I Know Everything chapter 178

Chapter 178: You’re not worthy.

Bu Yiyi thought wrong.

Chen Huan’s phone was off because he was on a plane.

In fact, Chen Huan was already in the same city as her.


Although there were still two days before the Olympiad Winter Camp, He Qiang wanted Chen Huan to adapt to Huajin as soon as possible so he took him to Huajin two days in advance.

They stayed in a hotel specially prepared by Peking University for the students and accompanying teachers fof the Olympiad Winter Camp.

The hotel was next to Peking University and was one of the businesses run by them, it was basically made for personal use.

Yu Dingbian told He Qiang to not let Chang Guancheng steal Chen Huan away, he still put a lot of importance in the Winter Camp. The training camp could obviously improve his student’s ability to take tests and expand his knowledge. That was why he let Chen Huan come over.

But he still warned He Qiang about it.

“You better watch him well! If he’s taken by Peking University, you better watch yourself!”

He Qiang obviously understood his reasoning.

He graduated from Fudan and he also hoped his own student would go to the same university. He could have a good future there and add luster to his Alma mater, how great was that?

As for Peking University, except for being more famous, what was so great about it?

Therefore, he shouldn’t let his own crop be harvested by others!

After being done with the check in, He Qiang took Chen Huan to Peking University mathematics department so he could familiarize with it.

Chen Huan would compete with the top domestic genius there next week.

There were around 60 geniuses and they would learn and compete for two weeks before six of them would be selected to represent China for the International Mathematics Olympiad.

However, it wasn’t only 60 people participating in this winter camp as in addition to the specially admitted Chen Huan, there were also the other students that ranked in the top 100 at the national math Olympiad. Everyone came here to learn and progress.

But those that sit in the lectures obviously couldn’t take the exams nor could they be in the camp all the way as they would leave after a week here.

When He Qiang and Chen Huan went back to the hotel, they encountered a large group of people checking in the hotel. They were all students and teachers as they seemed to be here for the winter camp just like them.

“Teacher Lu!”

Someone yelled out.

Chen Huan ignored it but the person raised his voice and ran toward him, “Teacher Lu!!!”

Chen Huan stopped after hearing his loud yell.

Then he clearly noticed that the surrounding quieted down as everybody’s eyes were on him and recognized him.

The person calling wore glasses and was a bit younger than Chen Huan. He was none other than Lei Xiaode from Second High.

He grinned as he approached Chen Huan, “Teacher Lu, you’re in Huajin, are you going to see Bu Yiyi later?”

“Bu Yiyi?” Chen Huan wasn’t stupid and realized what was going on, “She sang it?”

“So you don’t know yet?” Zhou Bei from Senior High also came over, “Bu Yiyi posted the song you wrote for her last night…Tsk, it’s really a demonic song! I felt like beating someone after hearing it! But I didn’t expect that after a few hours, everyone at school would start to learn how to sing the song and become super popular all of the sudden!”

“Yeah, I just looked at it and the top three spots in Weibo trending are about Bu Yiyi and ‘Thank You For Your Love’.” Shi Zixiong from Monarch School said in shock, “You don’t know about it? Didn’t Bu Yiyi told you about it?”

After their reminder, Chen Huan finally realized he forgot to turn on his phone.

After turning it on, he saw he had dozens of missed calls and they were all from the music industry after they heard ‘Thank You For Your Love’.

There were also hundreds of messages which he will read after he goes back.

Zhou Bei looked at Chen Huan with squinted eyes and said, “Teacher Lu, tell me, the version you gave to Bu Yiyi isn’t the original right? The internet has been discussing it!”

“There’s another version.” Chen Huan confirmed, “But I feel that this version is more down to earth.”

“What down to earth? What a load of bullshit!” A stranger suddenly spoke up.

Everyone was shocked by it and turned toward the source to see a tall and slender teen with glasses.

While Lei Xiaode looked simple and cute with glasses, the other young men had cold eyes and held his head high, filled with arrogance.

“Let’s go back.” Chen Huan only glanced at him before ignoring him, “Will everyone have dinner later? It’s my first time here so I’ll need you to guide me!”


The three students immediately agreed.

When they were outside, all of them came from Zhejiang province so they naturally should stick up for each other.

“I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear?” The student with glass spoke up again, “Or do you have no confidence and don’t dare to reply? Lu Xiaofeng?”

Many people nearby heard what he said.

