I Know Everything chapter 182

Chapter 182: Unexpected invitation.

Bu Yiyi was definitely an active person.

She called at noon and arrived at the hotel where Chen Huan stayed at 3 pm.

There was one day off between the first week and the second week of the training camp.

A group of math geniuses were checking out with their teachers and they saw Bu Yiyi walking in boldly.


The group of teenagers got excited and ran up to Bu Yiyi in hope to talk to her and take pictures.

No matter how talented they were in mathematics, they were still students in the end and would naturally like celebrities and follow them more or less.

Bu Yiyi was around the same age as them so it was easier for the beautiful and easy going Young Flower Dan to gain their favors.

“Yiyi, what are you doing here?”

“Sister Yiyi, let’s take a picture!”

“Yiyi, can I have your signature? Sign here…”


After being overwhelmed, Bu Yiyi accepted their requests before asking, “Do you know where Chen Huan is?”


The excitement that the students felt dissipated instantly as they looked at each other.

How could they be happy when a great beauty appeared in front of them just to ask for another man?


Alright, you’re great at maths. Alright, you look very handsome but now that big beauty Bu Yiyi also came to look for you, can’t you leave some for us too, huh?!

Those jealous men ranged from 8 years old to 80 years old and there was no logic behind it to speak of.

The same goes for the girls as they knew there was no possibility for them to be with Chen Huan but they still felt salty when they thought Bu Yiyi might be with Chen Huan.

Bu Yiyi was a bit confused when she saw their expressions, “Has he already left? When does the plane take off?”

“It’s… it’s not that.” A honest student still replied in the end, “He has passed the first exam and will be here for another week for the second round of examination.”

“Is his mathematics very good?” Bu Yiyi was even more shocked now.

She heard from Wang Xi that Chen Huan’s was very good in math before she came and that was why he participated in this competition.

To Bu Yiyi, a training camp or whatever, wasn’t something impressive or that much of a deal.

But she didn’t expect him to be much more skilled than what she thought.

“Of course.” A girl proudly said, “Chen Huan isn’t only a musical genius but also a math genius! He has been first every single day during the seven days test! He will represent China and compete in the International Mathematics Olympiad!”

“Representing the Chinese National Team?” Bu Yiyi realized something.

Isn’t this equivalent to the Olympic team?

This is awesome!

She became even more interested in Chen Huan now.

Just when she wanted to ask Chen Huan’s room number, she saw a young man walking out of an elevator.

“Chen Huan!”

Bu Yiyi immediately yelled out.

Chen Huan had a hurried expression before he turned toward Bu Yiyi and revealed a happy face, “Sister Yiyi, how come you are here?”

“I want to discuss something with you.” Bu Yiyi said with a smile, “How about we go upstairs and talk about it?”

“No, let’s go out and do it. Did you come with a car?”


“Alright, drive me somewhere, hurry up!”

Chen Huan didn’t pay attention as he hurriedly grabbed Bu Yiyi and walked out.

Fortunately, he didn’t directly grab Bu Yiyi’s hand but this action still dumbfounded the students and teachers.


He really treated the Young Flower Dan as a random person.

Or should they say… that one could do whatever he wanted if he was handsome enough!?

For a while, numerous people complained to their parents on why they didn’t birth them to be as good looking as Chen Huan.

Even if they weren’t the most handsome teenager, being second was fine too!

After getting into the car, Chen Huan said to the driver, “Driver, I’ll have to trouble you to drive us to the Huaxia TV Station building, thank you.”

The driver only agreed after seeing Bu Yiyi nod, “Alright, please rest at the back, we’ll arrive in half an hour.”

They closed the car door before the car’s light turned on.

Bu Yiyi sat across Chen Huan and asked in curiosity, “What’s going on? So mysterious.”

“I just received a call from Director Hua Zhongpu and he said the Chief Director of the Spring Festival at Huaxia TV, Luo Chen, wanted to invite Grandpa to sing ‘Laughter From The Sea’ in this year’s spring festival gala.” Chen Huan replied after drinking some water, “Grandpa couldn’t come to Huajin that fast so I’ll go to Huaxia TV to discuss the details.”


Bu Yiyi exclaimed, “It’s already January 10th and the Spring Festival Gala on February 18th, Do you even have the time now for the rehearsal?”

“I don’t know.” Chen Huan had a weird expression on his face, “According to their vague statement, we can enter the final list as long we’re ready.”


Bu Yiyi yelled out in surprise again.

What is this joke!?

This is the Spring Festival Gala!

How many top artists in the literary and artistic industry of China started to prepare for the Spring Festival Gala since July or August? Then they still had to go through many difficulties and audition before they could make into the final list.

Now they said that Chen Huan didn’t need to go any review and audition, that they would go up stage as long they were ready…is this a joke?

“I also think it’s a bit weird and that’s why I wanted to go take a look.” Chen Huan said, “If this is true, then Grandpa can take Grandma to Huajin and participate in the Spring Festival Gala, how great would it be when Grandma can hear him sing on the Spring Festival Gala’s stage?”

“Yeah, it would be great, but…” Bu Yiyi didn’t know what to say.

She obviously didn’t believe it was the case and thought Hua Zhongpu must have misunderstood something.

It was a completely abnormal thing for the Spring Festival Gala to call now and invite someone.

How could they invite people so late?

