I Know Everything chapter 186

Chapter 186: Identity leak.

At the same time, at the headquarters of Habao Technology in Lin’an.

Before the emergence of Habao Technology, China never had a company that was worth more than 100 billion USD. 

It was precisely because of Yang Feng’s hard work that he was able to establish a super enterprise in Lin’an and make the city as the number one second-tier city in the country.

The emergence of Shining Technology, which had the market value of 120 billion USD, was the icing on the cake.

Now there were hundreds of Tech companies in Zhejiang, all of different sizes, but they were all successful due to the advantage brought by Habao Technology.

So Habao Technology  had a very high status in the entire Zhejiang Province. They themselves owned a Science Park in the outskirts of Lin’an that covered an area of ten thousand mu which the other company envied greatly. (10k mu= 1647~ acres = 666~ hectare)

Habao Technology didn’t only have talented entrepreneurs like Yang Feng as they also had a very good and clear structure in their enterprise.  Many talented people and chefs followed Yang Feng and it took ten years to build such a great company.

Among them there was Tang Tianjun. The president of Habao Pay was just a courtier when he just began. He accepted Yang Feng mission and went through a lot of difficulties before he made Habao Pay the best in the country and contention for the best in the world. This wasn’t something an ordinary person could achieve so his status in the company was very high.

On top of that, he was only 42 years old so his future was extremely bright.

At this moment, he was looking at the recent operation reports when he received a call.

“President Tang, Director Qing is here to discuss some matters.” His secretary said.

“Let her in.” Tang Tianjun replied and put away the documents in his hands.

Qing Yuan wasn’t an old employer of Habao Technology but a previous courtier of Habao Pay.

When he wanted to make a mobile payment service before, he deliberately dug up Qing Yuan who had outstanding skills before putting her in charge of the Public Welfare Department.

Qing Yuan was just like him as a result. While Tang Tianjun was developing Habao Pay, she led the Public Welfare Department to become the best corporate charity organization in China and won everyone’s trust and appreciation.

Every year, the amount received for the Public Welfare Department by using Habao Pay was the first in the country which was a very good achievement.

So Tang Tianjun attached a lot of importance to that subordinate of his.

“What’s the matter?” Tang Tianjun asked when Qing Yuan sat opposite.

“Boss, I found a very big secret!” Qing Yuan had a triumphant smile on her face.

“Oh?” Tang Tianjun’s curiosity was picked as Qing Yuan wasn’t someone who gossiped, much less during working hours.

Each company had their own circles.

Qing Yuan belonged to Tang Tianjun’s people so she obviously considered him as her boss.

The group CEO Yang Feng wasn’t as good as Tang Tianjun in her eyes.

As the president of a branch company, Tang Tianjun obviously hoped he could control and influence the people under him so he naturally accepted the subordinates that took him as their real boss.

This was similar to his relationship with Yang Feng.

Qing Yuan didn’t answer yet as she asked, “Boss, did you see ‘Bowl of Plain Noodles’, ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’?”

“I’ve seen them!” Tang Tianjun nodded, “My preferred one is ‘Miracle In Cell No.7’ and I was sad for two days straight after the end.”

Habao Technology was located in Lin’an so Tang Tianjun was one of the first to see Qiantang Evening News.

He was one of the loyal fans of ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

It wasn’t only him as the owner of Habao Technology Yang Feng also praised Chu Liuxiang as a talented writer.

Well, it should be said that very few people disliked Chu Liuxiang in Lin’an and few people had not seen his works.

Even for the box office of ‘Love Letter’, Lin’an overwhelmed Huajin and Huhai by becoming the highest grossing city in China which showed their support for him!

“Then do you know who Teacher Chu Liuxiang is?” Qing Yuan asked again.

“I want to. I would like to invite him to drink a cup of tea and discuss life if there’s an occasion. It’ll be a joyful even!” Tang Tianjun gave a yearning expression, “But not many people know about it, right? Qiantang Evening News is quite expressive as they didn’t leak it until now.”

“Teacher Chu wouldn’t give any of his work to them if it was leaked. They obviously have to persist for the sake of their reputation and prestige.” Qing Yuan grinned, “But you are in luck now, you can be the second person to know his identity except those editors and close ones.”

“Me?” Tang Tianjun was stunned before he quickly asked, “Who is the first? You?”

He wasn’t stupid as since Qing Yuan said that, she must know something.

“Yes, I know.” Qing Yuan gave a document to him, “Look at this.”

