I Know Everything chapter 175

Chapter 175: Transaction.

Chen Huan was actually worried that Wei Xi would be unwilling to let go now Han Dong’er got more successful.

Han Dong’er attracted more fans by playing female Fang Shu and her Weibo followers reached 30 million thanks to that.

Then she did great as a judges ‘I Sing My Song’ and took Grandpa Zhao Changshou to win at the end which increased her followers to 40 million and made her a first class celebrity in Weibo.

As a singer in the music world, her Weibo followers surpassed Li Fuer and was about the same level as Yang Dan.

Yang Dan was 26 years old and made her debut 8 years ago, multiple years more than Han Dong’er.

At this rhythm, it’ll be a year or two before Han Dong’er become the leader figure amongst the small empress.

If Wei Xi used their previous relationship and begged Han Dong’er to stay, it would be likely for her to stay for another album and year or two.

But this would delay Han Dong’er.

The network, distribution ability and overall strength of Yongren Studio weren’t enough to support Han Dong’er.

On the contrary, Han Dong’er would have to carry Yongren Studio forward.

How hard would it be?!

Chen Huan definitely didn’t want Han Dong’er to waste two years like this even if she wasn’t even 19 years old yet.

It saved Chen Huan quite a bit of effort if Wei Xi was taciturn.

“Tell me, what do you want.” Chen Huan didn’t want to beat around the bush with him anymore.

Chen Huan knew Wei Xi wasn’t a saint bow he acted before so he must want something in return.

Wei Xi wasn’t surprised at how calm Chen Huan was and he wasn’t a fool to treat him as an ordinary 16 years old.

“I have two requests.” Wei Xi said with sincerity, “The first one is to please give Han Dong’er two more songs so her album could sell better and I can get more money and better reputation from it.”


Chen Huan agreed to it and thought this guy was really straightforward and didn’t even try to cover it.

But such honesty refreshed Chen Huan as speaking the condition directly made a better discussion while beating around the bush wasn’t a conductive talk.

Wei Xi didn’t even try to be cunning in front of Chen Huan as he continued, “The second is that I hope you can make a song for my newly signed singer Zhuo Xiaofeng, preferably a tailor made one that could shoot her to stardom… like ‘Tolerance’.”

Speaking of ‘Tolerance’ from Guan Yili, most people felt jealous of him.

Guan Yili and Ning Wu had made a lot of money with just that song alone.

Tens of millions of download dividends was like easy money.

In the last two months, Guan Yili had been in seven music programs and did 30 commercial performances. He earned around 10 million and his popularity soared.

It was as if he was guaranteed to become the next small emperor, how could the other not be jealous?

Such a popular singer and future small emperor was just a bar singer three months ago that no company wanted and was being mocked for only being able to sing women’s songs, wasn’t that funny?

The terrifying thing was Teacher Lu pushed a no name singer to the top with just a song.

The song ‘Tolerance’ had been analyzed and covered by many people on various occasions but the requirements were strict as not many people could sing it well.

Only Guan Yili with his high pitched voice and similar to a woman could sing it so sweetly and beautifully. It was an unique talent.

This was the huge advantage of a tailor made song!

Guan Yili wouldn’t be as famous if it wasn’t for that.

It just happened that Zhuo Xiaofeng had a very characteristic voice. She had a small frame but her treble was very powerful and melodious which gave out a big contrast.

Such a unique characteristic was a very good selling point and popularity.

That was why Wei Xi chose Zhuo Xiaofeng instead of others.

Otherwise, Ling Ruiyan would have been a better choice as his songs were easier to find and he was more famous.


Chen Huan agreed.

Wei Xi’s eyes widened.

He thought he would have to bargain extensively and even have Han Dong’er intervene for it.

He didn’t expect Chen Huan to agree so easily to the two requests.

The first one wasn’t that difficult since Chen Huan was sure to help Han dong’er.

Since he helped Zhao Changshou, how could Chen Huan not help the women he liked?

But agreeing to the second one was weird!

He did it so fast too!

It was unbelievable!

“Why?” Wei Xi stuttered.

“Because you know your place.” Chen Huan smiled and the smiling him was incredibly handsome, “I like to deal with people who know their places and I won’t be stingy with you since you know yours.”

Wei Xi felt fear and his heart getting agitated when he saw the smile that could make hundreds of millions of fans scream.

He was only 16 years old!

How could a 16 years old be that mature?

His reputation for the outside world was one of a super kind person who was always willing to help.

Who knew he would reveal such a side of him in times like this?

Wei Xi felt like it would be better to have less contact with people like that if it wasn’t for the interest being huge.

Because it was too much pressure.

“The 2 million price tag doesn’t change and I’ll be able to give it to you in a few days.” Chen Huan said, “If there’s nothing else, you should go back and prepare for Han Dong’er album! I hope the album does well and that she could leave Yongren Studio with her head raised high.”

“This is also my wish.” Wei Xi said with a smile, “Thank You Teacher Lu!”

He obviously needed to thank Lu Xiaofeng.

He would have doubts about the quality of the songs if it was someone else that said they would make a song in a few days but it would definitely be good since it was Lu Xiaofeng who said so.

The others were all trying to ride on the popularity of ‘I Sing My Song’ but none would have thought that he would be the first one to do it.

Zhuo Xiaofeng could rely on this song and be renowned across the country like Guan Yili. He definitely would be able to make a high quality album for her as long she was a rising star singer.

Chen Huan couldn’t help but smile bitter as he watched Wei Xi leave.


He just got a song from completing Zhao Changshou’s mission but he didn’t expect to use it so soon.

He planned to use it for Han Dong’er new album.

But he had to write a song for Zhuo Xiaofeng now.

He could obviously drag it for multiple months but he didn’t like to owe people.

Moreover, he still had the rewards from ‘Life’s Only Love’ coming soon and there should definitely be a song from that.

However, Chen Huan still had a headache because Han Dong’er wanted to make an album and Chen Huan should at least contribute three songs.

A women’s song, especially one that suited Han Dong’er cold voice, Chen Huan only remembered one and that was thanks to his girlfriend who loved to go to karaoke.

But Chen Huan felt it was a shame to use on the album that would be produced by Yongren Studio.

It should have been used as the cherry on top after she joined a big company and was preparing to make an epic album.

It was an important weapon Chen Huan prepared for Han Dong’er when she wanted to rise to the rank of empress so he couldn’t carelessly use it!

So, he would use as many rewards from the Good Lord as possible for the three planned songs.

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