I Know Everything Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Fierce Competition between the two idols!

To win in ‘I Sing My Song’, they must get the first place two times in two rounds, two first places in three rounds or three first places in five rounds. They must get first place to win the competition.

Ling Ruiyun hadn’t been able to obtain the first place in the first two rounds and it was unlikely he would reverse it and win the next three rounds.

So his meaning was that he had already ended his own contention for the championship.

He could still sing in the third round but it wouldn’t have much effect with the championship contention.

Fu Bufan knew about this so he sent him away with his claps.

Ling Ruiyun departure made people sad but more people felt excited for the competition between the remaining three contestants.

Internet had nothing but people analyzing.

They all already came into the same conclusion as Tang Yuan and Lan Kai.

Zhao Changshou was likely to be overtaken by Li Bi if he didn’t sing a super classic in the second round.

Teacher Lu Xiaofeng only prepared two songs for Zhao Changshou as everyone knew. Even if Li Bi and Jin Guwei only prepared two songs, their choices after that were much larger and better than that of Zhao Changshou.

Because they were the best students from a music school so they knew what songs suited them best.

But what about Grandpa Zhao Changshou?

He couldn’t choose any good song at all and had to randomly pick one so it would definitely be not as good.

People said that Zhao Changshou could sing one of his previous song he used to advance in the competition.

He could.

But would the judges buy it after the previous incident with the votes?

If they thought that Zhao Changshou lacked creativity and that Jin Guwei as well as Li Bi came up with a better things, especially with their stage presence and appeal, it would be very likely for them to completely overwhelm Grandpa.

Everyone thought that the finals was wrap up from the beginning but there was suddenly such a variable that changed the competition so the viewers were more excited as the finals of ‘I Sing My Song’ got much more interesting.

The result was the rating of ‘I Sing My Song’ rose and rose again toward the top.

Jin Guwei came out second was obviously in a much better state of mind as he was oozing with energy.

“The song I’m about to sing is written by Teacher Jin Dawei and Jin Damen called ‘The Play of Life’, it’s a very good song!”

When Jin Guwei spoke, he looked and blinked toward the camera as he showed his charm.

“I went to the music store today and saw a beautiful girl, I wanted to ask her number but I was awakened by my mom. Oh, it turned to be a dream, but it seemed so real…”

Jin Guwei was holding the mic with one hand while his other hand is started to waved around. His feet quickly moved as it harmonized greatly with the dancers behind him.

The song was very dynamic and the tune was light and powerful while not requiring much singing skills but still pleasant to listen to.

“Sure enough, it’s a song from the Jin Twin! It’s good the moment I started to listen to it! it’s better than the previous one too!”

“No shit. Jin Guwei is very smart, he obviously put the better for last.”

“But didn’t they say that the Jin Twin gave him only a song? Why does he have two?”

“Can’t you see it? This was something he deliberately let out, maybe he still have more songs in his pocket!”

“Damn, Jin Guwei is so rich! Two songs are two million!”

“So what? Our Sister Xiaofeng sell 2 million for a song!”

“But your Sister Xiaofeng might fall this time! Zhao Changshou will definitely fall behind if we go to the third round!”

“Yeah, there’s a difference between an original song and an old song!”


After they vented their fill previously, the comments in the internet were much calmer now.

But they were still very active for the show’s final.

The audience cheered and waved their hands at for Jin Guwei. The atmosphere became lively again.

The program team’s faces showed happiness as it was a great final!

“Please come have a date in my dream…”

After he sung the last part, the dancers suddenly surrounded Jin Guwei while he knelt with one knee with one hand pointing toward the ceiling.

That action came at the same time as the last music note and the electronic firework also exploded at the same time which gave Jin Guwei an extremely cool appearance.


Wang Zhao repeatedly praised him, “Jin Guwei, your live performance is indeed very good! I’m certain there are a lot of young girl screaming in front of their TV as they cheer for you!”

Wang Zhao’s lyrics were more classical but he didn’t discriminate against idols as he thought them as an essential part of the music industry.

Jin Guwei’s performance today was very good and was just like the other idols performance. He didn’t look like a rookie at all.

Bu Yiyi agreed with Wang Zhao as she said, “Yeah, he looked so energizing and youthful that it made me want to listen to it again!”

“However, your breathing isn’t stable enough as your singing was a little off.” Tang Yuan pointed out to him, “When you go back, you should train to push your limit such as train your breathing when you are running and etc…it would be very helpful to stabilize your breathing when you dance like that!”

“Thank you! Thank You!”

Jin Guwei was filled with sweats but he still smiled brightly as he was obviously satisfied with his own performance.

The 100 judges were also very satisfied with the performance.

He got 45 points from the musician and 50 points from the civilian for a total of 95 votes!

Everyone was astonished when they saw the result.