Shi Zixiong frowned and wanted to say something but Chen Huan replied to him with a smile, “This classmate here, I’ll welcome you if you want to discuss mathematics with me, but in terms of music… you’re worthy to debate whatever issues it has with me.”

You’re not worth it!?

You’re worthy to debate whatever issues it has with me!?

Chen Huan spoke calmly but everyone exclaimed in shock.

But they thought about it, wasn’t that the case?

Who was Teacher Lu Xiaofeng?

He was known as the greatest genius and stood at the pinnacle amongst the songwriters!

Even people like Wang Zhao bow down to him, Tang Yuan and Su Mo all praise him to high heaven, Fu Bufan was even more exaggerated with ‘Our master Lu’.

He even made a nobody peasant be known across the country.

Was there anything wrong for him to say ‘You’re worthy to debate whatever issues it has with me’ to a student?

Although it was a bit arrogant and impolite, who was always a self-disciplined gentleman amongst those musicians?

How could they write great songs like that if they didn’t have a bit of personality?

The face of the student with glasses turned red when he heard that and it was as if it might explode at any time.

His eyes turned extremely aggressive as he stared at Chen Huan like a hungry person and was about to tear apart in the next second.

Chen Huan wasn’t afraid of him at all.

Chen Huan had ‘Big Grappler Hand (Beginner)’ and no problem taking care of 20 weak scholars like him.

Chen Huan would immediately put him to the ground and call daddy as long he dared to rush to him.

Seeing that something was about to happen, the people near them immediately tried to pull them away.

“Let’s leave, let me tell you about the training camp…” Shi Zixiong was taller and stronger so he said to Chen Huan as he pulled him away.

He still stayed a bit behind in case any incident happened so he could block it.

The teacher of the tall glasses student also came over and said, “Enough, Xiao Hao, we should leave. A mathematician doesn’t use their mouths to win. You’re a scientist while the other person  is in the literary circle, you can’t compete against him in that!”

The tall glasses student took a big breath and stared at Chen Huan again before leaving with his teacher.

Although the fight was stopped, everybody knew it was only the beginning.

The winter camp wouldn’t be so peaceful this time with such a clash happening.

“That brat is called Li Naihao and is a genius from Hualing High School from the south. His results were better than ours during the first two training camps.” Shi Zixiong presented to Chen Huan as they walked, “He is also known for being one of the most likely candidates for the six man squad while none of us might even get selected.”

Chen Huan smiled slightly but didn’t comment on it.

In his view, whether Li Naihao was a math genius or not, he wouldn’t be able to compare to him.

Even if he was really better than him, any genius would have to look down when faced with someone who proved ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

No one would be able to challenge him in the field of mathematics as long he proved ‘Fermat’s Theorem’.

Not to mention Li Naihao, even his own Teacher Yu Dingbian and Mr. Chang Guancheng wouldn’t be able to do it either.

Seeing that Chen Huan didn’t share their thoughts, Zhou Bei said, “But then again, Chen Huan came a bit late but according to how you crushed us, you wouldn’t lose out if you competed against him!”

“It wasn’t crushing, it’s just everybody wasn’t familiar with the questions yet.” Chen Huan turned humble again, “I’m not as good as you guys in terms of the basics and theory.”

“Stop it, don’t start being humble here.” Lei Xiaode nearly tripped, “Mathematics skills can’t be faked. You could do the questions and we couldn’t. That’s because we aren’t as good as you. I also hope to see the moment you crush Li Naihao. Right, Teacher Lu, you said there’s another version of ‘Thank You for Your Love’, how about you sing it for us? My brain has been infected by the demonic sound and it needs to be cleansed!”

“Let the hype stay for a bit.” Chen Huan said.

The song just began to gain popularity. Wouldn’t be a waste of his song if he didn’t let it ferment a bit?

Everyone didn’t understand why but they didn’t keep asking.

Teacher Lu was an artist, would it be interesting if the artist explained everything to you?

The same was true for He Qiang.

He had a chance to stop the conflict but chose to stand aside.

Mathematicians also needed to be sharpened.

Chen Huan didn’t like to stand out and conflict so it was rare for him to strike back, which was a good thing.

This conflict would be worth it if it could arouse Chen Huan’s ambition.

That genius from the Hualing High School was nothing to He Qiang’s eyes.

Chen Huan was a genius that could put a twenty point gap to Lei Xiaode.

Although Li Niuhao could beat Lei Xiaode, could he win with such a wide gap?

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