I Know Everything chapter 174

Chapter 174: Boss Wei is getting anxious!

There was no doubt that the next few days, Zhao Changshou’s album ‘Life’s Only Love’ sales would continue to rise whether it was online or hard copies.

The momentum was obviously not as scary as the first day but the terrifying sale of 5 million downloads and 220k hard copies sold in a week was similar to what would be expected from an emperor or empress.

The achievements in the recent years by the emperor and empress were even less impressive than what ‘Life’s Only Love’ did.

With the hard copies shares shrinking so much, the appearance of an album like that gave hope to numerous musicians.

After all, more people would invest in the industry if it could make money and that in turn would further develop the industry.

Receiving the dividend for songs online could be slow or fast but it would obviously be very fast for big name celebrities.

Lan Kai went to discuss it with them this time and his status as the golden producer was very useful. So the first payment for the online sales arrived temporarily in Tang Yuan’s account.

Everyone originally wanted first to put it in Zhao Changshou’s account but he refused no matter what as he said he would panic if he saw that much money so they could only put on the most famous Tang Yuan account.

Tang Yuan’s net worth was in the hundreds of millions of yuan and he certainly wouldn’t care about this kind of money. Moreover, Tang Yuan had a good reputation and was loyal so he wouldn’t embezzle the money even if he was penniless.

After everyone had discussed it in their chat group, they first took out 1 million from it and handed it over to the First Provincial Hospital so they could quickly start the treatment on Grandma without further delay.

They didn’t have to worry about anything with that sum money.

In fact, Chen Huan slowly withdrew from the project and handed it all over to Tang Yuan and his agent so they could take care of it.

The donation was also handed over to them to take care of.

Tang Yuan actually wanted Chen Huan to trouble him more so he could have priority for the latest songs.

He knew that guy Brother Sheng had ulterior motives as he wanted to buy the two songs ‘Restless Heart’ and ‘Laughter From the Sea’ by using the opportunity from coming there to make the soundtrack.

Fortunately, Teacher Lu didn’t agree.

‘Restless Heart’ was given to Fu Bufan as a thank you for his contribution this time.

Wang Zhao didn’t want anything but Chen Huan still gave him three toasts on the second night of the album release. This was already a very good gesture for the entertainment industry that didn’t have much literati.

Not to mention that Wang Zhao always admired Chen Huan’s musical talent and that was further increased when he listened to ‘Laughter From the Sea’.

Chen Huan thanking him this way made him happier than receiving 3 million yuan.

But it was a pity that Teacher Lu didn’t sell ‘Laughter From the Sea’ to anyone as he said in the feast that nobody could sing it better than the Grandpa.

Teacher Lu would only sell it if such a person appeared in the future.


This kind of headstrong mentality was really commendable!

Changing the subject.

Chen Huan would often miss classes when he was making the album.

He Qiang couldn’t stand Chen Huan continuing wasting his talents on some boring singing industry so he would have Chen Huan do some Olympiad level questions sent by Yu Dingbian after school every day.

These question wasn’t a problem for the current Chen Huan but there were too many so he could only dizzily go home after 7pm.

But Chen Huan didn’t blame He Qiang at all.

Because Chen Huan would go to the Olympiad Winter Camp in Huajin for a few days to study with geniuses according to Yu Dingbian arrangements.

He Qiang was worried that Chen Huan’s foundation was too weak and would be crushed by those geniuses so he hurriedly tried to strengthen Chen Huan.

Chen Huan couldn’t just tell him that those geniuses were no threat to him since he had ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’.

Furthermore, Chen Huan and Professor Devries had been exchanging emails for the past two months. He had a deeper understanding of the abstract logic from mathematics and was one step closer to the concept of mathematics.

So Chen Huan was certainly superior to the geniuses in China.

There was also no Australian Chinese genius comrade Tao.

Comrade Tao was an unborn genius in this world as Chen Huan didn’t find any genius like him.

‘Life’s Only Love’ was very popular and Grandma Jiang Hui’s treatment smoothly began so everyone that was involved in it slowly went back to their life and work.

After the experience of being a judge and judging the 64 contestants, Han Dong’er seemed to be inspired so Sun Yan started to contact people that Han Dong’er wanted to make songs.

Wei Xi, the owner of Yongren Studio who had been staying in Lin’an for half a month, almost cried in joy when he heard it.

He had waited for more than two years and thought he would have to wait even more before she would complete her last album.

But happiness suddenly came to him.

Wei Xi was really looking forward to that happiness.

Because Han Dong’er and Lu Xiaofeng were good friends but with the information he got from Sun Yan, those two were definitely not just simple friends!

No shit.

Would a simple friend make Teacher Lu endlessly write songs for Zhou Changshou?

Just because Han Dong’er requested it?

Even if Han Dong’er was ‘Facial paralysis fairy’ and ‘Dorky’, there were people more beautiful than her in the country. How many women would throw themselves at Teacher Lu if he called for them?

