I Know Everything chapter 177

Chapter 177: Demonic Song.

Give her a song!?

“A song?” Bu Yiyi couldn’t help but laugh, “Teacher Lu, don’t you know that my voice is bad and that I didn’t study anything about music?”

“Sister Yiyi, you must have sung in a karaoke before, right? How about you sing a song for me?”


Bu Yiyi didn’t mind it as she started to sing Su Mo’s ‘Crazy Prodigal’. It was a famous song with a fast rhythm. She sang it like an amateur but her voice and breathing was good as she didn’t get out of tune.

“It seems that you are not suitable for serious and deep songs but I can give you a humorous song. It won’t make you a popular singer but it will put some limelight on you.” Chen Huan said, “It can also bring you closer to your fans and you’ll even have more people like you as millions of people start to imitate you.”

“Really?” Bu Yiyi’s eyes lit up.

She was a person who knew how to manage and gain fans very well otherwise she couldn’t gain 50 million followers by just relying on her status as Young Flower Dan.

Chen Huan gave three points, ‘bring you closer to your fans’, ‘more people like you’ and ‘millions of people start to imitate you’. It was something she dreamed of.

“You’ll get what you want if there’s a big incident.” Chen Huan said nonchalantly.

“Alright!” Bu Yiyi slapped Chen Huan’s shoulder in excitement, “Chen Huan, this sister will remember it if it’s really like that!”

Shouldn’t she say, ‘Thank you Teacher Lu?’

Chen Huan perplexed, “When do you want it?”

“Today? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?” Bu Yiyi had stars in her eyes.

“Tomorrow.” Chen Huan replied.

“Okay, you should go to xx hotel at room 1223 tomorrow, I’ll be waiting there.” Bu Yiyi told him of her hotel room number, “You can’t just give me the song, you must also teach me how to sing it the optimal way… even if I’m going to be a clown, it must be a lovable and cute clown!”

What else could Chen Huan say?

She was already prepared to be clowned, this woman really wanted to fly up, just like a hawk!

Han Dong’er compared to her and although they were both 18 years old, one looked like to have 12 years old EQ while the other had 42 years old EQ, completely different.

Chen Huan went to find Shui Qianyu after he got home.

“Xiao Shuishui, let me test your musical talents.” He said in a serious tone.

“Humph.” Shui Qianyu who was doing her homework snorted, “Just say it if you want my help, so childish, is there any point to this?”

“It’s not about that.” Chen Huan shook his head, “I’ll hum a song to you, if you can write the music score after listening to it three times, it means you’re great!”

Shui Qianyu turned her heads toward him and blatantly rolled her big eyes at him.

“No idea what you’re trying to do~~~”

After a moment, Shui Qianyu put down the homework she was doing and took a blank piece of paper, “Bring it on!”

Chen Huan let out a breath of relief and started to hum.

He was helpless about it.

The song he was humming was one that came from his own memory. It wasn’t the few classics he knew by heart but something he could sing along.

He could remember the melody clearly but not the music score.

The few songs he wrote before were all given by the Good Lord and the music score was embedded to his memory so it was alright.

By himself, after days of learning, he could write music scores but it was impossible for him to write a complete one just by some humming.

This required a long period of training and studies and it was definitely not something that could be learned in a few months.

He didn’t dare to have someone help him for this but Shui Qianyu thankfully could help him so he had one less problem to worry about.

No matter how smart Shui Qianyu was, it was impossible for her to know that Chen Huan didn’t even know how to write a score by listening to songs.

Ten minutes later, after several tries, Chen Huan smiled when he saw Shui Qianyu hum the song on the score sheet.

Not bad!

This is it!

Three days later, which was also the New Year’s Eve for 2015, Bu Yiyi posted a video on her Weibo.

“Teacher Lu Xiaofeng wrote a song for me called ‘Thank You For Your Love’ but I feel it’s weird about it. Everyone come hear it and tell me if I should go beat him up? – 0 -“ 

Clicking on the post, Bu Yiyi singing could be heard after a brief period of music.

“Don’t ask me how many people I loved in my lifetime, you don’t understand the depth of my wounds, how deep it is!”

“It’s cruel to peel open the wound, I urge you to not be the one pocking it, for the time being, please retain a bit of affection, retain a bit affection~”

“I don’t like to be alone, but I’m apprehensive about a two-person relationship. This is clearly a kind of pain, aiyo it’s so painful!”