It was either some people playing tricks or it was really a special circumstance.

Would they really play tricks? Wouldn’t they have any shame?

Bu Yiyi was having wild thoughts along the way and didn’t think Zhao Changshou would be able to sing in the gala and that it would only be a short moment of happiness.

She completely forgot about the matter when she came for Chen Huan.

Just like that, the car arrived at the entrance of Huaxia TV. Chen Huan got out of the car with Bu Yiyi following him toward the lobby.

“Sister Yiyi, what are you doing?” Chen Huan turned his head to look at her.

“I also want to go take a look!” Bu Yiyi frankly said, “With me here, they won’t dare to go back on their words, right?”

Chen Huan smiled upon hearing this.

He didn’t know anyone in Huajin so it was a good thing to have Bu Yiyi with him.

After making a phone call in the lobby, Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi were given visitor cards before they were taken toward the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal and audition area.

There were nervous people coming and going from there and many of them were big names that appeared on TV.

Although they also stared at Bu Yiyi and Chen Huan when they saw them, they were certainly not as stars-struck like normal people.

Bu Yiyi greeted a lot of people along the way. Chen Huan just grabbed someone and asked the whereabouts of the Chief Director Luo Chen.

Every time Chen Huan asked something from the female staff, no matter how busy and impatient they were, their faces would turn into a smile the moment they saw Chen Huan’s face before pointing out where Luo Chen was.

Bu Yiyi also saw with her own eyes that several female staff combed their hairs before they spoke to Chen Huan.

A man like Chen Huan was like a sin fruit to all women!

Luo Chen was watching a rehearsal at that moment.

There was a female staff member that volunteered to inform Luo Chen that Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was here to discuss ‘Laughter From The Sea’. He immediately wondered why the best songwriter of the country was here.

Chen Huan called his assistant just before but he was so busy that the assistant didn’t have the time to tell him.

“Come, sit please!”

Luo Chen received Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi in a nearby room.

He was in his forties and looked neither thin, fat or imposing but quite friendly instead.

“Uncle Luo!” Bu Yiyi greeted.

“Hey, Yiyi, the more you grow up, the prettier you become!” Luo Chen smiled and nodded.

“No way, people say that I’m not as cute after I grew up.” Bu Yiyi playfully said.

Bu Yiyi turned her head toward Chen Huan and said, “I acted in a TV series made by Uncle Luo when I was a kid. Uncle Luo knows how to shoot a TV series! Xxx, xxxx, are all his works!” (The X’s were put by the author, he probably didn’t want to make up some tv series name.)

“Haha, I haven’t made a TV series for three to four years now, I feel old!” Luo Chen laughed cheerfully.

Chen Huan understood now why Bu Yiyi wanted to come with him.

They were acquaintances!

Bu Yiyi continued, “Uncle Luo, Huo Zhongpu was completely dumbfounded when you called him, he couldn’t believe it! it just happened Teacher Lu was in Huajin so told Teacher Lu to quickly come ask you about it.so what’s going on? It’s a bit strange.”

It was good that they were acquaintances as Luo Chen wouldn’t be angered by her. It would be a bit awkward for Chen Huan to ask.

Luo Chen hesitated as he looked at Bu Yiyi and then Chen Huan, before he said, “Don’t ask for specific reasons, I can’t say. But ‘Laughter From The Sea’ must appear on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala! Teacher Lu after you go back, have Zhao Changshou and his two helpers come as soon as possible. We still have around 20 days. We can still rehearse a few times so we can avoid mistakes during the live performance.”

After a pause, he continued, “But there must not be any curtain this time, no need to be that mysterious on the Gala, alright?”


 Chen Huan agreed without hesitation.

“Don’t you need to ask for the opinions of those two instrumentalists?” Luo Chen asked after seeing the answer so easily, “Those stubborn performance artists aren’t easily persuaded. We will have to consider replacing them if they don’t agree, but it’s better to not change the people.”

“No need.” Chen Huan said, “I’m the one playing the flute and my friend is playing the guzheng.”

“Wow…” Bu Yiyi exclaimed, “It was you?”

Luo Chen was also surprised but he thought about it, he already knew how to write the melody and lyrics, so what if he knew how to play the flute?

It was something good as it was easier to handle things now.

“But I have requests.” Chen Huan ignored the Young Flower Dan and said to Luo Chen, “You should be aware of the situation with the Grandpa and Grandma, she can’t leave the Grandpa and there’s no other chance for him to perform at the Gala. I would be very grateful if you can give her a front row seat. I also need another ticket for the Gala regardless of the position for a friend.”

“Not a problem.” Luo Chen agreed.

There was always a lot of demand for the tickers but he could still squeeze those two in.

Chen Huan was quite a good young man, he didn’t speak his worth and try to trouble him for more benefit.

“Then please be quick so we can rehearse.” Luo Chen smiled, “It’s not just me as many people look forward to the performance! I believe you’ll give a beautiful show to everyone watching the Gala this year!”

Even if he didn’t receive any orders, Luo Chen himself appreciated ‘Laughter From The Sea’ greatly.

As his old friends said, this song had broken through the limits of normal songwriting and reached the steps of a great master.

The fact Lu Xiaofeng could write such a song proved that he reached the pinnacle of songwriting.

Such a popular godly song appearing in Huaxia TV Spring Festival Gala could only be a good thing for the review and rating!

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