I Know Everything chapter 171

Chapter 171: Earning Quick Buck.

In the next few days, the aftermath of ‘I Sing My Song’ slowly happened.

The first to sign a contract were Yu Chenghan and Zhuo Xiaofen.

Both of them were students from China Conservatory of Music and were very popular. Zhuo ranked fifth while Yu Chenghan ranked sixth.

All the song sung by Yu Chenghan was made and composed by himself and he would be the most creative singer in ‘I Sing My Song’ if it wasn’t for the sudden appearance of Chen Huan.

Because of this, the small emperor Zhao Zifeng appreciated him greatly but Yanhuang Music couldn’t sign him due to various reasons such type and location, Zhao Zifeng recommended that he sign a three years two albums contract with Phoenix Record. The condition and clauses of the contract were also very good.

Zhuo Xiaofen was even more enviable as she sign with Yongren Studio.

Zhuo Xiaofen didn’t get a high place as she ended fifth but she had a beautiful voice. It was very high and smooth, many musicians commented about it and appreciated it greatly.

She had many choices but the program team promised Wei Xi to let him choose a singer in the top 20 in exchange for Han Dong’er coming into the show as a judge.

It was precisely because she joined that Lu Xiaofeng gave his full support to Zhao Changshou, which resulted ‘I Sing My Song’ having its best season ever.

‘I Sing My Song’ reached a rating of 2.33% for its finale and completely surpassed the 1.56% from ‘Happy Days’. It became the well-deserved king of variety show this year.

With results like that and Zhao Changshou becoming a model of this era, the leaders of Zhejiang TV were overjoyed for two months and greatly appreciated the program team.

How could they not agreed to Wei Xi’s request after receiving so much benefit.

Therefore, they didn’t let the other buy off Zhuo Xiaofen’s contract and only Wei Xi could buy it.

Zhuo Xiaofen was obviously not happy about it.

However, after Wei Xi met with her in person, she immediately changed her mind and was happy during the signing announcement with Yongren Studio. Wei Xi obviously gave her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

The future of the top 4 contestants naturally gathered the most interest.

Needless to say that Grandpa Zhao Changshou had stated he would participate in any commercial performances anymore when he won the competition and the majors companies also gave up on him due to his age.

The fourth ranked vagabond Ling Ruiyun actually signed with Totem Music and it was also the company where Su Mo and Zhao Zifeng belonged. The song Fu Bufan wrote for him was also bought by Totem Music.

The third place Jin Guwei had a very high commercial value and could be said to the male with the highest value in the show so he was signed by Yanhuang Music during these times.

It was said that Zhejiang TV not only had a high buyout fee for Jin Guwei, Yanhuang Music also gave him a signing fee up to 7 digits. For a student that haven’t graduated yet, he really rose quickly in his career.

The one that surpassed Jin Guwei, Li Bi’s performance at the finals really stunned countless people. This kind of girl that had the potential to become a small empress caused all the record companies to pursue her in hope to snatch her away.

In fact, Wei Xi wanted to sign Li Bi but he thought about his resource and ability before he finally gave up bitterly.

Li Bi’s contract was sold for a sky high price of 10 million to the largest record company in China, Phoenix Record.

At the finals, Tang Yuan already knew about her signing with them but didn’t say anything about it.

Phoenix Record acted very fast as they announced after signing Li Bi and Yu Chenghan that they would release a single within a month for the two and their first album within three months.

This was striking the iron while it was hot.

They wanted to harvest the fans’ wallet before their popularity drop.

As for whether they could survive the probation period and soar up to the top or fail miserably, it would depend on their work and time.

Competition in the music industry was very cruel.

Many newcomers debut every year but many people also fall off from trending to anonymity.

Only those that could survive for a few years could be considered as popular.

Small emperor and empress had to have great results to guarantee their place.

They wouldn’t have to worry anymore when they reached the status as emperor and empress as their fans were spread over three age groups so they didn’t have to worry about people not supporting them. Fans in their fifties and sixties could still go to the concerts and scream much less support the emperor or empress.

People were wondering about Yu Chenghan and Li Bi’s single and wondered if it was the song they used at the final but surprising news suddenly came out.

“Zhao Changshou, the champion of ‘I Sing My Song’, will release his only album!”


Didn’t Zhao Changshou said he wouldn’t do any commercial performance? Didn’t he say he’ll go home after winning the competition?

Why was he releasing an album?

But then people thought about it and realized Grandpa wasn’t wrong. He said he wouldn’t do any commercial performance but it didn’t include an album, right?

More news was release right after that.

“It’s rumored that in Grandpa’s album, in addition to the studio version of Teacher Lu’s six songs, it also had several first-class songwriters to complete the set. The various production level are great and the sound effect seems to be extremely good!”– Modern Holmes.

“Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s song will be the main part while Teacher Wang Zhao and Fu Bufan will cooperate to write two songs and the big brother of the music scene Tang Yuan personally came forward and invited several songwriters to write two more songs according to the characteristics of Zhao Changshou’s voice. The top domestic golden producer Lan Kai would act as the producer and even the famous band Steed will come. How can we not look forward to Grandpa new album now? I absolutely recommend to buy the unique album in Grandpa Zhao Changshou’s career.” – I’m King Of Karaoke.

“Yes, Grandpa and the judges, Teacher Lu and the others want to present the purest music album to everyone so they had been working very hard to record the album. I believe it won’t be long before everybody can listen to it!” ‘I Sing My Song’ director Hua Zhongpu said in an interview.

It confirmed it since Hua Zhongpu spoke up.

It proved that Zhao Changshou’s album was already in production and it wasn’t just some rumors.

Many music fans exclaimed in shock when heard the news.

Many people were happy about it as they finally could collect a good album and souvenir.

But more people expressed their incomprehension.

The Grandpa also learned to make a quick buck?!

Teacher Lu, Tang Yuan and the others were also in it!?

No way!

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