I Know Everything chapter 170

Chapter 170: Acclaimed by the Nation.

Everyone started to work now that they decided to make an album.

Chen Huan called Meng Wusheng, Zhou Pu and Chen Hai to tell them about the album and that it would come out soon.

Chen Hao cared the least as he wanted the song not to make money from an album but to consolidate his image as a Kung Fu superstar in the mind of everyone.

Chen Hao not only agreed to it after hearing the in and out of the matter but also promised that he would help advertise it when the album came out.

Chen Hao’s contacts and popularity in the entertainment industry was much bigger than that of Tang Yuan. The album would be able to attract millions of people with his shout out.

Meng Wusheng, that bought ‘Good Man’, understood it and said that his band would come over for half an month and help them with the soundtrack so they could also save the money for the soundtrack.

He said this in a humble tone.

‘Steed’ wasn’t a super popular band but they were still ranked amongst the top five in the country and they had 20 years of experience in the music industry. Having them to help in the soundtrack and accompaniment was really other singer couldn’t get.

This was really a big favor.

Chen Huan also understood Meng Wusheng was trying to repaid him for withstanding the pressure of Tang Yuan and give him ‘Good Man’.

At first, Chen Huan thought he would need to develop more network but he didn’t expect for it to be useful so quickly.

It seemed that good people really get rewarded.

They originally need people for this but a good band could reduce the time needed and get better sound so Chen Huan obviously wouldn’t refuse the help.

It was just that they had to arrange various things for when the band come over so it could only be done by Uncle Shui.

Then Zhou Pu of ‘Water Margin’ wasn’t the owner of ‘Good Man’ and was also a user so he wasn’t qualified to criticizes Zhao Changshou’s album.

But Chen Huan still told him about it so he felt that Chen Huan respected him.

Therefore, Zhou Pu certainly gave his agreement and said he would also help advertise it.

His ‘Water Margin’ had an investment that was about to reach 100 million with famous big or small TV stars. if Zhao Pu could mobilize them to help advertise, it would be a huge publicity force.

While Chen Huan and the others started to get busy, the internet started to get active again.

Their excitement started last night.

The final of ‘I Sing My Song’ was the most exciting and brilliant competition in recent years.

The strength of the contestants was the most impressive in recent years.

Zhao Changshou could steadily win the competition originally but he made a big blunder.

But then a dramatic turnaround happened in the voting as he ended taking the first place in the first round.

In the second round of the competition when facing against the strongest contestants that gave their best and facing against the judges’ strict expectation, Zhao Changshou sang the song called ‘Laughter From the Sea’ with the assistance of mysterious guests to turn the whole competition up and obtained the near perfect 99 votes to successfully win the competition.

Seeing such a splendid show was like watching a soul-stirring movie.

Even with his advanced of 65 years old, the fact he was able to win proved his uniqueness.

“My mom and dad was worried about this old man while I much preferred Li Bi. But I saw his performance last night where he never gave up even in a tough situation and heard him sing the heroic ‘Laughter From the Sea’. I fell in love with this little old man and he’s definitely the best!”

“Yeah, Zhao Changshou didn’t sing in a heroic manner before as I didn’t feel it even when he sang ‘Good Man’. But last night, he was like an ancient hermit, so free spirited, so elegant and so cool! The whole country will be in uproar if they didn’t give him the championship.”

“Last night, is sweat like crazy! Especially when the grandfather got the first place in the first round in a dramatic fashion, my heart nearly couldn’t take it. I didn’t expect it to have such a perfect ending!”

“My heart felt warm when I saw Grandpa run toward Grandma. Although many people said that they trying to get some pity from people, it didn’t think so and you can see it by looking at how looked at each other.”

“I really didn’t expect it! Zhao Changshou, a peasant who lived in small mountainous village and that had never studied before, would actually take the throne and win the competition! The country witnessed a miracle!”


Of course, even more people praised Chen Huan.

“Sister Xiaofeng is the best! You guys keep talking about Zhao Changshou but would he succeed without Sister Xiaofeng’s ‘Laughter From the Sea’?”

“Exactly! You can imagine the charm of this song by just looking at the crazy expression on the big judges!”

“Hey, hey, hey, you bunch of fools can’t even see it! how about you go back and watch the person who’s playing the flute behind the curtain? Don’t you it looks familiar?”

“Haha, I saw it, it must definitely be Sister Xiaofeng! He is exactly the same size and figure!”

“Right! it seems that I’m not only one with keen eyes! Sister Xiaofeng is really too lowkey that he doesn’t want to show himself even in such situation.”

“I’m curious about who’s playing the guzheng. If it wasn’t for Han Dong’er being on stage, I would have thought that iwas the golden couple working together again!”

“Stop caring about that, this composition made by Sister Xiaofeng is really perfect! I don’t know how many years pass before a song at this level will be created.”


There was three key point of discussion.

Zhao Changshou, Lu Xiaofeng and ‘Laughter From the Sea’.

‘Good Man’ and ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’ had already attracted the attention of many people previously and the people finally couldn’t hold it anymore this time with ‘Laughter From the Sea’.

“’Laughter From the Sea’ is about the heroic spirit and vicissitudes of life! Teacher Lu Xiaofeng had never gone through these things but I could feel them through his work! If he start writing a martial book, I believe it wouldn’t any worse than the popular Teacher Chu Liuxiang! The two are really intriguing as the two of them has similar style!” Said by the popular Wuxia writer Ma Tayun.

“I used to doubt that a 16 years old could have such a high cultural literacy and broad outlook that enabled him to write ‘Good Man’ and ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’. But I realized after hearing ‘Laughter From the Sea’ last night that just like the godly poet Li Taibai, there are geniuses in the world that could make you do nothing but worship them!” Said by Lei Dingfeng, deputy director of the magazine ‘Artist’.

“I gave the melody of ‘Good Man’ and ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’ for my students to analyze but they couldn’t get anything from it. How could Teacher Lu possess such great skills in music instruments and arrangement? It’s needless to say that they wouldn’t get anything from ‘Laughter From the Sea’ even if they spent the trimester on it. By the way, Teacher Lu, are you interested in entering our school in two years? Free admission and direct entry!” Zhen Wanggui, director of the composition department of China Conservatory of Music.

“Teacher Zhen is thinking too much and Beijing is too far away. Too much sand and dust, unsuitable to Jiangnan people near the river. Teacher Lu can go to a school not far from home, isn’t it great? By the way, Teacher Lu, you can graduate here within three years according to me and maybe we can discuss after for you to stay and teach in the school?” Sui Xiran, deputy dean of the National Conservatory of Music.

With so many big names from the literary and artistic industry praising Chen Huan, the people from the entertainment industry felt embarrassed to say anything for a moment.

Their ability in literary and arts were much inferior compared to those people.

But that was exactly made everyone realize that the artistic level of Teacher Lu Xiaofeng had far exceeded to entertainment industry and reacher the level of the literary and artistic industry!


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