“I was the most silent when many people were around, my smile was also the most lonesome, seeking a wife to love me in this immense world, after I avoided your tender affection, my tears started to fall.”

“You all say it, think of it and should do it, I thank you for your love, I can’t help but exist in your future, the I’m most afraid of is bringing you, unending suffering~~~”

Bu Yiyi sang it again after the end of this passage.

Bu Yiyi got playful when she was done singing and showed the peace sign.

A series of comments came 5 minutes after the video was posted.

“Shocking! Shocking! What kind of song Yiyi is singing!? I’m confused!”

“I don’t know it was but it seems to be… Shuchuan dialect?”

“don’t worry about those things, I feel like I’m listening to some brainwashing demonic song, I can’t, I need to listen to it again!”

“Ditto! I listened to it twice already, at first I thought she was screeching and Teacher Lu was trying to hurt people! But the second time, I suddenly felt that this song is quite nice and full of charisma, especially this bad Yuzhou dialect. It’s uncouth but it makes people unable to stop listening to it!”

“Hahaha! I didn’t know we could use the Shuchuan dialect to sing! It’s so interesting and fun! I instantly laughed the first time I heard it!”

“Shuchuan people thinks this is a godly song! But Yiyi, you still have to go beat up Teacher Lu, he purely made fun of you!”

“I’m a student from a conservatory of Music and ‘Thank You For Your Love’ is definitely a great song! Don’t sing it with Bu Yiyi’s Yuzhou dialect but with the normal mandarin, you should notice the difference right? the lyrics must also be changed a bit otherwise it wouldn’t be able to grasp the song’s charm!”

“Exactly! Teacher Lu, you can’t mistreat our Yiyi like this, hurry up and hand over the normal version of the lyrics! From this demonic sound, you can see that she has the potential to be a singer!”


Bu Yiyi posted that at 9pm when she was going to bed.

She saw 37 missed calls from Wang Xi the moment she woke up.

She called her and heard Wang Xi’s voice before she could say anything, “Yiyi, Yiyi! Go to Weibo! You’re hot now!”

Since when she wasn’t hot?

Bu Yiyi, who just woke up, mumbled some incomprehensible words before going to Weibo.

Trending was on the home page and she saw ‘Bu Yiyi’s demonic song’ at the top spot.

What did that mean?

Bu Yiyi looked at her post and saw that there were 13.43 million comments. 5.8 likes, her followers count increased by 3 million, the post was reposted 1 million times and with 1.3 billion views!


She had many Weibo followers but it had never been so crazy.

Her DM would have exploded if she didn’t close it down.

What the hell is going on?

How could a song that sounded like a child song could attract so much attention? So popular?

Bu Yiyi felt something was wrong so she went back to Weibo homepage and took a closer look at the trending list.

At the second place, “Many netizens imitated Bu Yiyi and sang ‘Thank You For Your Love’.”

Third place, “Heavenly King Zhu Shengyu sang ‘Thank You for Your Love’, too funny!”


Bu Yiyi didn’t expect that the first time she occupied the top 3 trending spot would be because of a song like this.

She remembered what Chen Huan said to her a few days ago.

Chen Huan said that this song would bring her closer to her friends, have millions of people imitate her and bring new fans to her.

Bu Yiyi immediately went to her Weibo after thinking of that.

Sure enough, her followers count increased to 60 million!

Holy shit!

Bu Yiyi could bow down in admiration to Chen Huan right now!

There wasn’t such a big increase in fans even if Tang Yuan got ‘Start Back From Scratch’ or Chen Hao sang ‘Chinese Kung Fu’ for the Chinese New Year.

A genius!

A true genius!

It seemed that she still underestimated his ability before!

It was too impressive for someone to tailor make something and know the results of the work so clearly!

A genius like that, whether he had a connection to Teacher Chu Liuxiang or not, she must stay good friend with him in the future!

She immediately called Chen Huan after thinking that.

But the beep told her that the phone was off.

Bu Yiyi realized that after causing a big sensation, Lu Xiaofeng should be harassed even more now since he was the director behind it?

With ‘Thank You For Your Love’ causing such a buzz, there were probably many singers that were willing to give everything for him to give them a tailor made song!

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