Tang Tianjun saw two donation records after seeing the documents.

One was in November last year where a person named Chen Huan donated 21 million to the project ‘Mountain Village Kindergarten Project’.

The other was done yesterday where Chen Huan donated 66 million to ‘Rural School Construction Plans’.

“Hmm, Chen Huan… Chen Huan…” Tang Tianjun had a decent memory as he remembered after seeing the birthday on the ID in the documents, “Isn’t he one of the main actors in ‘Love Letter’ and the renowned Teacher Lu Xiaofeng?”

“Yes!” Qing Yuan nodded with a smile.

“He’s a kid with a great heart, I remember that he wasn’t even 17 years old, right? He actually almost donated all the money he made! This something normal people do… wait, there’s something wrong here.” 

Tang Tianjun exclaimed before he realized something.

“Sister Xiaofeng sells songs at 2 million, right? How many songs did he have to sell to have 66 million?! Even if ‘Life’s Only Love’ is selling like hotcake, he can’t make that much with that alone!” Tang Tianjun thought something was wrong, “He didn’t sell any song at all in November, he didn’t take any money for ‘Mama Do You Remember’ or ‘Deskmate’!”

Tang Tianjun saw that Qing Yuan was calm while he was talking to himself so he asked her, “Xiao Qing, didn’t you think about the problem? It will be bad if there’s a problem with Chen Huan’s money. You should go check it with the bank!”

“There’s no need.” Qing Yuan was still calm and collected, “Boss, have you forgotten what I’ve said just now?”

“What did you say?” Tang Tianjun pondered for a bit, “Teacher Chu Liuxiang? Teacher Chu Liuxiang!?”

A light bulb lit up in his mind as he said with a smile, “You mean that the money actually belongs to Teacher Chu? He naturally has so much money from the share he got from the script several times. Chen Huan actually helped donate for him so as long as we ask Chen Huan, we can find Teacher Chu?”

“Boss, your guess is very thoughtful and very logical but your intuition isn’t as good as us women.” Qing Yuan finally stopped being mysterious, “Why aren’t guessing that Teacher Chu Liuxiang is actually Teacher Lu Xiaofeng?”


Tang Tianjun stood up in shock, “Xiao Qing, you can’t joke about this!”

“Isn’t it incredible?” Qing Yuan was still calm as a rock, “Teacher Chu Liuxiang and Teacher Lu Xiaofeng are both talents of a generation! Anybody would be considered as blessed by heaven if they can get half of their talents. It would be absolutely astonishing if the two of them were actually the same person!”

“Right! Exactly because of this!” Tang Tianjun agreed.

Normal people wouldn’t believe this, let alone him.

The reason was what Qing Yuan just said.

It was the people’s dream to be any one of them but they were actually the same person? Wasn’t it crazy?

“You can check the bank statement if you don’t believe it.” Qing Yuan said, “I believe this money certainly came from Zhu Mei’s studio.”

“So what?” Tang Tianjun said, “Teacher Chu doesn’t want to show himself and is a real hermit, so he has Chen Huan help with the money, is that hard to believe?”


Qing Yuan grinned and said, “If he really didn’t want to come forward, why not ask Zhu Mei? Zhu Mei is recognized as Teacher Chu’s closest friend and she’s an adult, wouldn’t she be more convenient than Chen Huan? Wouldn’t it put Sister Xiaofeng into more trouble if Teacher Chu had him to do it?”

“But your guess doesn’t have any substantive evidence.” Tang Tianjun still didn’t believe it.

“Of course, I don’t have any evidence as you said. Everything can be explained away as long Teacher Chu said that he had Teacher Lu do it unless someone from Qiantang Evening News leaks it with the evidence of who signed the contract.” Qing Yuan said, “But my woman’s intuition firmly believes that after removing the impossible, what remains must be true no matter how shocking it is.”

Tang Tianjun still disagreed with it.

He completely rejected it as something impossible.

What kind of genius Chen Huan would be if it was really the case?

But he couldn’t help but ask, “If that’s true, what should we do?”

“It’s very simple, keep the details of the donation safe so nobody can find faults with it.” Qing Yuan’s eyes shined, “I believe that one day that Teacher Chu will need those proves! It proves that he regards money as nothing but shit and is truly a great writer!”

“Okay, then you should do it.” Tang Tianjun agreed to it.

If such a day really happened, Teacher Chu would be praised by the whole country and Habao Pay would become more famous!

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