I Know Everything chapter 183

Chapter 183: 1 Song 3 version.

Chen Huan was still in thought when they walked out of the Huaxia TV building.

He still didn’t say anything when they got into the car.

Bu Yiyi felt something weird so patted him and said, “Hey, hey, what are you thinking about? You must be overwhelmed by joy to get on the Gala’s stage right?”

The get on the Spring Festival Gala was almost the ultimate dream for people in the literary and artistic world.

Regardless of which type they were, they would be considered as great as long they were able to get on the Gala.

Bu Yiyi went on stage before.

She went there once when she was 10 and another time when she was 12.

Those were the only occasions. She also performed along with other little brats.

She couldn’t sleep on both occasions and suffered from insomnia when she came to Huajin.

So she believed that Chen Huan was just as nervous as her.

“It’s not that.” Chen Huan came back from his senses and shook his head, “I just think it’s weird.”

He didn’t say anything more to Bu Yiyi as he thought what Luo Chen said was weird.

Luo Chen said that they ‘must’ appear on the Gala’s stage. This ‘must’ word was very important.

This meant that it wasn’t something chosen by the Gala’s program team and that they went along with the decision as they couldn’t refuse.

Moreover, the call also came very late as the program would have made their final decision in ten days or so.

They wouldn’t pass the audition 9 out of 10 times in the current circumstances.

But they asked Zhao Changshou to come and he didn’t need to pass any audition and just rehearse to get familiar so they could be ready to perform.

Luo Chen also said something else.

“There’s still around 20 days and we can rehearse a few times.” The meaning of these sentences was very different.

It meant that the rehearsal of ‘Laughter From The Sea’ wouldn’t be affected by any audit or review and could continue until the end.

This was amazing!

In Chen Huan’s original world, only Lord Sixth enjoyed a treatment like this.

It seemed that the situation was like that time and it wasn’t a simple matter.

Chen Huan didn’t continue to think about it.

He was useless for him to continue to think about things that he shouldn’t worry about and didn’t understand.

Didn’t Zheng Baqiao say it a hundred years ago?

Where ignorance is bliss, it’s folly to be wise.

Bu Yiyi looked at Chen Huan’s calm expression and it indeed didn’t look like he was too excited.

While she doubted him, she finally remembered why she came to look for him.

“Teacher Lu,” A smile appeared on Bu Yiyi’s face, “You gave ‘Thank You For Your Love’ to me but when are you going to give me the copyright?”

“Huh!?” Chen Huan was stunned, “You even want to copyright the song?”

“Weird, why can’t I want it?” Bu Yiyi gave an angry look, “Didn’t you say you’ll give me this song? My agent and assistant won’t be at ease if you don’t give me the song. They’re afraid you’ll sell it to someone else and we’ll be happy for nothing.”

“You’re very straightforward.” Chen Huan laughed.

Bu Yiyi was such a girl, a mountainous village girl, bold and straightforward.

“Can’t I be frank? I’m just afraid you won’t understand!” Bu Yiyi said, “So, what are you planning to do?”

“This song…” Chen Huan hesitated before he decided to tell the truth, “In addition to your comedic version, this song also has the Mandarin and Cantonese versions. The Yuezhou version can be given to you but you aren’t suitable for the other two versions.”

“Huh? There’s really more!” Bu Yiyi’s eyes lit up, “Quickly sing the other two versions for me!”

“I can’t sing it well.” Chen Huan quickly refused.

“I just helped you with Director Luo. It can be considered as a favor, right?” Bu Yiyi ‘s big and beautiful eyes blinked as she said with a grin, “Pay me back.”

“Sister Yiyi, you’re the world’s most impatient creditor!” Chen Huan said helplessly, “You want to collect so fast, do you have to be in such a hurry?”

“Then, do you want me to wait for a few days and ask you to give me another song?” Bu Yiyi ‘s smiling expression turned  serious.

“Haha, look at what you say, you helped me, how can I not agree to your little request.” Chen Huan instantly changed his mind, “Okay, listen to my other two versions!”

This Lord is very generous! You dare to threaten me, watch me how I’ll take care of you!

“Don’t ask me how many people I loved in my lifetime…”

“It’s a long road that I’ve walked alone…”

Bu Yiyi immediately fell silent when he started to sing.

A few minutes later, Bu Yiyi let out a long sigh and started at Chen Huan with admiration, “Chen Huan, your ability to write songs is superb and the best in the world! These three different songs have the same melody!? So powerful! Too Shocking!”

Chen Huan smiled and didn’t dare to take credit.

It was a coincidence that Chen Huan was able to learn the three versions of ‘Thank You For Your Love’, otherwise with Chen Huan’s memory, it would be impossible for him to remember it. After all, the song was far from the level of those super classics.

Only a song like ‘Laughter From The Sea’ was at that level, ‘Deskmate’ was close too.

Of course, ‘Thank You For Your Love’ wasn’t bad and could be considered as a classic amongst the love songs.

Lil Hua from his original world really liked the song as he personally wrote the Cantonese version.

“I… ugh, forget it.” Bu Yiyi was reluctant but chose to give up in the end, “If it’s like that, there’s no point for me to ask for the copyright.”

Her Yuzhou dialect version of ‘Thank you for your love’ could still be trending for a while but it would be pushed away when the Mandarin and Cantonese versions would come out so it would be useless for her to hold the copyright.

“You can sing it if you receive any commercial offer for it.” Chen Huan gave her an extra benefit, “It doesn’t matter who I sell the song to in the future, it would be just like for Grandpa as I will put the condition that you’ll be able to use the song.”

“Thank you then!”

Bu Yiyi thanked.

She was quite an easy going person and it was quite nice for her to have this.

She would be able to sing it without problem in the future if someone offered her to perform in events.

Bu Yiyi was quite determined to make money so would do anything as long it was a legitimate way to make money. She would be even willing to dance let alone sing.

It was with this mindset that she was able to earn 10 to 20 million per year even at her young age.

“While we are on the subject, did you find anybody suitable for ‘Laughter From The Sea’?” Bu Yiyi asked in curiosity.

Most of Chen Huan’s songs had been sold including ‘Restless Heart’ and ‘Thank You For Your Love’ would definitely be sold sooner or later but ‘Laughter From The Sea’ was an exception.

It wasn’t that nobody was interested in the song as there were many people who were interested on the contrary. There were no fewer than twenty different singers who used various means to contact Chen Huan.

Those singers weren’t random singers as they were all very well-known and thought themselves as suitable for the songs and that was why they went to look for him.

But Chen Huan didn’t agree to any of them.

The music industry was saying that the person who would be able to buy ‘Laughter From The Sea’ from Teacher Lu would definitely be a great singer.

Everyone knew that Teacher Lu would only sell it to someone suitable and was definitely not because of money or other things.

“How can it be that easy?” Chen Huan gave a bitter smile, “It seems that it’s still the Grandpa who’s more suitable.”

“Tsk, your requirements are too high.” Bu Yiyi exclaimed, “After the Gala, your requirements will be even higher, right?”

Chen Huan shrugged and just smiled without saying anything.

Even so, he still wouldn’t lower his requirement.

He didn’t require them to sing as well as the trio back in his world but they should at least have the heroic spirit that Lin Zixiang, right?

Wouldn’t the diamond be covered in dirt if he randomly sold his songs?

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