I Know Everything chapter 181

Chapter 181: Pleasant Surprise!

“Ding Dong!”

“The host accidentally reversed his reputation as a bad student and the great system is very pleased by that. But one may not necessarily get results with talents and skills as being diligent and hardworking is required for it. Therefore, the system specially issued a mission.”

“If the host can be a member of the Chinese national team and lead it to championship in the International Mathematics Olympiad, the system will give out a pleasant surprise.”

“Ding dong!”

“The host got dog shit luck as he randomly changed Lil’ Hua (Andy Lau)’s classic song ‘Thank You For Your Love’ and gained the appreciation and attention of 100 million people. The system issues the following rewards, ‘Good Luck Charm’ and ‘Bad Luck Charm’.”

“Inwardly call the name of the charm to use it. The charm will be attached to the host’s hand and it will be attached to anybody’s as long the host touches them. The two charm will adjust the target luck for three minutes. Please use it with caution so the host doesn’t cause serious consequences.”


Chen Huan heard it as he was taking a shower and almost yelled it out loud.


At the very beginning, the Good Lord once gave a ‘Truth Talisman’ to Chen Huan to help him fight off the bad guys that wanted to steal his spice recipe.

Since then, Chen Huan had never received such a good thing for free.

Although it was also a reward due to an accomplishment, the two rewards still came out of nowhere and it was something good by looking at the names. How could Chen Huan not like it.

He could put the ‘Good Luck Charm’ on his body in crucial times and it might save his life!

He could also put ‘Back Luck Charm’ on his enemy body and he would be able to save his life too!

The hero Chen Huan knew he grabbed a lot of limelight and attracted a lot of enemies so he learned how to save his life in advance instead of waiting to encounter such a situation before thinking about it.


In fact, Chen Huan didn’t pay much attention to ‘Thank You For Your Love’ when he gave the song to Bu Yiyi.

‘Thank You For Your Love’ wasn’t one of the super classic Chen Huan had in his pocket, it was just a love song. Chen Huan had a deep impression of it due to someone from his original world singing the song with the Yuezhou dialect.

The Yuezhou version was just a catchy and humorous song to begin with and didn’t have much value so it didn’t matter if he gave it to Bu Yiyi.

So Chen Huan felt like pulling a little joke.

Wasn’t Bu Yiyi a native from Yuezhou?

Wasn’t that little girl perfect for singing the song in Yuezhou?

Chen Huan still had a deep impression of the Yuzhou version of the song after seeing it on the internet.

He knew that the Yuezhou version would be popular in this world but he didn’t expect it to have such a huge effect.

If he thought about it carefully, the one who sang it in his original world was just an internet celebrity so Bu Yiyi was much better in every single way and the online entertainment here wasn’t as developed.

Moreover, it was a song that came from Teacher Lu Xiaofeng and that also the original version of the song wasn’t out yet…

So under various reasons, it was normal for Bu Yiyi’s version of the song to be seen and imitated by 100 million people.

It was a pity that the two talismans weren’t permanent.

Chen Huan, who wanted a mile after getting an inch, felt it was a pity.


At another place in Huajin, there was another discussion about ‘Thank You For Your Love’.

“You brat, how can you be so stupid?” Lai Haijin, who had two little moustaches, said with a wry smile, “Not only you didn’t tell us about such an important thing but you also didn’t get the copyright. What do you want me to say about your generosity!?”

Lai Haijin was 38 years old and started to work as a handyman in a management company at the age of 15. He was now one of the top ten agents in the country.

Bu Yiyi wasn’t the only big name under his management as one the top five directors Yan Shan and one of the top five TV series actors Qin Lexin were under him. They all had a bigger renown than Bu Yiyi.

But in Lai Haijin’s opinion, Bu Yiyi’s future was limitless.

Especially in terms of earning as everyone under him couldn’t compare to her alone.

Because in this society where the entertainment industry gotmore and more developed, female celebrities, especially female celebrities that were trending and have high exposure rates, they would be more favored by many advertisers.

The current advertisers were completely different than 30 years ago.

At that time, the advertisers dared to find the heavenly kings and queens for just a 1000 yuan.

They wouldn’t even be able to discuss if they didn’t have at least 1 or 3 million now.

And for someone who hated to do advertisements like Su Mo, they wouldn’t be able to discuss even if they had 5 million.

Tang Yuan was very good but he didn’t look good so he couldn’t attract those big advertisers.

