I Know Everything chapter 173

Chapter 173: Soaring to the sky.

Under those circumstances, on December 22 Monday, Zhao Changshou’s ‘Life’s Only Love’ was officially released at the three major music websites. A large amount of people poured in to buy it and that almost crashed the server.

1000 downloads, 10000 downloads, 100000 downloads.

There were more than 100k sales for the album in just an hour!

The results surprised everyone!

One should know that the price of the album was 5 yuan and was more than the 1 yuan for a single which was not only 4 yuan but a 500% of the regular price.

It was easy for people to download a song for 1 yuan but they would reconsider it if they saw 500% of the regular price even if there were 10 songs in it.

That was why Su Mo, one of the three Emperors, last year’s album ‘Cupid Arrow’, only sold 6.5 million online last year!

That was Su Mo!

He was the tender small emperor 20 years ago but amassed 100 millions of fans after 20 years of hard work!

And he only had 6.5 million downloads in a year, not to mention the rest.

Fu Bufan debut album ‘My Beginning’ 3 million online sales were enough to give him the status of small emperor.

Zhao Changshou ‘Life’s Only Love’ reached 100k downloads in an hour and the peak sales should be around 6 to 10 pm so it was estimated that it may reach 1 million in a day.

Sure enough, ‘Life Only Love’ reached 1 million downloads at midnight which was extremely terrifying!

But the most surprising thing wasn’t the online sale of the album.

The National Recording Association posted the online sales statistics the next morning.

Zhou Changshou.

‘Life’s Only Love’

December 22 sold 83300 copies.

Holy shit!

The people couldn’t help but swear when they saw those famous Weibo celebrities repost this new.

People could say that the online sale was that high because of the endorsement of many celebrities but the offline physical album sales wasn’t something that celebrities could influence!

For example, Su Mo again.

Su Mo’s ‘Cupid Arrow’ from last year only sold 133k copies after a whole year and was the best physical album sale of last year!

In simpler terms.

In the current hard copy album era, only famous singers could sell around 50k in a year and the small emperor and empress could only sell around 100k in a year.

Only emperor and empress could sell more than 100k hard copies in a year.

Zhao Changshou sold 83300 copies in a day and that number was already at the status of a small emperor.

I Am The King Of Karaoke teasingly said, “Grandpa became a small emperor on the first day and an emperor the next day. He’s the fastest rising singer in the world!”

Many people couldn’t believe this result.

But all sales were recorded in the network now so the result wasn’t fake.

With Zhao Changshou status and background, it was also impossible for someone else to buy thousands of albums with his own money to slap his own face until it looked like a pig.

It had happened before as some new singers had a few ten thousands of copies at once.

That person became a laughing stock.

Zhao Changshou’s current results were extremely high and even emperors couldn’t compare to him, what was the reason for this?

The Weibo celebrity One Meter, who was usually very impartial, posted something about this.

“According to my understanding after reviewing various data and surveys, I found out that it was mostly elderly people who bought the hard copies of the album or people who bought for the elders at home. The elderly don’t know how to download the copy online and also preferred to listen to music by using CD.”

“Moreover, this number is far from the end as the reasons as the number was less than 100k was because they only prepared 200k copies in total to be slowly sold so remaining 100k wasn’t sent to the shops yet. The other reason was because the album was sold out in major city and the medium cities still have a bit.”

“According to the optimistic opinion of the various music shops, ‘Life Only Love’ is likely to break the threshold of 1 million and become the biggest black horse in the past five years!”

That post became the most trending post on Weibo for that day.

There were countless people who commented below the post.

“He’s right! Uncle Meter is really impartial! I bought a hard copy for grandfather and I also bought five more for his friends in the suburb!”

“My dad liked Zhao Changshou ‘Start Back From Scratch’ since the beginning so I bought an album for him when I came back home and he listened to it for two to three hours straight! I felt my heart ache when I saw him cry as he listened to it.”

“My family has a music shop and these times all the singers rely on numbers and fans to get on the top. It will be already good if each of them sells ten or twenties in our shop. This is also true for Tang Yuan, Su Mo, Zhu Shengyu, Zhou Jing and Xu Ping. But for Zhao Changshou’s album, we’ve already sold 10 of them out and some people already ordered for 20 more and paid so I can only call them to send me more.”

