I Know Everything Chapter 169

Chapter 169: How about we release an album?

Chen Huan ignored Zhao Changshou’s distress and asked, “Professor Ke, does those foreign medicine have any side effect?”

“Those medicine had been used abroad for many years, it’s worth every penny, and there obviously very little side effects.” Professor Ke said, “In addition, we will also do Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment as well as some special habitation treatment. Our hospital is very experienced and no misshape will happen, don’t worry!”

“What’s the effect?” Chen Huan asked again, “It will take so much money and time, but the results only last for a two or three year, it’ll be a heavy burden for the mental and wallet.”

Han Dong’er couldn’t help but nod.

Chen Huan only asked important questions.

“Doctors generally don’t give any guarantee but since we’re no strangers here, I’ll be honest.”

Professor Ke had some tact as he knew the bunch of celebrities in front of him couldn’t be fooled easily and his boss was also here.

He said seriously, “I have very confident, at least 70% sure, that after the treatment, Ms. Jiang Hui can be like a normal person, her memory will not decline badly and she will be occasionally dazzled but it wouldn’t be unusual as it wouldn’t exceed more than what people in their 70’s have. If there’s no new medicines and treatments after she was in her 80s, she will slowly enter in a state of dementia, this process might take two or three years or more but I can’t be sure about the future.”

Everyone knew that the Grandma was 63 years old this year.

Her quality of life would be guarantee for at least 15 years according to Professor Ke.

As for what would happen after she was in her 80s, who could guarantee that they could be healthy and happy thorough their old life?

Zhao Changshou had been listening to them and showed a longing expression as he was clearly satisfied with the effect of the treatment plan.

But the 3 million in funds was like five mountains pressed in to him, leaving him unable to breath.

Many expression passed over his face before he said, “Doctor, forget it, just prescribe us some ordinary medicine and it’ll be alright.”

 Zhao Changshou clenched his fist so hard that his muscle came out when he said this.

Wang Zhao, Lan Kai and the others were shocked by this and felt sadness.

Fu Bufan was an emotional person to begin with so he immediately said, “Grandpa, don’t say that… I don’t have much money but I can still give you 1 million, you can use that first!”

“No, no, no!” Zhao Changshou waved his hand repeatedly, “I can’t use your money, I’m just a peasant, I can’t bear such a heavy favor… Teacher Fu, I received your kind intention, thank you!”

“Grandpa really has no money.” Chen Huan interjected, “He received 1 million yesterday from the competition, the first thing he did was to tell me and Dong’er that he didn’t deserve the money and wanted to give it to us.”


Tang Yuan couldn’t help but suck in a breath.

He had seen many poor people but it was rare for him to see people as loyal and tactful as the grandpa.

“Grandpa, our meeting can be considered fateful and since I know about this, “ Tang Yuan also made a decision, “How about this. I’ll overstep and propose on behalf of Teacher Lu and Dong’er that if you want to give the 1 million to them, they can donate it to help the Grandma! Then that little brat Bufan is also someone earnest so you should take his 1 million! Finally, I’ll donate the remaining 1 million!”

Tang Yuan’s simple and quick plan was enough to gather 3 million while being reasonable.

Of course, he didn’t do this fully because he was compassionate.

He definitely did it also due to Chen Huan.

This favor on the outside was given to Grandpa but it was actually given to Chen Huan.

Furthermore, with a relationship like that, they would be better friends in the future and wouldn’t it be more convenient for them to ask him for a song?

But Zhao Changshou’s stubborn personality showed his head at this moment, “No and no, I’ve never taken advantage of anybody in my entire life. I would have taken your money if I was young and slowly work to reimburse back to you but I’m 65 years old now. I’m not afraid to say that I don’t have the strength to carry even a sandbag now, how can I work?”

He then sincerely said, “I really thank you all and really appreciate your kindness… I originally thought if it was two or three hundred thousands, I could still think of a way so I can have my wife be completely awake for a few more days but it seems that it’s not possible. So, I don’t have any expectation, just prescribe some normal medicine that she can slowly take so she can happily live her life, it’ll do.”

Han Dong’er listened to this and didn’t interject but she pulled on Chen Huan’s clothes.

Chen Huan could feel that her mind was in a mess.

It wasn’t because she was unable to make a decision but because she didn’t know how to convince Grandpa.

“Ding Dong!”

“The great system noticed a hint of scheme going on but the weak chicken host should bear its own responsibility and let the other people see your ability to turn dirt into gold so the system issued a mission.”

“Weak chicken host should help Zhao Changshou to solve his wife Jiang Hui’s problem without harming his dignity.”

“The system will get out a reward if it can be successfully accomplished.”

Chen Huan laughed when he heard it.

Good Lord, you’ve been fooled this time!

Maybe you didn’t know but I already have an idea on how to do it.

Now that you urged me, I know what I should do now!

After a moment, Chen Huan coughed lightly and said, “It’s alright, I actually know a way and everyone shouldn’t get worried.”

“What way?” Hua Zhongpu quickly asked, “If there’s anything I can help with, you just have to say it Teacher Lu.”

Everyone turned their eyes toward Chen Huan.

“My idea is actually very simple but it will need to help of everyone here.” Chen Huan said, “We’ll make an album fro Grandpa!”


