I Know Everything Chapter 168

Chapter 168: They Know It!!

Zhao Changshou didn’t rush to leave now that there was hope.

The next day, on Sunday morning, the car of the program team took the old couple, Chen Huan and Han Dong’er to the First Provincial Hospital.

The First Provincial Hospital had hired many renowned doctors as one of the best hospital in Zhejiang Province but there weren’t many places.

So Chen Huan called Hua Zhongpu to ask him if he knew anybody in the hospital. Hua Zhongpu was having a diner with Tang Yuan, Lan Kai, Fu Bufan, Wang Zhao and Bu Yiyi.

Tang Yuan heard the conversion between them in the end.

He even could recognize who was on the phone so he said he knew someone in the hospital and it was the deputy dean.

Tang Yuan drank a bit too much and thought it was Chen Huan’s relative who was ill so he would do his all to help Chen Huan and repaid the favors he owed him.


The result was six people came over today.

The six people who ate dinner last night in addition of Han Dong’er and Zhao Changshou, it was the six big judges and the champion. All of them were here.

Hua Zhongpu explained in embarrassment that he told them everything about the Grandpa due to be being drunk. 

All the bills from the hotel that Zhao Changshou and the Grandma lived were paid by the program team. Hua Zhongpu and the other also came to ask if things were alright a few times, Zhang Changshou was a honest person so he told them everything so Hua Zhongpu naturally knew everything about the matter.

It was Chen Huan who told them to keep it a secret and not spread it out so they could only endure it and not use it to hype the show more.

Otherwise Zhao Changshou’s status as the favorite would be even more stable if they used the sadness and fondness cards.

Zhao Changshou saw Hua Zhongpu apologize to him but say he didn’t need it since Teacher Lu and Han Dong’er already took the blame and people scolding for the sake of him and his wife. He was already extremely happy that people helped him, how could he blame anyone?

“Teacher Lu, I was wrong, I shouldn’t doubt your intention last night.” Tang Yuan immediately apologized after seeing them, “I didn’t there was such a touching story behind it! The way we all thought were crooked, Huh, what an embarrassment!”

“Yeah, Teacher Lu, I’m such a bastard, I knew clearly that you were a talented genius and absolutely wouldn’t do something like this but I still doubted you and even looked down on you… I’m a pig!” Fu Bufan was younger and was more rash so he directly slapped himself in guilt, “Grandpa and Grandpa was in a tough situation but still loved each other deeply, and yet my thoughts were so sinister, I’m really an idiot!”

“You said that but aren’t it the same? I even demanded an explanation from Ninth Brother.” Wang Zhao spread his hands and said to Chen Huan and Han Dong’er, “Teacher Chen, I’m not as good as you and I can’t do anything to make up to you. But Miss Han, the next time you make songs, I can write two lyrics for you as an apology!”

Sun Yan‘s eyes lit up at that.

This is nice!

Wang Zhao was a first rate lyricist in the country with an ancient style that was very suitable to Dong’er.

Lan Kai shook Shen Huan’s hand and said, “Teacher Lu and Dong’er, in the future me and Tang Yuan will work with you sincerely, and we can be real friends! This old man really admire you, for real! You’re young but you do things beautifully! Very beautifully!”

“If I didn’t go to the dinner last night, I would have missed such a touching and inspiring story.” Bu Yiyi stared at Chen Huan and her eyes gave a smiling glint, “Teacher Lu, you’re not simple~~~”

Chen Huan couldn’t stand the look she was giving him so he coughed and said, “I accept everyone’s apologies because Dong’er and I deserve it… but, you should know that if this ever spread out, I hope it doesn’t come from either of you.”

“Why not? It’s such a touching story!” Bu Yiyi exclaimed in surprise.


Do you want me to make a mistake and lose my support?!

In your dream!

Chen Huan ignored her and said, “Because I don’t want to sell out the pure feeling that Grandpa has with Grandma, I don’t want their life to be disturbed and I also don’t want other people to pity them! They are in fact very happy, they lived together for a lifetime and are much happier than some rich people!”

Wang Zhao clapped his hand and said, “Ha! That is why you’re the best genius amongst the songwriters! There no other people like you who is so understanding and considerate.”

“Yeah, I think so too!” Tang Yuan nodded but he had a fat neck so they could barely see it, “Us six judges and the director Xiao Hua, promise today that we won’t say anything!”


Everyone agreed in unison, even Hua Zhongpu.

As for why Tang Yuan called him ‘Director Xiao Hua’, it was because his uncle Gu Ming was a good friend of Tang Yuan for more than ten years so he was considered as his junior.

