I Know Everything chapter 184

Chapter 184: It’s great to have money!

After confirming that he would actually participate in the Spring Festival Gala, Zhao Changshou was excited and immediately took his wife to Huajin on the third day.

The Shui Family of three also came with them.

Shui Qingshan and Xia He were worried about Shui Qianyu coming alone and it happened to be the winter vacation so they accompanied their daughter to Huajin as a family vacation.

With their income, it would be possible for them to travel all around the world so this was nothing to them.

In fact, they didn’t even need to pay as the CCTV with their deep pockets booked multiple hotels near from their building to accommodate all the performers participating in the Gala.

They put quite the importance on the Grandpa as they directly gave him three suites after hearing a few people were coming with him.

Originally, there was a room given to Chen Huan and Shui Qingshan but Chen Huan was participating in the Winter Camp so Shui Qingshan had a room to himself now.

Chen Huan took a leave at night and came to eat with them.

After doing the test in the afternoon, he didn’t need to listen to the explanation for the test at all and the teachers already knew he was the number one with perfect score so it didn’t matter if he listened or not.

Chen Huan heard a clear girl’s voice singing in the café nearby when he arrived at the restaurant.

“I feel tired as I walk by this lively street. It’s weird I love to nag but I don’t feel like caring…”

Chen Huan suddenly went into a trance after hearing the similar melody and even the voice was similar to someone back in his original world.

Those familiar songs made him realize he really turned it around in another world.

That’s right.

The song Chen Huan gave to Zhuo Xiaofeng for Yongren Studio was a classic sung by the small empress Angela Zhang, ‘Fable’.

Although Angela Zhang’s most renowned song was ‘Invisible Wings’ and she later stunned everyone with her cover of ‘Ah Diao’, ‘Fable’ was still one of her masterpieces.

Chen Huan used the song reward from the mission that asked him to fulfill the Grandpa’s wishes.

There were naturally reasons for him to give ‘Fable’ instead of the other two songs.

The two other songs could send Zhuo Xiaofeng to the top so how could he just help her so cheaply when he didn’t make Han Dong’er into an empress first?

‘Fable’ was a popular song above the average with a quick beat and a bit of slurring singing. The song was played on various platforms in a few days’ time.

The downloads count was quite good too as there were 3 million downloads in 5 days which surprised Wei Xi.

At that pace, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to reach the grade of small empress and emperor which was at 5 million downloads.

But it was impossible for Zhuo Xiaofeng to be considered as a small empress just with one song.

She needed an album sales up to the standard before she would be crowned with the title.

But for an album to reach the level of a small empress wasn’t something a single song could change.

This had nothing to do with Chen Huan and he wouldn’t easily give away songs such as ‘Invisible Wings’ or ‘Ah Diao’.

Thought flickered in Chen Huan’s mind as he made his way to the private room.

At Huajin, Chen Huan wasn’t some big celebrity and the excitement for ‘Love Letter’ was already gone. Even if someone recognized Chen Huan, they wouldn’t run up to him in excitement.

Huajin was also not Chen Huan’s home city.

Chen Huan just boldly walked and didn’t react even if his unparalleled handsomeness stunned the passer by.

“Hey!” Shui Qingshan was talking with Zhao Changshou but was happy to see Chen Huan there so he gave him a hug and said, “Xiao Huan, you are so amazing! I didn’t expect that you took my darling to the Gala’s stage before I even had the opportunity to get on the stage!”

“It’s just luck, it’s just luck.” Chen Huan was humble but couldn’t stop smiling, “This is also my first time at the Gala… hahaha…”

Shui Qianyu couldn’t help but roll her eyes after seeing their happy faces.

All men are like that! So silly!!

Zhao Changshou also giggled beside the two.

Then Jiang Hui said, “Yes, thanks to you, the old guy and I can come to the Gala… I feel I won’t have any regret in my life after such a trip!”

“Wifey, you can’t think like that, we still have a long and happy future!” Zhao Changshou quickly said to his wife in fear that her words brought bad luck.

Chen Huan was a bit surprised by her clarity, “Grandma’s illness…”

“Her condition is much better after half an month of treatment.” Xia He replied, “She remembers a lot of things now and has a much clearer mind. This trip to Huajin has been really smooth.”

“That’s good, very good.” Chen Huan repeatedly nodded.

It was very hard for him to do this and having such a satisfactory result made it all worth it.

“It’s all thanks to the album that Teacher Lu made for me.” Zhao Changshou said, “I didn’t expect to earn so much money by just singing a few songs…I didn’t think that money was that great before but now… I’ll try my best to earn as much money as possible to prepare against emergencies.”

Chen Huan understood his view.

Tang Yuan told Chen Huan that after seeing the effect of the treatment, the Grandpa asked the doctor if it would be possible to delay dementia a few additional years if the medicine developed further.

The doctor obviously gave very positive answers so Grandpa started to think about it and started to care about the album’s sales.

How painful it was to watch a loved one slowly degrade into dementia while not knowing anything and anyone?

How could he not work hard and make money now there was hope?

Zhao Changshou started to talk about his album and Chen Huan learned the album was still doing great.

It sold 5 million copies in the first week in the three major music websites. The sales in the second week had dropped considerably but it still sold 2 million copies and it was 7 million copies in total now.

This also broke the record of Su Mo’s ‘Cupid Arrow’ from last year that sold 6.5 million copies.

‘Cupid Arrow’ sold 6.5 million copies but it was in 1 year but the Grandpa’s ‘Life’s Only Love’ had sold more than it in just 2 weeks, which was extremely impressive.

The same was true for the hard copies. The number reached 220k for the first week but the momentum didn’t weaken at all for the second week as it sold another 200k. According to the trend, it would be able to sell 600k in a month.

Su Mo’s ‘Cupid Arrow’ only sold 133k hard copies!

Many people were amazed by it and thought that the Grandpa’s album would be able to revitalize the industry of hard copies.

As more people paid attention to hard copies, maybe the spring would come for the hard copies!

Online selling would maybe be able to recover also.

After all, young people liked celebrities and spending 1 yuan or 5 yuan on music wasn’t a big deal to them.

They lived in an era of advertisements and had different views. They weren’t like people twenties years ago where money was everything and didn’t care about other things.

This was also the mentality evolving.

But it wouldn’t be as easy for the hard copies.

The key point wasn’t the expansive 30 yuan album but the machine needed to play it, what kind of young people liked it?

They were all, the more easy to use, the better. They were the most satisfied when they had it in their hands and heard it whenever they wanted!

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