I Know Everything chapter 180

Chapter 180: The Outstanding Genius Chen Huan!

There really was nothing about a math competition.

After going around in Huajin with Lei Xiaode and the others, Chen Huan started the intense study lessons on the third day.

The total number of students was 105 and they were divided into three classes.

To make it short, the teachers from the Olympiad would give lectures in the morning and the afternoon and when class ended in the afternoon, they would do a test.

The paper would be graded by the time they finished dinner and the teachers would talk about the test in the evening until it was around 9pm, then everybody could go home to rest.

What can be done in one day would never be delayed until the second day.

It was the first time Chen Huan went through such an intense training.

But Chen Huan had ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’ after all, except that he was struggling to adjust with the intensity, he was doing well.

After three days of studies and taking tests, Chen Huan always took first place or at least tied first under the watch of everybody.

Li Naihao was clearly displeased by this point.

This morning for example, he came in early to the classroom to review more questions and heard two female classmates talk nearby.

“Do you know? Chen Huan scored another 100 mark on the paper yesterday afternoon!”

“Oh my god, how is he so good? We’ve never heard of that from him before!”

“I went to talk about it with the students in Lin’an and learned that Chen Huan belonged to those people who are suddenly enlightened. He had made rapid growth since summer and reached the top!”

“Hehe, he’s not only sweeping everybody in mathematics but it’s also the case for the music scene! I like ‘Deskmate’ the most!”

“Right, right, right! It’s a godly song…”


The impatient and bad tempered Li Naihao finally erupted after hearing them.

He violently threw the book in his hand away and said, “Get out if you want to gossip! This is a place to learn mathematics, don’t defile the place!”

The two female students were dumbfounded when they saw Li Naihao’s angry expression.

Then they also erupted in anger.

“Oh, isn’t this genius Li Naihao? I heard you tried to argue with our Chen Huan and got bested in the end. Now that you heard us talking about Chen Huan, you must be unhappy, right?”

“You’re only good at this! You only know how to lose your temper, how about you go surpass Chen Huan in the musical field if you have the ability? How about you go get a better score than Chen Huan in the exams if you’re that good?”

“Haha, he still has the qualification in mathematics but in music… is he worthy?”

Li Naihao became more furious when he heard them say this. He stood up abruptly with a clenched fist and rage in his eyes, “Stop talking! Otherwise, I’ll…”

“Otherwise what?” One of the girls laughed and stared at him, “You’ll come hit me? Come on then! Come hit me if you’re a man!”

“You’ll get really famous after hitting us and you’ll be even better than Chen Hua.!” The other girl said in contempt, “I dislike people like you the most, don’t have much skills and are still so petty, it is that hard to admit there’s someone better than you? It’s a fact!”

“Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!”

Li Naihao yelled before he ran out of the classroom.

He obviously didn’t dare to hit people there and in fact he had never fought before.

Those angry expressions that gave the expression as if he wanted to eat people were just a trick.

In Yuezhou, the trick was very useful due to his status as a math genius so there was nothing he was afraid of.

Even if there were people who weren’t afraid of him, the teacher would worry for his safeties so they would severely criticize anybody that was in conflict with him.

But he didn’t expect to be repeatedly embarrassed.

Because all the geniuses that came to Huajin for the winter camp weren’t much worse than him.

Which one of them wasn’t a precious and protected local treasure?

Sometimes he felt like staying in Yuezhou for the rest of his life so there would be less annoyance.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t go back now and had to finish the two weeks winter camp before he could go home.

Li Naihao was originally one of the most outstanding students and he himself knew he would be likely to be chosen for the six man team to represent China at the International Mathematics Olympiad.

But now?

Everybody was talking about Chen Huan who came out of nowhere. He took the first place for three consecutive days and nobody cared about the six man team anymore.

After all, the list wasn’t the final decision and they could have substituted just like in football. As long as they didn’t send the list of participants to the organizing committee of the International Mathematics Olympiad before the competition started, they could all be replaced.

Li Naihao was filled with indignation and jealousy when he thought he would go participate in the international competition with Chen Huan.


Why is he so handsome?

Why is he so good at mathematics and still a genius songwriter?

Why can he flirt with my Goddess Bu Yiyi and there are still so many people liking him?


This was the reason why Li Naihao went to find Chen Huan a few days ago.

He thought at the beginning that Chen Huan wouldn’t dare to refute a genius amongst geniuses and would be embarrassed but he didn’t expect Chen Huan to scold him so boldly that he ended up speechless.

He also didn’t expect Chen Huan to be so talented in math that everybody was awed by it.

When the other talked about the conflict he had with Chen Huan, they all mocked him for overestimating himself.

Now Chen Huan could say that he wasn’t worthy to discuss mathematics with him.

Because during the exams these last three days, he ranked second one day, ranked third another day and ranked fifth the next.

Achievements like that could make anybody happy but it definitely didn’t give any happiness to Li Naihao now.

That was why Li Naihao was so triggered when he heard people praising Chen Huan and being his fans.

However, it was a pity that Li Naihao outburst of anger that made him work desperately to get favorable results in tests were of no use.

Chen Huan still took the first places the next four days and was never second.

With such a consistent and terrifying result, it wasn’t only Li Naihao that felt despair as all the other math geniuses felt the horror of being dominated by a real genius amongst geniuses.

It was also why nobody was surprised when the teacher announced after the week of training was over that Chen Huan would stay with 30 other students in the second week.

In the future, if anyone dared to tell them that someone couldn’t suddenly be enlightened and become a genius, they would spit on that person’s face!

That dude Chen Huan was so strong he didn’t look human anymore!

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