That was also why he couldn’t resist Tang Yuan questioning last night and revealed everything.

Chen Huan smiled and said, “Alright, everyone has said their piece. Then we should see how Grandma treatments goes and hope there’s a good result…Brother Yuan, it is alright?”

“Don’t worry, the deputy director is my good pal, I wouldn’t dare to show my face in front of Teacher Lu if I can’t get the best doctors to treat the Grandma today!” Tang Yuan confidently.

His personality was good and there shouldn’t be any problem if he vouched for it.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, a middle aged doctor in his forties with a white coat swarmed in along with a few other doctors.

“Brother Yuan, you came so early!” The middle aged man exclaimed after looking at the time, “Didn’t you say 8:30 am? We’re only 8 am.”

“We’re are a bit anxious.” Tang Yuan patted his shoulder, “Lil’ Chuan, my senior came for an illness, I already gave my word, you won’t let us down, right?”

“Look at you say, Brother Yuan, your dad is like my dad and your senior is also my senior. As long you come to our hospital, unless the death god is determined to have them, we’ll do our best to help!” the middle aged man declared with patting his chest.

The awe-inspiring deputy director Lou Mianchuan today looked different from his usual hearty and warm self.

The doctors behind would already begin to gossip about it if it was the usual time.

 But their eyes couldn’t turn away from what was in front of them.

Teacher Tang Yuan!

Fu Bufan!

Han Dong’er!

Sister Xiaofeng!

There was also last night recent champion of ‘I Sing My Song’, Zhao Changshou!

So many celebrities arrived in mass at their hospital that this group of doctors wished to immediately take out their phones to take pictures so they could show it off in their social media.

But they also knew that the many big shot that came here today was definitely not for sightseeing but to do something so they held their breath and waited behind the deputy director solemly.

Chen Huan stepped forward to tell him about the Grandma’s condition. Lou Mianchuan nodded and asked, “Is Professor Ke here today?”

“He isn’t on duty today but there’s a meeting this afternoon, so he should be at home now.” One of the doctors immediately answered.

“Okay then, ask him if he could come.” Lou Mianchuan said, “Oh, you don’t have to do it. I’ll give him a call, you guys first give the Grandma an extensive bodily examination.”


A doctor went to talk with Zhao Changshou before he followed him to the hospital while pushing the wheelchair.

After busying themselves for half a day and Professor Ke did a detailed examination of the Grandma, he sat in a small meeting room with Chen Huan and the others.

Zhao Changshou was also here while the Grandma was resting in a ward with Sun Yan with her.

“Ms. Jian Hui’s physical condition are like this.” Professor Ke said after distributing documents to them, “Ordinary geriatric diseases aren’t a problem. But the main thing is what people call dementia due to old age, it isn’t a serious condition but it was left untreated for a few years so the illness worsened a bit.”

“Huh?” Zhao Changshou started to feel regret and anxiousness, “Then my wife… how much time does she have?”

Lou Mianchuan couldn’t help but smile and said, “Alright Old Ke, stop making us guess, be serious and stop scaring people.”

Professor Ke nodded and said, “But because of how she didn’t take any medicine before, the effect from the medicine would be greatly effective if we start to actively treat it. According to my estimation, we’ll be able to halved the symptom of the Grandma while keeping it at bay from worsening.”

“Really?” Zhao Changshou’s mood instantly brightened up.

“Really but it will depend on your economic arrangement.” Professor Ke said, “Mr. Zhao, you’re the deputy director’s senior so I’ll be frank. This chronic disease is very time-consuming and expensive to treat. If you follow the best treatment and medication arrangements I know, it will take at least a year of our professional guidance as well as taking medicine.”

“Most of those medicines are imported from abroad and you’ll have to shoulder their expanse as they are not reimbursed, it would at least take around 1 million. In addition, you would need around 200k per year for the Grandma other medication, return check up in the hospital and etc… You will need to prepare at least 3 million in funds to be enough.”

Zhao Changshou immediately started to sweat after he calculated the worth of his belonging.

He had a dozen of thousand in saving and thought it was enough with the insurance that rural village had.

He received one million this time which was an astronomical sum for him but Zhao Changshou never thought of keeping it since he already have a comfortable and prosperous life with his wife.

It was already great for them to be happy every day and have three meals a day.

He was worried that his wife was about to fall into dementia and suddenly felt a little hope now but before he could feel happy about it, the astronomical cost for the medication wiped away all of his hope.

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