I Know Everything Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Celebration party.

“Ding Dong!”

“Due to the host good luck that enabled him to successfully complete the mission ‘Han Dong’er Request’ and received a very high evaluation from Han Dong’er, the system generously reward the host with the choice of selecting a movie.”

“The dogshit luck of the host completed in extremis the mission of ‘Realizing Zhao Changshou’s wish’ and ‘Zhao Changshou winning the competition’ so the system will do as it said and give out two rewards: the right of chose a song and ‘Advanced English (Beginner) Skill’.”

Chen Huan, who was sitting in a room backstage, couldn’t help but smile after receiving the rewards from the Good Lord.

The Good Lord really kept his words.

He got three rewards in one go, it was a great harvest!

Chen Huan didn’t need to select a movie for the time being since he already had ‘Miracle in Cell No.7’.

Chen Huan didn’t want to become a director or an actor so the movie was destined to be used to curry favors.

The right to select a song was much more important.

His reputation as Teacher Lu Xiaofeng soared and his hard earned reputation would be lost if he couldn’t come up with a song in critical time.

Right now, the more song reward he got, the better.

As for the last reward, ‘Advanced English (Beginner) Skill’, Chen Huan felt it was quite useful.

English was one of the easiest subject to get a high score in a college entrance exam. If he grasped the mathematics, physics and chemistry on top of getting full points in English…

Ehehehe, he shouldn’t get ahead of himself.

Beside, Chen Huan struggled to communicate with Devries as he sent an email each week to him.

He could understand some technical things but Devries also described his own thoughts along with the thoughts of other professors so Chen Huan had to look those English words in a dictionary so he could figure out what he meant.

It was also thanks to ‘Advanced Mathematics (Intermediate)’ that Chen Huan was able to communicate with Devries otherwise Chen Huan would ridicule himself in the emails.

He shouldn’t have any problem to communicate in English now with ‘Advanced English (Beginner)’.

After all, mathematician often used English math words but they didn’t know anything about English slang.

Good Lord, this is just kill two birds with one stone!


Shui Qianyu saw Chen Huan who was laughing foolishly and thought he was really silly to laugh like a fool.

If people outside were to see the silly look on the highly respected Teacher Lu’s face, his image will definitely receive a huge blow.

“Let’s go.”

Chen Huan looked at the time and thought they should be preparing for the awards but it didn’t have much to do with them.

Tonight’s final only had 8 songs but with the various review from the judges and incidents that happened, it was already 10 pm.

It would probably be around 10:30 pm when the awards ceremony was over.

Chen Huan relaxed after he completed his missions and just wanted take a bath and have a good rest.

Shui Qianyu also thought the same.

She could mingle in these various occasions but she didn’t like those noisy events.

For her, the most important thing was Chen Huan and her parents and anything else didn’t matter.

They didn’t change their clothes since they just performed their instruments behind the curtain.

So Shui Qianyu only had to pack her guzheng into a box before Chen Huan and her were ready to leave with their school bag.

The reporters would definitely not be able to stop them since they were leaving through the staff door.

It was shame that Chen Huan wasn’t 18 years old yet so he couldn’t get a driver license otherwise it would be even more convenient as he could leave by driving out of the staff’s parking.

As they were turning a corner, Chen Huan sat a panting staff member running toward them.

“Teacher Lu! Teacher Lu!” The staff called out to him, “Grandpa Zhao asked me to told you to stay for a bit so he can treat you to dinner later!”

“It’s so late now, they should rest after the celebration! We’ll do it tomorrow!” Chen Huan shook his head, “I’ll treat him tomorrow!”

“Grandpa already booked a flight for home tomorrow morning and already prepared to go back!” The staff said with a bitter smile, “There will be no time if he doesn’t treat you tonight.”

“That quick?” Chen Huan exclaimed in surprise.

“I don’t know why but that how it is.” The staff took a look at the time and said, “How about you wait a little bit more? They will definitely be out at 11 pm.”


Chen Huan looked toward Shui Qianyu.

These past few days, they often rehearsal late into the night so it wasn’t a problem for them to go back later.

“Alright.” Shui Qianyu agreed without hesitation, “There won’t be many opportunity to see the Grandpa and Grandma in the future. We should go to the dinner.”

Shui Qianyu and Chen Huan didn’t go back to the waiting room and instead took a taxi back home so they could put everything down and clean themselves before going back to the TV station.

It was 10:50 pm when they came back.

Not much people used Zhejiang TV staff door at this time and most people who worked at night were already on duty.

After waiting for a few minutes, Chen Huan saw Zhao Changshou pushing the Grandma in the wheelchair out of the door with Han Dong’er and Sun Yan in tow.

They were accompanied with drivers who drove them around since the beginning. Hua Zhongpu and the others didn’t show up.

There was still a lot of work they needed to do after the end of the show.

Sun Yan was the first to speak up, “There is a 24-hour Lin’an cuisine restaurant nearby. The food is pretty good. Let’s go over there!”


Chen Huan didn’t have any objection as it was a farewell party for the Grandpa so it didn’t matter what the food was.

