I Know Everything Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Indisputable!

The program team didn’t go to advertisement time since they were afraid of being killed.

The live discussion and lively scenes were filmed by the camera and broadcasted to thousands of household across the countries.

Everyone didn’t think it was it was too noisy as they thought it was appropriate for a song like this.

The fans especially like Wang Zhao that expressed his emotion vividly. They thought that this strangely clothed uncle was not that bad.

Jin Guwei and Li BI were sitting at the backstage and naturally saw Zhao Changshou’s performance from beginning to end.

Jin Guwei had a solemn face on in the beginning but it sank the moment he heard the first verse from Zhao Changshou.

He knew that he wasn’t as good as Li Bi the previous round as people could see in on the stage.

But he thought if Zhao Changshou wasn’t able to show an incredible performance this time, he would have a chance to win even if Li Bi won the second round.

He would have the opportunity in the third round and fourth round.

Few people knew but the numbers of songs that the Twin Jin Brothers gave Jin Guwei wasn’t two or three but five!

The songs weren’t prepared for the finals but for his album.

After getting popular in ‘I Sing My Song’, Jin Guwei planned to strike the iron while it was hot and release an album so that was why he had so many songs in his hands.

He believed that Li Bi wasn’t as prepared as him so he had a chance to defeat her.

But Jin Guwei wanted to cry out in sadness as he soon he heard Zhao Changshou sing ‘Laughter From the Sea’.

He was a talented student from the Shuchuan Conservatory of Music so how could he not tell if a song was bad or not?

‘Laughter From the Sea’, people could feel the imposing heroic spirit right from the beginning with the guzheng and flute melody so they knew it wouldn’t be bad.

People knew it would be an epic song the moment Zhao Changshou started to sing.

With that, it was very likely for Zhao Changshou to get first place in the second round and thus winning the competition in two rounds!

All of his efforts and arrangement would be for naught in that case.

Not only he wouldn’t be able to win, he wouldn’t even get the second place.

Now, Jin Guwei couldn’t help but pray that Li Bi would get the first place with her 97 points and don’t let Zhao Changshou win it all!

The Li Bi that he was prayed for had a calm expression but both of her hands were balled into fists and squeezing tightly.

Her skills were obviously not worse than Jin Guwei so she obviously knew how good ‘Laughter From the Sea’ from Grandpa was.

It was impossible for her to guaranteed victory even with her 97 points against such a great and matchless song.




Why did she still have to lose in the end after working so hard?

Just because Han Dong’er could make Lu Xiaofeng use his incomparable talent to send this peasant farmer toward the championship?

Just why?

You guys are too much! You held Zhao Changshou’s hands and suppressed me all the way to the end!!!

I’m not convinced!!

Shui Qianyu and Chen Huan returned to their room in good mood.

The first thing he did was take Shui Qianyu’s hands and take out the tape on her fingers before relaxing after seeing there weren’t any swelling.

“The guzheng hurt the fingers too much.” Chen Huan said with a sigh, “How about you stop practicing it? Lest you cry when you see your rough hands when you grow up.”

Shui Qianyu gave him a glare, “Isn’t this because I’m not fully grow up yet? There won’t be any problem when my body is fully grow up… beside, do you dare to leave me?”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare!” Chen Huan said while waved his hands like a dog tail.

Xiao Shuishui was quite young but she was smart and thoughtful while knowing Chen Huan quite well. It was quite certain for her to eat up Chen Huan this life.

“Do you think our song can surpass Li Bi?” Shui Qianyu asked while rubbing her hands.

“97 votes is very shocking but our song isn’t normal either.” Chen Huan said with a smile, “I didn’t expect Grandpa to be so courageous, he drank half of it before the start and drank the rest at half point, then interpreted it so nicely.”

“You still dare to talk about, I was afraid of him falling to the ground after seeing walking around.” Shui Qianyu said.

“He also drinks at home but recently there are many things going on and he had to practice every day. He’s also afraid of letting us down so he didn’t dare to drink.” Chen Huan said, “Grandpa let out all the depression he felt inside when he sang the song and sang it so freely!”

Chen Huan continued to say after a slight pause, “Jin Guwei and Li Bi are going to be disappointed now since they can only be supporting characters this time.”

“Disappointed about what? They’re competing against Grandpa all the way now and will gain a lot of fame, their future are bright!” Shui Qianyu snorted, “Especially Li Bi, there aren’t many people like her in the music world, maybe she will soar to the heaven one day.”

