I Know Everything Chapter 165

Chapter 165: This Song Should Only Be Available in Heaven!

Advertisement that lasted 5 minutes came again after Li Bi voting ended.

The audience inwardly scolded them but they also took the opportunity to relieve themselves so they were prepared for the last time Zhao Changshou sing in the stage.

The program team also hurriedly started to décor the stage.

The judges started to whisper amongst themselves when they saw them put a thin layer of silk on the stage.

Bu Yiyi asked Fu Bufan, “Brother Fu, what do you think they are going to do?”

“I don’t know but I’m looking forward to it.” Fu Bufan drank some water and explained to her, “Xiao Yi, you weren’t here before so you don’t know how excited and happy every time we get to hear a song from Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.”

“Would it still be as amazing as the previous time? Wouldn’t it just as plain as ‘Restless Heart’ earlier?” Bu Yiyi asked in curiosity.

“’Restless Heart’ isn’t as simple as you think. It just like Brother Zhao said, it suits best people who went through a bit in life and it’s better to slowly listen to it in the quiet night.” Fu Bufan said, “I also wandered in life before so I can understand the meaning behind the song, it’s really great! I actually want to buy this song but I don’t know if I will have the opportunity.”

Bu Yiyi pursed her mouth and said, “How can you not have the opportunity? Take 2 million out and Chen Huan will have to take you into consideration!”

“Haha, it isn’t that simple.” Fu Bufan laughed and didn’t say anything more.

He wasn’t that familiar with Bu Yiyi so he obviously wouldn’t talk freely with her.

One of the reasons was that he was from Yanhuang Music and Xiao Yan and Chen Huan had enmity so Fu Bufan was worried Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was displeased with him.

The other reason was the reaction Tang Yuan had at the song, he could tell that Tang Yuan wanted it.

Fu Bufan couldn’t compare to him whether it was in relationship or status.

He just thought that Tang Yuan, as a big brother of the music industry, already bought two songs from Teacher Lu and still wanted more, couldn’t he give some for his junior?

The people online also started to get anxious by the waiting.

“What am I gonna do? My palm started sweating. I’m worried that the Grandpa wouldn’t be able to get 97 votes!”

“It would be very hard, Sister Xiaofeng would have to use his full power! Fighting!”

“I feel there’s not much hope. Grandpa would be penalized this round while Li Bi and Jin Guwei got extra points. With the penalty and the advantage for other, how he is going to win?”

“There’s no point to talk about it, just listen to the song! No matter what, Sister Xiaofeng can’t possibly write a bad song!”

“Guys, don’t be so pessimistic. We must trust Sister Xiaofeng and the Grandpa. They had smoothly advanced their way toward the top and there’s no reason for them to fail this time!”

“Exactly, you have to know they carefully rehearsed the song and Teacher Lu gave his all! How can it be bad?”


The advertisement time would pass no matter how long it was.

The camera panned back toward Ninth Brother who stood at the side of the stage with a bright smile on his face, “The dear viewers has been waiting for a long time, now let us return to our exciting competition and final. I believe people don’t need me to say more, everybody must be looking forward to the next final contestant performance, right? Let us welcome the number one in the first round Zhao Changshou who is going to perform his second song!”

The lights panned toward the stage and the viewers in front of their TV had their eyes widened at the sight.

Zhao Changshou changed into a long ancient Chinese robe and with the make up on him, his old fashioned aura disappeared and now he looked like an ancient hermit.

He didn’t hold a mic but a headset just like Li Bi and Jin Guwei that danced while singing.

There was a large silk curtain behind him and people couldn’t see clearly what was behind but they could see someone sitting and someone standing.

The person sitting was a girl and could see her long tied up hair behind the silk curtain.

There was a long table in front of her and there should be a musical instrument on it.

The person standing was a man and he seemed to hold something in front of him.

“Wow, what’s going on? Why it is so mysterious?”