But Bu Yiyi was different as she was very beautiful just like a fairy and was easy going and friendly. She had a very attractive personality and was very good in front of a camera.

So Bu Yiyi got a 1 million sponsor two years ago and had 15 sponsors since then and each of them was at least 300k.

Along with various other works, Bu Yiyi had brought more than 40 million to the company in one year.

Lai Haijin only got 3 million from that but how much would he get when Bu Yiyi got even more famous in the future?

When she becomes a Heavenly Queen?

After she grew up a bit, wouldn’t those top high-end brands also come look for her?

How good would it be if he earned 20 to 30 million a year thanks to her popularity?

So that was why when Bu Yiyi was assigned to him 3 years ago, he used all his network and resources to make her become more well known.

Otherwise, Bu Yiyi wouldn’t have the status of a Young Flower Dan with the work she participated in and even the 50 million fans was due to the work Lai Haijin did behind the scenes.

Lai Haijin was someone smart since he became one of the top ten agents so he knew that he would be able to have success in the short term by using tricks but it would ruin his reputation and network in the future.

So Lai Haijin’s style of work was he would be always truthful and said what he thought to the artists under him so they could know what he thinks and at the same time have them give their own thoughts so everyone could work together to achieve the same goals.

It was because of his honesty that he was able to have Yan Shan, Qin Lexin and Bu Yiyi.

Now he was scolding Bu Yiyi and was really about to get angry.

When Bu Yiyi released ‘Thank You For Your Love’, he was at the northwest helping Yan Shan with the new movie.

He thought that Bu Yiyi and Lu Xiaofeng were just joking around after hearing the song as this song made people laugh.

But everything that happened later stunned Lai Haijin as the song was imitated by celebrities and young people praised the song on the internet.

He only realized then that he missed the best opportunity to increase Bu Yiyi popularity!

If he knew that ‘Thank You For Your Love’ was that great, he would start planning ahead so it could build a better reputation before releasing it so it would go viral. The song would definitely be more than what it was now and bring more benefit to Bu Yiyi.

This missed opportunity wasn’t due to his mistake but Bu Yiyi’s carelessness.

The first thing he did after rushing back was to ask Bu Yiyi if the song was really given by Lu Xiaofeng and if she had the copyright.

Bu Yiyi’s answer was that the song was her but she didn’t ask about the copyright.

It was understandable that Lai Haijin would be depressed with a bitter smile on his face.

Bu Yiyi wasn’t stupid and realized that she was really negligent after hearing him.

It wasn’t that ‘Thank You For Your Love’ would bring huge benefit but she also really liked the song.

No one had ever written a song in Yuezhou dialect for her. Her heart felt very warm when she thought of this and thought that the little brat was very cute.

But now she was a bit nervous as ‘Thank You For Your Love’ didn’t belong to her in the legal sense.

Such a great song cannot not be mine!

“What should I do then?” Bu Yiyi asked.

“Go find Teacher Lu and directly tell him that you want to buy ‘Thank You For Your Love’.” Lai Haijin said, “Transfer him the 2 million as long as he nods.”

“Huh? Isn’t it too hasty? Giving the money without a contract?” Assistant Wang Xi questioned.

“You don’t understand.” Lai Haijin looked at her, “Teacher Lu Xiaofeng doesn’t care about this money otherwise he wouldn’t have let Yiyi sing the song. We are just showing him our attitude so we can facilitate the transaction and not have any complication after,”

“But aren’t you forcing him a little by doing this?” Bu Yiyi asked, “Since he doesn’t care about money and you are still shoving the money to him and tell him to quickly give the song to you, wouldn’t Chen Huan dislike this?”

Lai Haijin couldn’t help but suck in a breath after hearing it.


If he really did that, it would give the impression he was forcing them!

Making the other party angry would be like making a fool of himself after trying to be smart!

“You guys don’t have to worry about this.” Bu Yiyi seemed to have made her decision, “I’ll go find him! Book me a ticket!”

“He’s not in Lin’an right now.” Wang Xi lightly coughed, “We’re lucky as he’s in the Winter Camp at Peking University!”

“How do you know that?” Bu Yiyi was surprised.

“I bought one of his classmates and he’ll tell me as long Chen Huan goes somewhere.” Wang Xi said, “ But you have to hurry up as his training is about to end.”


Bu Yiyi immediately took out her cell phone and dialed Chen Huan’s number.

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