“I don’t know if the hard copy industry will be rejuvenated again but many people will feel nostalgic for Zhao Changshou’s album so it will definitely explode in popularity!”

“My heart aches for Momo. His album sold 133k hard copies last year and already surpassed 150k copies this year but it is uncertain if it will reach 200k.”

“So what?! Prince Su Mo gets 10 million for a concert, 1 million just to sing a song so he earns much more money by doing that than selling albums, Grandpa can’t compare to him at all!”

“Stop saying that bullshit! Our Uncle Mo never liked to do those concerts and boring commercial performances! He only did this before when he wasn’t set yet!”


Chen Huan didn’t expect such results to be honest.

He thought selling a total of 10 million copies online was already a very good result.

10 million copies sold were 50 million yuan. According to the price negotiated by Lan Kai and Tang Yuan, the major websites would only take a 30% cut. They would take 50% for ordinary singers, 30% for small emperors or empresses and 20% or even 10% when one was an emperor or empress.

Because at the status of an emperor or empress, letting those websites sell their album was like giving them a favor.

They would be shamed and lose status if they didn’t get the right to sell those songs and albums on their websites.

The net income was 35 million but after the taxes and various expanse, the 20% for Grandpa should be around 3 million.

It would definitely be enough.

The Grandpa would be able to have a comfortable life if they sold a hundred or two hundred thousand hard copies that would give him a few hundred thousand yuan.

But he never expected that it would sell 2 million copies online and 83300 hard copies!

This was like flying to the sky!

He was confident in his songs as it was songs that could touch many people and the songs from Tang Yuan, Wang Zhao and Fu Bufan weren’t bad at all either as they completed and suited the album well.

But Chen Huan didn’t have much confidence in this era of internet and piracy.

Would Su Mo sell so little if it was that easy to sell?

Just like other people said, it’s Su Mo we’re talking about!

Compared to Tang Yuan, Su Mo conquered everybody under 50 years old and was called God Su!

How could Chen Huan overestimate himself when Su Mo had reached such a point?

But the facts were in front of Chen Huan.

‘Life’s Only Love’ was really soaring to heaven!

What he had to do now was to quickly call the CD factory to focus all their effort into making more albums.

“Making 200k copies again? No! Just straight up produce 1 million copies!”

“Brother Kai, please tell them that I’ll buy it if they don’t sell after they make it!”

“Right! Immediately contact the major retailers and say we’ll have the product soon, let them freely make as much reservation as possible!”

“The TV, internet and magazines advertisements, have them keep up… okay, Director Hua, don’t be afraid to spend money! We’re creating a miracle here!”

“Brother Yuan, did you thank Brother Mo for me? Okay, I know, call me the next time you drink together, I’ll give him a toast, he’s very righteous!”

“Sister Bu, my dear sister, you’re followers are too scary, tell them to calm down! Let’s be humble and not cry it out so loudly, just tell them to support it and it’ll be enough! Okay, okay, I’ll owe you one, I’ll definitely keep my words!”

“Sun Yan, what’s the matter? Oh, Wei Xi wants to see me? Let him wait, I’m busy and don’t have time, I can’t care about that much! Maybe in a few days. Right, you can’t let him force Dong’er to do it, this guy is still so snobbish.”


Shui Qianyu couldn’t but smile slightly when she saw Chen Huan energetically talk on the phone non-stop.

The Chen Huan who was busily talking on the phone was really night and day compared to the timid and silent Chen Huan from before!

She preferred this enlightened idiot better.

However, this brat was so crazily busy that he was on the phone for more than three hours and he already used two power banks!

It could also be said that the miracle he was creating was like a fairy tale.

It was also a bit funny.

She also heard him sigh multiple times and said how much money was leaving him and how hurt he was.

Only people like her parents and her could hear the ‘Righteous and Kind’ Sister Xiaofeng utter such vulgar things.

But she thought that this kind of Chen Huan was more real!

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