“Interesting, Sister Xiaofeng is doing some ancient style again.”

“Why did put a curtain between them? Who it is that they have to be so secretive?”

“I suddenly feel even more anticipation toward the song!”

“Me too, I think it’s going to be great!”

The expectation from the netizens only increased.

The audience and the judges were also puzzled by this as they were filled with curiosity.

Zhao Changshou’s face was a little red under the illumination of the lights. Everyone thought it was because he was tense but he was calm.

There was a place where the camera didn’t show but all the audience and judges in the studio could see the Grandma in the wheelchair appeared next to those big name judges.

But she was pushed by a staff member and not Chen Huan.

“The song I’m going to sing for everybody today is written by Teacher Lu Xiaofeng and called ‘Laughter From the Sea’. I hope everyone like it!”

Zhao Changshou was facing at the direction of the Grandma when he said this and saw smile appeared on her face at that time.

The Grandma also waved her hands to cheer for him.

Because of the large screen was obscured by the curtain, they showed the information of the song on the screen at the side.

Song name: Laughter From the Sea.

Singer: Zhao Changshou.

Lyricist: Lu Xiaofeng.

Composer: Lu Xiaofeng.

Arranger: Lu Xiaofeng.

A guzheng sound came from behind the curtain before anybody could react.

Yu, Zheng, Jiao, Shang, Gong.

The guzheng five notes resounded loudly.

Then came a burst of water like melody that sounded like rain falling into banana leaves and as if spring water flowed down slowly from leaves. It made the people feel like they were in the mountains surrounded by rivers.

“Look at this guzheng music, it’s absolutely wonderful!” Lan Kai stood up in admiration, “Teacher Lu Xiaofeng use of various music instruments is simply at the peak!”

Just as he said that, everyone could see the standing man raise his hands and slowly blew on the flute.

The melodious music from the flute blended perfectly with the guzheng without any problem and it added a sense of freeness and loftiness.

They didn’t even need to hear the singing as just the melody from those ancient Chinese instruments was enough to lift their spirit up.

“A Laughter From the Sea, both shores’ tides were washed away, drifting and rolling in the waves of life, only the present is worth worrying about.”

“The heaven laughed, at the tide in the mortal world, winning or losing, only the heaven knows.”

Wang Zhao stood up in shock after hearing the first verse.

Lan Kai, Tang Yuan and Fu Bufan also stood up with shining eyes when they saw the Grandpa sing like that.

Bu Yiyi didn’t stand up but her eyes were wide as he apparently didn’t expect to hear such a free spirited and heroic song.

“The river and mountain laughed, the smoke and rain are faraway, the vast waves cleansed the vanities of the world, how much worldly affair is there?”

“The fresh wind laughed, but brought silent, only our heroic spirit remained, like the light at the sunset.”


Wang Zhao, a first rate lyricist, straight up slammed the jury table as he exclaimed, “Good!! Absolutely great!”

He was an emotional man to begin with so when he heard such a wonderful song, his face turned even redder as he became more excited.

“The people laughed, silent no more, we still have our heroic spirit, laughing crazily.”

After finished the short third verse, Zhao Changshou suddenly took out a plastic ancient bottle of wine and chugged it down.

The people thought that action was just following the theme of the song but few people knew that the bottle was filled with actual alcohol.

He already drink half of it before he came on the stage and now he finished the rest.

Zhao Changshou threw the bottle to the ground after drinking it and walked around the stage as he sang with the music.

“La la la la la, la la la la la…”

He sang more freely and heroically and combined perfectly with the melodious sound from the guzheng and flute.

Everyone stood up again but it was different than when they did for Li Bi.

At that time, they were stimulated by the sexy sight but this time it was lofty sentiments surging from their hearts.

“La la la la la…….”

The Grandpa finished with the verse but it was without any lyrics once again.

He walked around the stage with a smile while waving hands and started to motion the people to sing with him.