The driver was a native of Lin’an and he also worked nearby the Zhejiang TV station building so he was obviously familiar about the place they were talking about. He quickly drove the group to the restaurant in a small alley.

Although it was already 11 pm, a dozens of table were occupied.

The boss and lady boss was at the checkout near the entrance while a few aunties were responsible for taking orders and tidying the tables.

There was no such thing as private room here so Chen Huan and the rest just sat a table outside the restaurant.

Some customers saw Han Dong’er and the Grandpa. The more courageous one wanted to come over for a signature and photos.

But they were all stopped by the driver and Sun Yan.

It was a private party and it would be annoying if people kept interrupting them.

Just picked up the chopstick but someone came over for a signature.

Just raised the glass but someone came for a picture.

The celebrities would naturally keep some distance with the fans so they could have some space due to the constant interruption.

For this reason, the table they chose was the one further away at the side.

The driver made the arrangement before going back to sit at the car. His job had a strict rule about not eating with the clients and etc…

A few cold dishes and drink were served as they sat on the table. The Sun Yan suddenly laughed.

“Look, a small empress, the number one in the world Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, the recent champion of ‘I Sing My Song’ are having the celebration dinner at such a remote and simple restaurant.” She said while laughing.

“Food isn’t about the place but about the taste and the people you eat with.” Chen Huan poured a cup of baijiu for Zhao Changshou and a cup tea for the Grandma before he poured some beer for himself, “Come, Grandpa, Grandma, we never really have a meal together before! And when we have, it’s a farewell party! Let me toast you and wish you two happiness for the rest of your life!”

“Okay!” The Grandma took the cup of tea and gave him a gentle smile, “Thank you all! Thank you all for making my old husband so happy!”

Although she forgets things time to time and was prone to be in a trance, she could still be perfectly awake just like right now.

Her mood had been great since she saw the Grandpa sing on the stage.

“Yes, I should also properly thank you all.” Zhao Changshou raised his cup, “Teacher Lu, Little Shui, Miss Han and Miss Sun, it’s the honor of my life to be able to meet you all! You didn’t only realized my dream but also gave me and my wife an unforgettable gift! Let my thank you all here!”

He drank the cup after saying that.

He in fact already thanked them during his speech after receiving the award but it was more natural and honest when he said it in private.

Everyone else also picked up their own drinks.

Chen Huan smiled and also drank his bear before saying, “You already have my and Dong’er numbers. If you have any matters you need help with in the future, you can call us and we should be able to help you!”

“Ha, what can happen in our mountains? It’s just our old neighbors all around us.” Zhao Changshou said with his mouth full of the cold dishes. He didn’t drink or eat due to the performance and now he was hungry.

Then the hot dishes finally came one after another. Everybody were hungry so they started to eat first before saying anything else.

Zhao Changshou was eating something and hesitated before he said to everyone, “We are all familiar with each other here. I have something to say now and I don’t know if I’m right or not but I’ll feel uncomfortable if I don’t say it so I hope you can forgive this uncultivated peasant old man.”

“Say it!” Sun Yan boldly declared, “Since we are amongst friends, there nothing you can’t say.”

“It’s like this, isn’t the reward for winning ‘I Sing My Song’ 1 million?” Zhao Changshou said, “They said it’ll be paid out in a few days, I want to give this money to Teacher Lu and Miss Han…Of course, I know this money wouldn’t be able to repay what you did for me but take it as a token from me, I don’t feel right taking the money.”

“Don’t do it.” Han Dong’er, who had been eating in silence, shook her head.

“This money is for the hard work you put into your singing, we don’t want it.” Chen Huan said, “Also, Grandma need medicines for her illness and you need some guarantee with your old age. That money isn’t much to us but it could be your pension for you.”

“En!” Han Dong’er nodded solemnly.

“Where are we going to spend the money?” Zhao Changshou waved his hand, “Our living condition is much better, us old couple has a few hundred yuan in subsidies every month and if we raise some chicken and vegetable, we’ll have everything!”

Shui Qianyu couldn’t help but interject at this moment, “Grandpa, haven’t you thought about it? With this money, you can take Grandma to a big hospital in Lin’an and see if her illness can be cured.”

“Uh!?” Zhao Changshou was dumbfounded, “Can her illness be cured? Doesn’t Alzheimer only get worse?”

Chen Huan was also stunned when he heard that, “Grandpa, don’t tell me you haven’t been to the hospital again after that Grandma was diagnosed with this?”

“Why would I go to the hospital? It’s a waste of money!” The Grandma said, “There’s no way to treat this disease.”

“But they can delay it as much as possible! It can also increase your quality of life! Don’t you know about that?!” Chen Huan slammed the table and said, “We’ll check it out tomorrow! Grandpa, if it goes well, Grandma will be to stay conscious for a few years more by just eating some medicine! You tell me, are you willing to go or not?”

“We’ll go!”

Zhao Changshou replied excitedly and happily.

He really forgot about this.

He had money with him now and his wife could be conscious for few more years as Shui Qianyu and Chen Huan, he must do his all to get her treated!

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