95 votes was amongst the highest scores ever obtained and could easily took the first place last round.

The pressure on the two remaining contestant suddenly increased.

The camera on the TV suddenly changed to the one in Li Bi’s room.

Li Bi clenched her fits at the results and didn’t know what to say.

However just as she stood up, the evil advertisements appeared and interrupted the feed in Li Bi’s room. It was unknown how many people cursed at that.

When the advertisements ended and the live broadcast on the stage came back, Li Bi already stood in front of everybody with a fully confident smile.

With this smile alone, she already conquered the heart of many young people.

“The song I’m going to interpret is a song written by Teacher Yi Kanghai and Shang Ya called ‘No Need to Explain’. It’s good fast paced song… Please enjoy.”

A group of dancers stood behind her after she waved her hands to the public.

She didn’t change the form fitting leather outfit she had previously and the dancers behind her also had the same leather outfit as her. People knew from a glance that she would be dancing while singing again.

Sure enough, a fast paced beat started and Li Bi and the dancers started to move like fairies on the stage.

“No need to explain, as long you love me, I can feel it in the empty air. No need to explain, people live for happiness, there’s nothing wrong in seeking happiness…”

“I lost too much before, now I just want to put you into my heart. When you can dream of me, as long as you can dream of me for one night, we will meet again…”

Yi Kanghai’s lyrics always expressed delicate love with complicate and ever changing emotion.

This song wasn’t his best but along with Shang Ya’s composition that was fast paced with rhythm that highlighted the girl’s fear of being hurt in the lyrics.

The audience and the judges showed an energized face as they stood up to dance around.

Li Bi and Jin Guwei songs both had vigorous dancing but Li Bi’s was obviously better in the control of the stage and expressing herself through the dance moves.

The dance moves she made were high level one that could show her graceful figure and express herself better, which made the audience reluctant to take their eyes away from her.

Jin Guwei showed how handsome and cool he was but there was no way for him to show his muscles and that was his performance was inherently weaker than Li Bi’s.

“Tsk, look at that, the cooperation between Yi Kanghai and Shang Ya really have not weakness in it! Nice song!”

“Yeah, I also think so and Li Bi’s breathing is more stable this time and better than previously.”

“That kind of electro music is a bit noisy. This fast paced song suits her better.”

“Jin Guwei got 95 points previously, our Bibi surely can get more points than him?”

“It’s not sure. What if the judges think she’s too brazen and sexy?”

“Why don’t you say that they might get even more attracted?”

Everyone was noisily discussing about it but they all hoped that Li Bi’s song to finish slower so they could appreciate Li Bi’s curvaceous and beautiful appearance longer.

It wasn’t only the netizens as the audience in the studio thought the same.

Only those middle aged people and elderly watched Li Bi’s performance with a frown.

If it was them who selected the standing, Li Bi would be ranked fourth, Jin Guwei third, Ling Ruiyan second and Zhao Changshou first.

Cough, cough.

Obviously if it was the young men and women who were choosing it then, it would be Li Bi and Jin Guwei at the top with Zhao Changshou third while Lin Ruiyan would be fourth.

*Bam!* *Bam!*

After the drum beat ended, Li Bi finished her second song.

She gave her full effort so when she successfully completed her last dance move, she was so tired she could barely move.

It was only then people knew how much effort she gave.

“This song is a progress from the previous one.” Tang Yuan praised, “If you persevere and have ten songs like that, you can open a small concert! I promise you that many people would go to watch it!”

“The song written by Old Yi this time isn’t that sad and even gives out a youthful vitality, which is really rare!” Wang Zhao reviewed, “What is even rarer is your choreography that perfectly suit the song and you were stable at every step of the song. If I could vote, I would definitely give my vote to you!”

“It’s a very nice song and the style was unique. I can even learn something from it for my future songs.” Fu Bufan frankly said, “And Li Bi, you just danced beautifully with the song, it entered my heart and linger in it, extremely impressive!”

They all praised the song and gave a high evaluation of it. The other judges also agreed to it.

The voting results soon came out.

Everybody sucked a breath in when they saw it.

Professional musicians: 48 votes.

Civilian judges: 48 votes.

It was a total of 97 votes!

Everyone knew that Li Bi and Jin Guwei would get higher votes than before.

But they didn’t expect it to be so high.

Jin Guwei’s 95 votes was already impressive but Li Bi actually took another forward and got 97 votes!

Sadly, Zhao Changshou was probably done for if he didn’t give out a shocking performance!

The suspense for the final was at its peak!

Everybody was looking at Zhao Changshou, who was sitting in his room talking to the Grandma, with complicated mood.

Only Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu were completely calm.

“Let’s go, it’s time for us to perform!”

Chen Huan took Shui Qianyu’s hand and led her out of the room.

What they faced was filled with uncertainty!

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