The people were already familiar with the tune and the excited Wang Zhao actually really sung along.

Then Tang Yuan, Fu Bufan and Lan Kai also did so…

The chorus of the four men didn’t weaken the strength of Zhao Changshou’s singing on the stage but actually enhanced it.

A rare smile appeared on the usually expressionless face of Han Dong’er.

A good song should receive treatment like that.

Sun Yan also stood up and was dumbfounded.

She had never seen a situation like this before where multiple big name singers sung alone loudly and crazily.

She had been to the rehearsing with Zhao Changshou and Chen Huan. She knew the song was good but she didn’t expect it to create such a strong atmosphere that could incite people to sing along.

“La la la la la…”

They sung the verse three times in a row before the music stopped.

But the Grandpa and the four singers sung it two more times before they finally stopped.


A loud applause was heard when the Grandpa saluting everyone with a reddened face.

“My Sister Xiaofeng is awesome! Super Awesome!! The most awesome person in history!”

“Hot! Hot! Nobody can create an atmosphere like this!”

“Hahaha, look at the atmosphere at the studio. The big stars are hype up, not to mention the normal people! the last chorus is godly, it’s the best part!”

“Those who said that Sister Xiaofeng and Grandpa aren’t good enough, how about you come take a look? If he can’t pass with a song and performance like this, I’ll eat my TV!”

“I previously thought that the songs of Jin Guwei and Li Bi were good enough but now I know that there’s no fear if it can’t be compared with. ‘Laughter From the Sea’ is too awesome for them to be compared with!”

“You dared to use those catchy songs to compare with our Sister Xiaofeng’s song? Isn’t it just an insult to Sister Xiaofeng? What other song can be more perfect than this song? At least I never heard one before!”

“I can’t hold it anymore, I’m about to confess to Sister Xiaofeng! He’s too talented! How can he be so skilled!?”

“Scram! Sister Xiaofeng belong to our 6 billion Happy Fans Group! He don’t have anything to do with!”


The reviews online this time were one sided and similar how people felt it in the studio.

The lights dimmed and two people behind the curtain left but the people were still reluctant to sit down.

Wang Zhao, who the camera showed, was still standing and held a mic as he spoke with a hoarse voice, “I often hear people say that ancient style music can make people ‘forget the taste of meat’, I finally understand it after hearing this song that there is really such a song in the world! So great, I’m really incomparable to Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.”

(Forget the taste of meat = so captivated with something that he doesn’t know how to describe it.)

“This song should be only available in heaven and one of the world’s treasures!!” Lan Kai said while shaking his head, “Good lyrics, good music, good song, good accompaniment! There’s no regret in life after being able to hear such a song!”

“Although I’m not a man, but after listening to the song, I feel like as if I was surrounded by rivers and could feel the beautiful surrounding of mountains and rivers!” Bu Yiyi said with shiny eyes, “After today, there must be numerous film companies that are shooting martial arts movies, will come to seek Teacher Lu for the copyright of this song!”

“Hmm, I listened to this song many times and I still think it’s great.” Han Dong’er softly said.

“Then I really envy you for being able to listen to it in advance.” Fu Bufan exclaimed, “I will never able to write such a song in my lifetime but listening to Teacher Lu’s works are like a lesson for me.”

Tang Yuan sighed repeatedly but didn’t say anything.

Han Dong’er, who sat next to him, heard him clearly said, “Such a great doesn’t suit my image or my style, what do I do, what do I do…”

Obviously, Tang Yuan also coveted this song.

Those big judges were that excited so it was obvious the other judges and audience didn’t stay quiet after they sat back down as they discussed about it fervently.

The broadcast studio was like a vegetable market as it was noisy and had a lively atmosphere.

The Production Director Hua Zhongpu had satisfied smile plastered on his face as he watched it.

This is my show!

This episode is just so perfect!

If they still can’t get the best rating with this, then the heaven must be blind!

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