I Know Everything chapter 172

Chapter 172: Celebrities’ fans.

The news couldn’t be contained anymore.

The three major music websites of China, Kuku, Xiaxia and Beidou all released the news at the same time. 

Zhao Changshou’s only album ‘Life’s Only Love’ would be officially released on Monday, December 22.

In addition, the bookstore and music shop around the major cities had put posters of Zhao Changshou and his album ‘Life’ Only Love’ at their entrance.

The date was also set at December 22.

Many envied and were hostile to Lu Xiaofeng, especially after the old man Zhao Changshou knocked people away on his path to victory, those people instantly started to complain.


“Why do you suddenly want money after getting famous?”

“Exactly! I feel annoyed when I look at him now! What’s up with this? You actually want to make money now?”

“He was used to hard times, so now there’s a rare opportunity to make money, how can he not take it?”

“Lu Xiaofeng is the same, I thought he was really indifferent to fame and fortune but he greedy came out now!”

“I hope that their album will not sell well! Who does he think he is? Just an old man, who will buy it?”


This campaign started to spread rapidly so the people who supported the Grandpa a few days ago and those who supported Lu Xiaofeng couldn’t hold it anymore.

“The old man had a hard life and his wife is in a wheelchair. Is it a bad thing to earn money to improve their life? He’s a scum just because he earns money with his effort without stealing and robbing? Go fuck yourself!”

“I can only laugh. When your Li Bi, Jin Guwei or Ling Ruiyun is going to release their album… you’ll jump in joy and couldn’t wait to buy it as soon as possible! Grandpa is the champion of ‘I Sing My Song’, why can’t he make an album?”

“Who stipulated that he can’t make an album? Songs like Sister Xiaofeng’s great songs, if you don’t buy a hard copy to collect and download it to repeatedly replay it, how can it be worth it for those heaven sent songs?”

“These people’s attitudes are so disgusting! Commercialization is a normal thing, unless you stop making money anymore when you have money? If you’re so great, why do you take a salary when you work?”

“Tsk, why are you caring about these trolls? They are just jealous! Release an album if you have the skills and see if anyone is willing to buy it! Anyways, I’ll download the album and there are even four songs in it that I’ve never heard before!”


The people who supported it and opposed it were fighting on the internet in full swing for a while and the noise had reached many people on the internet.

It was at that moment that another vague post came in.

Emperor Su Mo took the initiative to talk about this matter during an interview, “I think some people are making a big deal of a small thing. Grandpa Zhao Changshou releasing an album is a good thing for the music industry! How could it be a bad thing with so many good songs in it? I will definitely buy one and I’m looking forward to the studio version of Teacher Lu’s songs!”

He wasn’t someone that had contact with Chen Huan but he just wanted to speak up against something unfair.

Then more celebrities started to speak up.

“I’ve heard Grandpa’s ‘Chinese Kung Fu’ before, it’s very powerful and good! I’m very busy so I couldn’t release my own version yet! So I hope everyone will support Grandpa Zhao Changshou’s album first! Ignore the gossip on the Internet! My fans will definitely not be fooled by these malicious rumors, right?” Movie superstar, Chen Huan.

“I can use the reputation that I gained for my entire life to assure the people that things aren’t what you imagine to be. Grandpa is a great person and Teacher Lu is even greater than what you imagined! We don’t need to talk about selling the album, but if we talk about the quality, there’s no doubt this is the best album in the past ten years! This is what I said and you can find me if you’re not convinced.” Music industry Big Brother Tang Yuan.

“I heard it and liked it a lot. Then I asked Teacher Chu Liuxiang about it and he told me that he also liked the songs. I think if you are a fan of Teacher Chu, you should choose like your favorite author, go support ‘Life’s Only Love’ instead of being misled by malicious comments.” Famous director Zhu Mei.

“People should do something meaningful in their lifetime. My music fans, you can totally support ‘Life’s Only Love’, it will not disappoint you.” Small emperor Fu Bufan.

“This is the best album we have made and we played the instruments accompaniment, it felt great!” Meng Wusheng the lead singer of Steed.

“’Life’s Only Love’ is an artwork that has a lot of heart, please support!” Small empress Han Dong’er.

“Don’t care about those boring people. My movie fans, I have witnessed the production of this album since the beginning and everyone involved in it are the best in the industry. You’ll regret it later if you don’t buy it!” Young Flower Dan Bu Yiyi.

“I like the song ‘Good Man’ and it’s the most suitable song for our TV series. ‘Life’s Only Love’ is a very good album and everyone please listen to it before giving your review, also don’t say anything lightly!” Kang Xiangjun, one of the leading actors in ‘Water Margin’ and one of the biggest actors in TV series.

“I’ll buy Grandpa Zhao Changshou’s album as soon as it comes out, how about you guys?” Xie Hou, one of the leading actors in ‘Water Margin’.

“Roses are red and violets are blue, it’s best if we repeatedly replay ‘Life’s Only Love’, you guys will buy it with me, right?” Fang Siyun, one of the main characters in ‘Water Margin’ and also a big actress in the TV series industries.


In addition to this group of superstars, there were also many other actors and singers that praised it in order to follow the trend and ride with the waves.

In a blink of an eye, almost one-third of the entertainment industry was involved and they were all praising it and speaking positively of it.

This showed the power of Teacher Lu, Tang Yuan, Su Mo, Chen Hao, Han Dong’er, Bu Yiyi…

The accumulated Weibo followers of those superstars were at 800 million.

Although many of those 800 million followers overlapped, there were still at least 200 million people.

Those 200 million people were basically 60% of the people using the internet.

Not to mention that Zhu Mei pointed out that Teacher Chu Liuxiang liked it very much.

Su Mo, who had 100 million Weibo followers, once said that if Teacher Chu Liuxiang opened a Weibo account, he would definitely have more fans than himself and himself would be one of his fans.

Zhu Mei was recognized as a good friend of Chu Liuxiang so what she said should be true.

At least a few millions of Chu Liuxiang’s fans would be interested in it.

No matter how unique Teacher Chu Liuxiang’s taste was, it wouldn’t be something bad.

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