“It’s a good thing. We listeners always welcome more good songs and more good singers.” Chen Huan suddenly said with a wise air.

“Haha.” Shui Qianyu snorted, “Chen Huan did you see how Li Bi looked at Han Dong’er a few times with incisive and dissatisfied stares?”

“No way?” Chen Huan thought about it and didn’t feel anything wrong.

“That’s because you don’t understand how women think.” Shui Qianyu said, “For unknown reasons, she’s hostile to Han Dong’er and they would probably fight in the future when she becomes more popular.”

Shui Qianyu was young but she was very keen and knew how people think.

Chen Huan thought about it after hearing her and said, “You can’t be sure, Dong’er personality is very cold and she can’t quarrel with her even if she wanted to.”

Shui Qianyu didn’t say anything more.

She thought, I was only warning you about it. Don’t blame me for not warning when Han Dong’er get bullied and you’ll have to anxiously go to help her.

Two chatted some more in the room before Ninth Brother appeared on the stage again.

“Aiyo, I thought it was some old immortal who was singing, it really shocked me!” Ninth Brother said on the microphone as he laughed, “To have and be able to see such a good song on our ‘I Sing My Song’ program, I think everyone is pretty happy about it, right? This also prove that our show is great, am I right!?”


People booed him.

Ninth Brother didn’t break his smile as he didn’t feel any shame from it. “We’ve already heard to opinion of the multiple judges just now and we don’t have to listen their passionate review again. So we should stop making our eager viewer wait… Dear 100 judges, please cast your votes.”

The camera turned toward the 100 judges.

They expression were very relaxed and completely different from the solemn expression on the Grandpa.

The system immediately collected their choices after they pressed on their buttons.

“We absolutely refused to enter in advertisement time in such a critical moment but I have to thank our sponsors again.” Ninth Brother seriously said, “Thank you Natural Cosmetic Hall for your increased support, If you like life, like Xiaomai, everyone says Xiaomai phones are great…”

The people on the internet started to scold them again. Instead of showing the result of the votes, you’re citing the sponsors, do you think we’ll like it more just because you’re citing it?

But the people on the internet were helpless against it as they wished they could the fast forward button.

Ninth Brother had gotten such a rare opportunity so how could he let it go?

He talked about advertisement slogan for a minute before throwing away the card on his hand with a smile.

“Alright, the results are finally here.” Ninth Brother said, “Let’s look at the large screen.

The large screen showed the numbers.


The audience in the studio all exclaimed loudly.

The 100 judges also wowed.

The audience in front of their TV were even more shocked.

The netizens also cried out loud.

Musicians judges: 50 votes.

Civilian judges: 49 votes.

It was a total of 99 votes!


Everybody cheered the next moment.

Whether they were in the studio, in the internet or in front of their TV, they all applauded and cheered loudly.

“Absolutely deserved!”

“Grandpa won this round without contest. Maybe there’s a song that can be compared to ‘Laughter From the Sea’ but it didn’t appear tonight!”

“Against the talent of Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, I just want to say, please take by bow and accept my worship!”

“Today’s song ‘Laughter From the Sea’, whether it’s the lyrics, singing or melody, are a perfect combination amongst perfect combination!”

“I was too sure of myself? This Dragon already said so, who is not convinced? Who still dare to not be convinced now!?”

“A shocking godly song! Sister Xiaofeng turned the tide and he definitely is a clutch player!!”

“Nonsense! Sister Xiaofeng is confident! He had the best skills so he isn’t afraid of any misshape!”

“Yo, isn’t you guys who cried all over the internet about how they were about to lose? How come you guys changed your opinion so fast!?”


The multiple judges, including Han Dong’er, applauded the Grandpa who came back on the stage.

Li Bi, Jin Guwei and Ling Ruiyun also came back with him and also applauded for ‘Laughter From the Sea’.

They didn’t like the feeling of losing but the fact was that ‘Laughter From the Sea’ completely crushed them and there wasn’t even a room for them to fight back.

Zhao Changshou saw the grandma under the stage and tears couldn’t help but flow down again.

This time, the camera panned toward the grandma and captured her tearful smile.

Zhao Changshou was quite confident in the first round but that accident made everyone worried.

Fortunately, Teacher Lu Xiaofeng saved him with a godlike song and finally crowned him the Champion of ‘I Sing My  Song’.

And at the same time he realized his lifelong wish, let his wife watch him sing in front of an audience in person and moreover it was in a competition broadcast through the nation.

Zhao Changshou had no longer any regret in his life!

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