Lan Kai slammed on the table and exclaimed, “Wonderful! A wonderful plan Teacher Lu!”

Everyone there was related to the music industry except Zhao Changshou. So they immediately understood Chen Huan’s plan.

Zhao Changshou was the most popular talent show singer in China and his album would definitely sell well if they released one during this period of time.

It was hard to say how much money he would get but he would definitely get more than 3 million. In that case, would they still worry about the treatment fee?

“I already made 6 songs for Grandpa, ‘Start Back From Scratch’, ‘Chinese Kung Fu’, ‘Good Man’, ‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’, ‘Restless Heart’ and ‘Laughter From the Sea’.” Chen Huan said, “For the remaining songs, I wish Brother Tang to get 2 songs and Teacher Wang Zhao to write two songs before letting Brother Fan compose it, then we’ll release an album with ten songs.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble Teacher Lan Kai to take care of the production side of it… Director Hua can help us with the equipment and studio. Dong’er and Miss Bu can use their influence and help us promote the album when it’ll be release.”

“Of course, the Grandpa wouldn’t take advantage of anyone as he would only get 20% of the profit from the album and it should be cover all the cost as I believe it would be a burden to him if we give more.”

“The rest of the money would be used to cover the cost of Brother Yuan’s two songs, remuneration for Wang Zhao and Fu Bufan’s two songs. It will also be used to cover the cost for the album advertisement, production and distribution. Then I plan to donate the rest of the money in the name of everyone for all patient suffering of dementia.”


Wang Zhao was a typical literati so he was very satisfied with the proposition, “Teacher Lu’s words has deeply touched me, I’ll do the two songs! I’ve been listening to Grandpa songs these last few round, I can write songs for him without any problem but I want to say that I don’t want to money! So you can donate it!”

Fu Bufan scratched his head and softly said, “As long Teacher Lu is satisfied with my lacking work, I’ll give my all! You can also donate my part like Teacher Wang Zhao!”

“It seems I’ll be the more difficult one.” Tang Yuan laughed loudly, “But it won’t be a problem for the two songs as I’ll put the money to good use. Teacher Lu, I’ll have to say that your plan is really perfect! Geniuses are really geniuses, they just need to think for a bit to think something we couldn’t.”

“Okay, leave the production to me!” Lan Kai naturally couldn’t back out, “Six songs are already made and the 4 other songs will be done in ten days. I’ll find some help and take it as a little break, a red packet for each of enough and it’ll be enough.”

“I’ll prepare all the equipment and recording studio to ensure nothing goes wrong!” Hua Zhongpu said with a reddened face, “Our program team will also help in advertising it as you use our platform, Zhejiang TV, to advertise. It won’t be expansive since Grandpa came from us.”

It was not only an honor to participate in the effort but also an opportunity for him to expand his network.

Wouldn’t they become friends after going through a battle together like that?

What was the most important when doing a variety show?


Han Dong’er and Bu Yiyi nodded and agreed happily.

The two women had different personalities but they all have a good heart as not everyone would be willing to do that.

“However, everyone might be disappointed since the donation would be anonymous and will not be known to the public.” Chen Huan said, “The most important reasons is that people thought that we are using charity for advertisement and we’ll scolded the more we sell…If you have any objection, you can tell me in private you want to quit.”

“Humph, it’s just empty reputation, why would I want them?” Tang Yuan said with a laugh, “It’s good to do good deed like that. It’s not for publicity or fame. Teacher Lu, you’re so wise that I’m left in admiration!”

The other nodded and all agreed with Chen Huan’s way.

Everyone knew in fact that Chen Huan was the biggest loser here.

Four of the six songs were already sold but Chen Huan already negotiated that Grandpa could use the song for commercial purpose.

For example, they could use the song for anything without paying any fee.

But Chen Huan didn’t get any benefit from that. He wouldn’t get anything from the Grandpa if the Grandpa used the song for commercial purpose.

It was the same for album. If Zhao Changshou made an album and the copyright owner also an album with the song, they wouldn’t be able to intervene and could only compete with their respective version of the song.

The remaining two songs were also the same as Chen Huan declared they must let Zhao Changshou use it for commercial purpose if they wanted the copyright.

They must agree to that first before the 2 million prices.

It was equivalent of Chen Huan fighting for the Grandpa benefit.

No one would have said anything if Chen Huan decided to take 50% for himself.

But everyone knew that Chen Huan didn’t care for money at all otherwise ‘Mama Do You Remember’ or ‘Deskmate’ wouldn’t be free for everyone to use.

Chen Huan was very generous and this bunch of people weren’t stingy either.

Zhao Changshou was in a daze through the discussion.

He wanted to reject everyone’s kindness but he couldn’t say anything.

Because relying on his singing and album was the most reliable way for him to make money.

Although he was taking more than he should, it was the easiest way for him to make money and the only way for him to pay for the treatment of his wife in a fair and dignified manner.

So he couldn’t refuse it anymore.

Therefore, he didn’t get out from his complicated thought before everyone was done discussing it.

Then the Grandpa stood up and bowed to everyone.

“Thank to all of you! It’s this old man and wife luck to be able to meet you saints!!”

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