I Know Everything chapter 185

Chapter 185: Must not hoard wealth.

Chen Huan was rich now.

He got a total of 6 million for the three songs of ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’, ‘Restless Heart’ and ‘Fable’.

But it wasn’t big money.

Most of Chen Huan’s income still came from ‘Love Letter’.

He earned 10 million from the domestic box office share but it was all taken away by the Good Lord which really hurt Chen Huan.

Then the oversea’s share from the movie arrived just before Spring Festival.

The biggest dividend came from Japan and South Korea.

The total box office of ‘Love Letter’ in Japan was 520 million yuan and 430 million yuan in South Korea. 

It didn’t mean that it was more popular in Japan than in South Korea but it was just South Korea had 50 million people while Japan had 250 million.

The film in the two countries had already finished its screening but the procedure took a lot of time so it only came now.

In fact, it would have taken until March or February but the distributors from the two countries saw the strength from Zhu Mei and Chu Liuxiang so settled in advance since they wanted a piece of ‘Miracle In Cell No.7’.

After calculating the shares, the ‘Love Letter’ film crew received a total of 256 million after tax. 

Chen Huan received 33.5 million yuan from his 13.1%.

Chen Huan’s eyes turned into the symbols of money when he saw the money in his account.

This wasn’t all as Shanhai Streaming had also settled the money for the other overseas distribution.

The overseas distribution right was entrusted to them to operate and 12 countries bought out the copyrights so the income coming from there was 200 million for the film crew.

So Chen Huan received a total of 26.2 million!

With the shares he received these last few months from the small noodle shop, Chen Huan bank account reached 66 million!

He was about to be rich… wait, he was already rich!

66 million yuan was enough for him to buy a large property on the main street of the most prosperous district of Lin’an.

With traffic like that, the shop could earn 100k to 200k a month so it was totally worth the price.

He would be able to live a worry-free life with that amount of money and be completely comfortable!

At that moment, Chen Huan completely forgot about his previous dream of becoming a top student.

The next moment, the teenager’s eyes turned alert.

He was afraid of hearing the ‘Ding Dong’ sounds from the shitty system.

It was 66 million!

Chen Huan immediately dialed Xia He’s number and said, “Auntie, the property you told me last time…”

“Ding Dong!”


“I think the shop is a bit small. Uncle Shui has received his share for ‘Love Letter’, right? I’ve also received mine…”

“The great system the weak chicken host has unexpectedly received quite a bit of profit, in order to strengthen the weak chicken host, the system will issue the following task.”

“Yes, I want to buy a bigger one right from the start. Aunty, go take a look at the properties at the West Lake…”

“If the host donates 66 million to charity, the system rewards the host with ‘Advanced Physics (Beginner)’ and a song of your choice.”

“Aunty, now that I think about it, um, let’s discuss it when I come back from Huajin! Alright!”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Huan resisted the urge to punch his own head.

You bastard!

You actually changed your strategy and told me what you’ll give in advance, huh?

Do you think I’ll give in just like this?!

You think I’ll yield!?


I really will!

Chen Huan felt like crying a river.

He wasn’t short on money now but he was very short on songs.

Han Dong’er new albums needed songs and Shui Qianyu guzheng needed ancient songs. In order to maintain his reputation of the number one songwriter of the country, Sister Xiaofeng needed more songs.

It wouldn’t be too much even if he received 20 songs!

That ‘Nobody Better Than Me’ probably saw his needs so deliberately tried to tempt him.

This system was really a bitch.

It didn’t give out the task when he received 6 million for the song. It didn’t give out the task when he received the 20 million shares from Japan and South Korea.

But it was finally given out when the third share was received.

If it wasn’t for receiving in advance the shares from the other 17 countries, maybe he would have to wait for a while for this mission.

He got ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’ for 20 million before.

He had three times as much this time but he would only get ‘Advanced Physics (Beginner)’ and a song, it was totally inconsistent with the value!

Good Lord?

Did you hear what I said?

There shouldn’t be devaluation on the money, right?

This Lord will donate immediately if you give another song and I’ll be your grandson if I don’t donate!

Chen Huan talked for a long time but the system was as usual and didn’t respond as it only appear to give rewards and issues missions.


Would he never be able to gather any wealth in his lifetime?

How would he be able raise children and grandchildren in the future?

It is really impossible to not rely on women?

O( ╥ ﹏ ╥)O

Chen Huan sat depressingly for a while before he took his phone.

He still opened the familiar Habao Pay and found the ‘Rural School Construction Plans’ before donating 66 million.

Just like last time, the money was donated instantly after he confirmed.

Mobile payment in this world was much more convenient and faster than back in his previous world.  There was no restriction as long it was legal money.

Chen Huan felt distressed again.

It was 21 million last time and 66 million this time. He was a millionaire but he turned into a poor man again!

“Ding Dong!”

“The stingy host without compassion is finally willing to give up his wealth and use it to help people in need. The system is very satisfied with it.”

“The great and generous system rewards the host with ‘Advanced Physics (Beginner) and a song of your choice. Please keep working hard and continue to earn money to exchange for more rewards!”


Sure enough, you’re a scoundrel!

You are having thoughts about this Lord’s money!

You still want more!?


Let me tell you trash system, if there aren’t six to eight songs next time, I’ll be your grandson if I still donate!

Did you take a liking to it?

You have no need for money so you obviously don’t know how hard it is for us to earn money!

Do you think someone is considered rich with only ten or so million in a city like Lin’an?

I haven’t taken care of my need for food and clothes yet and you already asked me to donate all my money away, where did your conscience go!?

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