hoped to meet Chen Huan.

It was like two pen pals meeting.

But it was probably more than that for Professor Devries.

Because the ‘Chen Huan proposition’ had reached the final stage through their constant emails to communicate and verify it.

The proposition would be proved in the first half of this year if there wasn’t any accident.

Once ‘Chen Huan Proposition’ was proven, then the next step ‘Chen Huan Conjecture’ would have a huge theoretical basis.

It wouldn’t be on empty premises when it was time to prove ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ as the theorem would be mostly proven once they demonstrated ‘Chen Huan Conjecture’.

The rest was just to complete this step in detail.

Professor Devries thought that the huge mathematical problem and the jewels of mathematical equations was about to be solved by his generation mathematicians so he couldn’t hold it anymore and wanted to come to China in hope to meet Chen Huan.

They knew each other for a long time but Devries still had some ideas and thought he wanted to share with Chen Huan face to face.

It was of great significance to the both of them and it was also the same for all the mathematicians in the Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Chen Huan basically communicated with Professor Devries and the others once a week. They exchanged opinions and he even submitted his own step by step verification process.

These last few days weren’t the usual days when he received emails and Chen Huan was also busy with the rehearsal for the Gala and the Winter Camp so he didn’t check his emails.

Now that he saw, Professor Devries should have already arrived in China and checked in at a hotel.

Chen Huan answered with hope that it wasn’t too late and hoped to visit him tonight if Devries had time.

Professor Devries replied five minutes later and told him the name of the hotel he was staying in as well as he would be waiting for Chen Huan in the café shop at the second floor.

The amusing old man also sent him a picture of himself lest Chen Huan recognized the wrong person.

Devries in fact probably guessed that Chen Huan had already seen a picture of him before so it was near impossible for Chen Huan to be mistaken.

Half an hour later, Chen Huan came to the Hilton Hotel alone.

The Hilton Hotels was in fact a foreign chain hotel and could be considered a five star hotel but it was much worse compared to real high end one.

However, the Hilton Hotel reputation was still very great in China as many foreigners who came to China for business or travel would choose this familiar brand.

In addition to the Hilton Hotels, they would also choose Ritz-Carlton, Marriott and etc…

Chen Huan made his way to the café place after asking his way.

“Hello sir, how many…” The waiter in suit asked politely.

Although Chen Huan was only in ordinary winter clothes, the politeness in high-end hotels were all like this and it was impossible for them to be rude to guests.

Those so called arrogant behavior that get face slapped after would usually never appear here unless they violated the rules.

“My friend is already here.” Chen Huan took a look around and saw there were quite a lot of people inside, about 20 to 30 tables occupied by Chinese and Foreigners.

“Is your friend a guest at our hotel?”

“Yes, he… oh, I see him.” Chen Huan pointed in a direction and quickly walked to it.

Devries near the window and there was another white haired old man seating with him that Chen Huan didn’t recognize.

The two were drinking coffee and chatting before Devries was taken aback when he saw Chen Huan approach. He looked at Chen Huan for a while before he tentatively asked, “Mr. Chen?”

“Yes, I’m Chen Huan.” Chen Huan extended his hand for a handshake and said, “Welcome to China, Professor Devries.”


Devries quickly stood up and held Chen Huan’s hand tightly with an extremely excited face, “Oh my god, Mr. Chen, I’m finally able to meet you!”

He unconsciously used honorifics.

This was normal in Devries subconscious mind.

Chen Huan’s understanding of ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ was superior to his.

He thought Chen Huan was just lucky at first but after months of communication and discussion, Devries fully believed he was speaking to an unparalleled genius.

He was a genius that could be compared to Leonardo Da Vinci and Einstein.

However, he was always in disbelief toward Chen Huan’s age.

It wasn’t only Devries as his friends and other professors also thought it was impossible for a 16 years old to have such a high degree of understanding for mathematics and research so deeply.

Devries had to believe it now that Chen Huan was in front of him.

The white haired professor nearby also stood up for a handshake, “Hell Mr. Chen, I’m Karuide, a professor from Cambridge University, I’ve exchanged some ideas with you before.”

“Professor Karuide, I remember what we discussed.” Chen Huan shook his hand, “It was about the model of the conjecture, it gave me a lot of inspiration!”

“Haha, you’re too kind!” Professor Karuide laughed and said, “Mr. Chen’s mind is better, we are just double checking and filling the gaps! You basically discovered ‘Chen Huan Conjecture’ by yourself!”

“Come, let us all sit down.” Devries motioned with his hand, “Mr. Chen, I’ve a lot of things to talk with you!”

After hearing from Chen Huan’s mouth about Karuide talks, Devries didn’t have any doubt that it was him anymore.

Besides, they would discuss more complicated stuff about ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ later and it could be considered as proof of identity. Apart from Chen Huan, no other Chinese could discuss with them without revealing their identity.

The fact was like that.

The three of them sat down and discussed their recent discoveries.

They also took out a stack of paper as they talked and wrote, then an argument happened.

The café was quite large but it was still loud enough so the nearby people could hear.

There were foreigners as well as Chinese people nearby.

What people didn’t notice was that foreigners in suits a few tables away lowered their voice unconsciously while the Chinese people table thought it was too noisy.

They didn’t understand what Chen Huan and the other two were saying due to the English being too technical.

Such behavior was indeed bothersome in a café like this.

Therefore, a middle aged man beckoned a waiter to come over and said, “Go tell them to lower their voice a bit, this is almost becoming a vegetable market! These foreigners also need to be polite!”

The waiter looked toward the table of three and nodded before walking toward them.

A foreign man blocked the waiter just as he was about to reach their table.

“Sir?” The waiter asked in confusion.

“Please don’t go there.” The foreign man said solemnly, “You can’t interrupt a world class mathematics meeting! It would be a crime against science and human wisdom!”

The waiter was very proficient in English since he was working in the Hilton Hotel but he doubted his English at that moment.

He didn’t understand what the three people were arguing about and only understood some tidbit so he knew they were discussing a professional thing.

But a world class mathematics meeting?

Looking at the three people, the foreigners, maybe, but that young Chinese wasn’t even 20 years old.

Could people like that discuss something as terrifying as world class math?

World class math couldn’t be that worthless right?

“Sorry, they are disturbing other guests.” The waiter pointed at a Chinese people table, “This is inappropriate according to the rule of this establishment.”

These words attracted the attention of other guests at other tables.

A foreigner with glasses stood up and went to the Chinese table.

It was unknown what he said but the Chinese waved at the waiter and told them to ignore the noise.

The waiter let out a sigh of relief and stepped aside.

Seeing that so many foreigners were preventing him from getting close, he knew it wasn’t something simple even if he didn’t understand it.


The waiter couldn’t help but glance at that table when he recalled what the foreign man said.

He looked at Chen Huan.

Could such a handsome boy really participate in a discussion like that?

Wasn’t this too unbelievable?

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