Therefore, Teacher Lu liked her and that was why he hurriedly took out songs for Zhao Changshou.

Just think about those five godly songs!

Wei Xi would try to get them if it wasn’t for the fact he didn’t have any male singer under his label!

Now that Han Dong’er was going to make her own album, how could the man who likes her not take out a few songs for her?

If that was the case, wouldn’t he make a fortune out of Han Dong’er album?

Besides, there was still Zhuo Xiaofeng behind and Han Dong’er seemed wanting to leave, wouldn’t it be fair for her to gift her boss something for treating her so well these past few years?

That’s right.

This was Wei Xi’s most important condition to persuade Zhuo Xiaofeng to sign for his company.

He needed at least one classic made by Teacher Lu and then got five or more songs by first class songwriters so he could polish Zhuo Xiaofeng. It was only by doing that he could obtain the right to produce Zhuo Xiaofeng’s next two albums.

It wasn’t hard for him to hire a first class songwriter as Wei Xi had been in close contacts with the industry since he was a singer to begin with. He would definitely be able to get it since he had the funds.

The one he couldn’t guarantee was Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s song.

Since his debut with ‘Mama Do You Remember’, he never wrote any songs for girls and he also doesn’t write many songs either.

The famous producer Xiao Yan called him personally before but he categorically refused.

Tang Yuan asked to buy songs from him and it was already made songs but he was also rejected multiple times.

Zhuo Xiaofeng would naturally feel she wasn’t at loss if she could get a song tailored for her.

Moreover, Wei Xi only signed her for three albums at most and it would be completed in three to five years. At that time, Zhuo Xiaofeng would still be less than 27 years old and have plenty of time in front of her so she wasn’t afraid of wasting her time here.

Zhuo Xiaofeng didn’t doubt Wei Xi.

It was written in black and white on the contract they signed.

Moreover, she wasn’t Li BI or Jin Guwei so other companies wouldn’t be able to give her condition that good.

As Han Dong’er was destined to leave, she would be the face of Yongren Studio so they would put all their resources on her.

The top singer in a small studio was very different from an ordinary singer from a big studio.

Then Han Dong’er had a very good relationship with Lu Xiaofeng and Wei Xi was Han Dong’er’ boss so getting a song from Lu Xiaofeng shouldn’t be a problem.

Her album would definitely sell well if she had a song from Teacher Lu and it would be a renowned song. In the future, she would be like those old singers that rely on their classic to sing for their entire life.

But Zhuo Xiaofeng didn’t expect Wei Xi to be an empty handed snake that deceived Zhuo Xiaofeng to sign her the contract first before thinking about anything else.

Wei Xi’s idea was similar to Zhuo Xiaofeng as he was going to shamelessly use Han Dong’er to ask Chen Huan for a song.

He was very optimistic about Zhuo Xiaofeng.

Zhuo Xiaofeng was small but she looked very cute with a distinctive voice and large lung capacity. She could sing difficult songs without ever having her voice break.

A female singer like her was the best for live performance.

Letting her go into concert and commercial performance after she became famous would definitely be good.

Han Dong’er didn’t participate in any commercial performance or concert and that made Wei Xi inwardly angry for a long time.

Now he wasn’t that stupid as all of Zhuo Xiaofeng’s agent rights were in his hands so he would accept all the profitable show, the more, the better.”

He wouldn’t stop until he earned at least 30-50 million from Zhuo Xiaofeng.

But all of that had a prerequisite.

It was that Wei Xi could obtain a song from Lu Xiaofeng for Zhuo Xiaofeng, preferably a tailor made one.

Wei Xi already prepared for this.

So the first thing he said to Chen Huan when he met him was this, “I won’t ask Han Dong’er to renew her contract after her second is done. The three major record companies are better for her development so they give her enough resources to help her become the third Empress! Teacher Lu don’t worry, I’ll never become an obstacle to her!”

Chen Huan was pleased when he heard that.

This guy was very self-aware.

I like people like that!

Han Dong’er had been in the Yongren Studio for two years and the conditions were pretty average.

It wasn’t that Wei Xi didn’t work hard, in fact he tried his best to help Han Dong’er.

But he didn’t have the resource to compete against the other big companies.

For example, when they competed for the endorsement of a big brand and they had to choose a singer.

Han Dong’er had good conditions but it couldn’t compete against the vast network and strength of the three major record companies.

If they wanted a small empress, wouldn’t Yang Dan also work? Wouldn’t Li Fuer also work? Wouldn’t those idol singers also work?

The difference wasn’t big enough!

So the advertisement company would choose someone else instead of Han Dong’er.

There were also Weibo presence and exposure in various magazines etc…

Therefore, Han Dong’er decline in popular wasn’t entirely because she was a low key person but because she wasn’t being supported by a big company!

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