I Know Everything chapter 179

Chapter 179: Ignorant.

It was already early January and the Zhejiang Province Junior High Musical Instruments competition had ended today.

The first place was Zhang Yaya, a third year from Second High Middle School. The second place was Qin Changbing, a third year from Fifth High Middle School. The third place was Zheng Yu, a second year from Yuhai Middle School.

Middle schools in Lin’an were indeed the best but except the top three, the rest in the top ten weren’t from Lin’an.

However, Second High, Monarch School and Senior High were the absolute best in Zhejiang and could beat the combined might of the seven other schools in Lin’an.

Yuhai Middle School was another school in the top ten and was from Lingbo. There were many people in Lingbo that went abroad so the city had a lot of money.

People who had money obviously paid a lot of attention to education so three schools amongst the top ten came from Lingbo just like Lin’an. It wasn’t something an ordinary city could do.

The three students sat in the back during the award ceremony as they waited to be called.

Zheng Yun was a very beautiful girl and dressed fashionably, not inferior at all to the girls from Lin’an.

In this era of smooth logistics and the internet, there weren’t many differences in taste and fashion between a first-tier city and a third tier city.

Qin Changbing liked such a girl so he chatted with her.

The two chatted but Zhang Yaya was playing with her phone and didn’t join in.

“Sister Zhang, I heard there is another music instrument genius in Lin’an and is even famous amongst the third years but she didn’t come to participate in the competition, right?” Zheng Yun suddenly talked to her, “Can you tell us what kind of person she is? Why didn’t she participate this year after getting first place in the last two years? I’m very interested in such a mysterious senior!”

Zhang Yaya snorted in her mind when she saw her innocent look.

Children nowadays were getting more sinister.

Why are you interested in Shui Qianyu? Isn’t it just because you’re upset that I got first place hence you’re using the name of my longtime rival to annoy me?

“She has other things to do, it’s not because she’s afraid of me.” Zhang Yaya lightly replied.

She and Shui Qianyu were rivals for life but it didn’t mean that she would speak ill of Shui Qianyu behind her back and gossip.

If she, Zhang Yaya, wanted to defeat Shui Qianyu, she would only do it fair and square!

“Oh, would Sister Zhang have confidence to be first if she came to participate this year?” Zheng Yun asked with blinking eyes.

“No.” Zhang Yaya frankly said, “It’s fifty-fifty between her and me, who knows who’s going to win.”

“I think Shui Qianyu must have been afraid of you.” Qin Changbing was very interested in Zhang Yaya, the School Flower from Senior High Middle School, moreover Shui Qianyu wasn’t around, that was why he dared to say that to her, “She had a close win last year. So she came up with an excuse this year to not participate so she can maintain her series of wins against you.”


Zhang Yaya laughed a bit and just went back to her phone.

She didn’t even bother to talk to this guy.

This Qin Changbing might be handsome, his family was rich and had good grades but he was nowhere as good as Shui Qianyu’s childhood sweetheart.

Moreover, Chen Huan was ten times more attractive than him and his talent was even more impressive.

If Qin Changbing was born with appearance and talent as good as Chen Huan, who knew how arrogant he would become.

Even now, Qin Changbing’s reputation wasn’t that good. Zhang Yaya heard from her friends that he was renowned for being a playboy and already had multiple girlfriends as young as he was.

After so much competition, she discovered that Qin Changbing would try to seduce someone at every competition. He would try to see if he could trick a girl into his hand no matter what.

Qin Changbing didn’t dare to be so obvious with Zhang Yaya since her background was much better than his and he couldn’t afford to provoke her.

But Zheng Yun was from another county so Qin Changbing went all in to seduce her.

Zheng Yun may be younger than them but she was very mature and polite when she spoke and acted. She looked to be very close to Qin Changbing on the surface but he couldn’t take advantage of her in anyways.

“Right, Senior Qin, did Shui Qianyu really haven’t made any progress recently?” Zheng Yun still asked enthusiastically even if Zhang Yaya didn’t answer, “I heard that because of Chen Huan’s sudden rise as the country’s best songwriter, she focused on him and has regressed in skills.”

“Probably.” Qin Changbing nodded and said, “Shui Qianyu is talented but she will still regress if she doesn’t work hard. If she doesn’t wake up, she wouldn’t be on par with us when we reach high school.”

“It would be such a pity if that was the case~~~” Zheng Yun said with a smile, “Perhaps by then, her Chen Huan might not care about her anymore?”

“Chen Huan is now surrounded by big names in the entertainment industry. She’s just a little girl and doesn’t matter if she’s the childhood sweetheart, she can’t match the charm of a thousand beauties!” Qin Changbing said in envy, “She can’t even compare to Han Dong’er!”

He tried to strike up a conversation with Shui Qianyu before but she saw through him with one glance and just sneered at him.

Besides, he knew that Shui Qianyu only had Chen Huan in her heart so he had no chance.

Now that Chen Huan was known across the country, he had plenty of celebrity fans and that made Qin Changbing very jealous.

He wished he was Chen Huan. How pleasurable it would be if he swam in that pool with thousands of beauties?

Zhang Yaya just didn’t want to talk with these two.

But she couldn’t help it anymore after hearing them, “Stop wildly guessing here. If I’m not wrong, Shui Qianyu gave up this competition to participate in some activity, which is much better than this! You’ll all be jealous if it was known!”

“Hehe, Senior Sister Zhang, you’re exaggerating, Shui Qianyu is just a junior high student like us.” Zheng Yun couldn’t help but sneer, “How could she go perform? If that’s the case then, I’ll really be envious!”


Qin Changbing also laughed in agreement.

Seeing those two who were putting on air, Zhang Yaya inwardly scolded herself for arguing with them.

The best way to deal with such ignorant people was to ignore them!

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