I Know Everything chapter 176

Chapter 176: Try out.

“Hey, shouldn’t you already be returning to Huajing?”

After visiting Grandpa and Grandma at the hospital, Chen Huan saw Bu Yiyi, who was also disguised just like him, waiting at the side of the door.

Bu Yiyi was very good at covering up and there were many people wearing masks in the hospital but her charm and beauty made people glance at her a couple times more.

Sure enough, beautiful women would attract attention wherever they were. Chen Huan’s memory had always been good for beautiful women and she was also staring at him so he could recognize her with a glance.

“Let’s go, we’ll talk in the car.” Bu Yiyi didn’t answer his question and just smoothly invited.


Chen Huan knew it wasn’t a place to talk and they would be encircled soon when Bu Yiyi gets recognized.

Bu Yiyi’s car was in the parking lot nearby.

The car already had the air conditioning on so it was very comfortable.

The car also had a faint fragrance in it. It was fresh and not strong while being unique, just like Bu Yiyi.

Bu Yiyi took off her coat and her graceful figure was very eye- catching. It made Chen Huan look at it subconsciously.

Han Dong’er was indeed much lesser compared to her.

But Han Dong’er style wasn’t like this and would be a bit weird if she was sexy like Bu Yiyi.

Bu Yiyi had the height, appearance and body type that suited her best.

That was why she was a child star and her career went smoothly until now.

Of course, the hardship Bu Yiyi went through to maintain such a figure and body shape wasn’t something people thought of.

There was a saying in the film and television industry, “No pain, no gain”, it was very true.

People thought that being a celebrity was easy and they could just casually have thousands of people like them and make a lot of money. Those people’s thoughts were too naïve and didn’t know about the hard and dark part of the industry.

In terms of acting, it was very difficult for her to obtain the rank of Young Flower Dan and that was why she tried to star in Zhu Mei’s films.

Art movies didn’t make much money but they honed one’s acting skills.

The driver and assistant were of course in the car but at the front.

In the large spacious back seats, there was only Chen Huan and Bu Yiyi.

“Teacher Lu, if you didn’t forget, it seems that you owe me a favor, right?” Bu Yiyi asked with a smile as she handed a bottle of water to Chen Huan.

“How can I forget about it, Sister Yiyi.” Chen Huan gave her a kind smile, “Say it, I’ll do it as long it’s something I can do. We are comrades in arms that went through an ordeal after all!”

“Then please introduce me to Teacher Chu Liuxiang!” Bu Yiyi pleaded with blinking eyes.

“Chu Liuxiang?” Chen Huan was taken aback before he started to laugh, “Sister Yiyi, are you still upset about ‘Love Letter’?”

“Why would I care about past things?” Bu Yiyi calmly replied, “It’s for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.”

“It’s for ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’!”

“Yes!” Bu Yiyi said excitedly, “Although the grown up Yi Yuan had little screen time when she grew up, she still needs good acting skills. It’ll be a good improvement if the part is played well. A person that likes to ride with the trend like me, how can I miss the opportunity?”

Chen Huan nodded slightly.

She never concealed her desire to be renowned.

But none hated Bu Yiyi for it.

Perhaps it was due to her special charm.

“Then I’m sorry. I’ve never met with Chu Liuxiang and can’t help you on this.” Chen Huan said calmly, “You have to ask Aunty Mei about this. She is the one making the movie.”

“Eh, it’s already decided?” Bu Yiyi gave him a surprised look, “How did you know? You still dare to say you don’t know Teacher Chu?”

“Isn’t this something everybody knows?” Chen Huan also replied to her in surprise, “Teacher Chu’s movie, who can have it except Aunty Mei?”

“Stop pretending here.” Bu Yiyi didn’t believe Chen Huan one bit, “When nobody knew how to promote the movie in South Korea, you were the one who went to get the posters and even get the publishers to let everyone knows that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ has the same author as ‘Love Letter’ and this caused a sensation in the country. Are you going to deny this too?”

A smile appeared on her face when she said that, “Or should I call you, Teacher Chu Liuxiang?”

Chen Huan gave a bitter smile when he heard that, “Isn’t this matter already clear? It was all planned by Aunty Mei, I was just running errands and I wasn’t the only one working, everybody worked hard! There’s still a possibility when you said I knew Chu Liuxiang but now you said I’m Chu Liuxiang, this is really unconceivable!”

Fortunately, Zhu Mei was already prepared at the Busan International Film Festival while Ding Lun and Shi Liyou were also brought into the plan so the things Chen Huan did wouldn’t be unexpected.

This was what Chen Huan was holding to it now.

Very few people knew about this anyways. Bu Yiyi wouldn’t speculate like this if she really knew. She only needed to say a word and Chen Huan would surrender.

The editorial in Qiantang Evening News.

This was probably where his identity would be leaked.

Therefore, Chen Huan wasn’t shaken by the probing of this 18 years old Young Flower Dan.

Bu Yiyi’s doubted her belief when she saw Chen Huan’s clear and surprised expression.

After all, it would be really shocking if Lu Xiaofeng was also Chu Liuxiang.

A person could have high achievement in one industry but it was really hard to think that one person could get the top in different fields and industry!

Unless they were a super genius.

Chen Huan was a genius but it was still hard to believe he was a super genius.

Bu Yiyi didn’t insist since she couldn’t probe him out.

She said, “Chen Huan, ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ is about to be finished. Does Director Zhu Mei have any plans to film the movie?”

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ only had 12 million words and should finish in January no matter how much they drag it out.

The plot was about to end as the father would reluctantly send himself to death in order to protect his daughter.

It was unknown how many people yelled on the internet in hope that Teacher Chu would change the tragic ending and that the pair of father and daughter wouldn’t be separated forever.

But ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was that cruel as it pulled on people’s heartstrings.

Anyone with discerning eyes would know that ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was about to end and this book made people crazily read it in China, Korea and Japan. It would definitely be adapted into a movie or TV series.

So people started to get interested in how and when they were shooting the movie.

Bu Yiyi was only one of them as many people were looking for Zhu Mei in hope to be a part of something that would be recorded in history.

Unfortunately, Zhu Mei couldn’t be found at the moment and no news was out.

Her last post on Weibo was to advertise for ‘Life’s Only Love’.

“No one can contact her recently and it’s her who call back.” Chen Huan replied, “But if you see her gather her people, it means that the shooting should soon start.”

“Do I still need to ask you if I saw this?” Bu Yiyi said in dissatisfaction and rolled her eyes at him, “You have to remember to notice me when it happens, you still owe me after all.”


Chen Huan said as he carefully looked at Bu Yiyi.

She looked different from the original actress that played the role. That actress was prettier while she was cuter and beautiful.

But it wasn’t a problem.

The question was if Bu Yiyi acting was good enough otherwise it would be impossible for Chen Huan to give her the role.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’ was destined to be a classic and everything in it should be the best. It shouldn’t be used for favors and other things.

Bu Yiyi felt a bit down after she was rejected so she didn’t notice Chen Huan’s inquisitive look.

“How are you going to repay the favor then?” Bu Yiyi asked boredly.

“How about I give you a song?” Chen Huan said after some thought.

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