I Know Everything Chapter 163

Chapter 163: A singer who is destined to not be popular.

Things had been cleared up now.

Most of the judges thought that the other wouldn’t give their votes so they all gave out a sympathy vote.

They wanted to encourage him so he wouldn’t be so embarrassed. They thought the vote wouldn’t matter that much anyway.

But the results went beyond their expectation.

The situation wasn’t impossible if one thought about it.

It could only be said that most of the 100 judges were kind hearted people and people that had a lot of imagination so that was why such a dramatic situation happened.

The 90 points for the Grandpa surpassed the 85 points from the impressive Li Bi so Grandpa took the first place in the first round!

Ninth Brother consulted with other judges in order to valid the votes and in agreed to it in the end.

Those who didn’t give their vote raised their hands.

There were only 10 people

They felt embarrassed and ashamed by it.

Because the people around them looked them with eyes that was saying ‘How can you be so cold hearted?’ and ‘How can you do something like that?”

But it also proved that the remaining 90 people had really voted by their own volition so they could withstand inquiry of the rest.

Netizens also calmed down a lot after that.

“I have nothing to say in this case. Things are just too coincidental!”

“Do you think they would valid the votes?”

“Why wouldn’t they valid it? Did someone force them to give their votes?”

“Exactly, since the vote is already given, then it’s already decided and cannot be changed back again.”

“If you want to change it, then I’ll demand to let the old man sing again. If you can change the vote, why can’t I have that?”


Ninth Brother also solicited the opinion of the six big judges.

Bu Yiyi didn’t hesitate to speak first, “I’m not someone from the music scene but I think we should respect the results no matter what since it was the judges choices.”

“Yes, coincidence is also one of things that can lead to a result and we can’t deny its existence.” Lan Kai said, “I think the 90 points is valid!”

Tang Yuan came to the show to repay the favor to Lu Xiaofeng to begin with so he said in agreement, “Since nobody is at fault and I think it will hurt people feelings if we remake the vote, keeping it will represent everybody’s feeling better.”

Fu Bufan also nodded as he said, “I agree with Brother Yuan’s take on this.”

Wang Zhao hesitated before he still agrees with it, “Music is a very emotional thing and everybody shouldn’t be bothered by it since everyone also thought the same. You did nothing wrong and if it was me, I may have also given a sympathy vote.”

Looking at the result and what was going on, Han Dong’er bit her lips and didn’t say anything.

She didn’t pick up the microphone and just simply saw there.

Her opinion was obviously not needed.

The matter was settled since everyone agreed.

“Alright, I announce officially that Zhao Changshou got the first place in the first round!” Ninth Brother immediately announced right after, “According to the first round results, the next contestant to perform is Ling Ruiyun! After the advertisement, we will contestant Lin Ruiyun amazing performance, don’t go anywhere!”

The audience in the studio and judges used this time to go drink water and use the restrooms.

With the big judges, Tang Yuan lightly patted at Lan Kai and said, “Brother Kai, do you think there’ll be some misshape next round? Why do I feel something wrong is going to happen?”

“Your intuition is right.” Lan Kai said with a nod, “This round he passed with a lot of controversy and it was also due to an accident. In a football field, when the referee make a mistake, he will try to balance things out. The judges will be extremely strict for Zhao Changshou’s next song! He will be punished if he’s song it’s the same quality as ‘Restless Heart’ while the other improved!”

Tang Yuan understood what he meant and exclaimed. “Isn’t that very dangerous for him then?”

“Not really.” Lan Kai said, “I have faith in Teacher Lu Xiaofeng! The first song was a bit flat but the second one will definitely be amazing!”

“You mean that Teacher Lu’s second song is another super classic?” Wang Zhao suddenly asked.

“Damn, this guy… speaking out of nowhere, are you trying to scare me to death?” Lan Kai glared at him.

Wang Zhao wouldn’t argue with his since he was an old timer in the industry so he just said with a smile, “I think Sir Kai is right in the first half but I don’t agree with the second half of what you said. Don’t forget that Li Bi’s next song is written by Yi Kanghai and Shang Ya. That little girl really generous!”

Lan Kai just smiled and said nothing else.

Generous my ass!

She quietly signed a contract with his Phoenix Record and that money was given by Phoenix Record.

They got this song to become Li Bi’s title song for her first album and it was quite expansive.

The Big Bro of Phoenix Record Tang Yuan certainly knew of this but he also didn’t mention it.

He also wanted to see if the cooperation between Yi Kanghai and Shang Ya could pose a real threat to Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

The five minute break quickly passed.

The live feed started again.

Ninth Brother appeared on the screen again, “Alright! The second round of the competition can officially begin! I believe that everyone already knows that the second songs that the participants chose were rehearsed in private. We are like the viewers as we don’t know what songs it is! So let us all enjoy it together! The first contestant to perform is Ling Ruiyun!”

While he said that, Ling Ruiyan walked out of the backstage with a guitar in his hand.

Getting the last place in the first round didn’t have any effect on Ling Ruiyun.

His expression was calm and his hands steady as it held the guitar.

“My second song is written by Teacher Fu Bufan.” Ling Ruiyun said to the microphone, “He said my voice was filled with stories as soon he heard it and I indeed have a lot of stories I could sing for everyone. I’ll sing ‘Northern Lady’ for everyone!”

“I loved a girl from the north, her smile had no trace of sadness, she always smiled widely, she had a sincerity women in the south didn’t have…”

The atmosphere in the studio immediately calmed down after hearing an original song.

Fu Bufan was the little prince of ballad songs. His songs weren’t elegant and was very simply but it could move the people’s hearts.

Especially the hearts of the people who travelled a lot.

‘Northern Lady’ was a song that was like a tale, the lyrics and story were simple but one calmed down to listen to it, they would appreciate it greatly.

Several big judges closed their eyes again as they listened to his hoarse and magnetic voice while nodding.

The many viewers saw that only Ling Ruiyun was performing with his guitar in hands as no other instrument accompanied him.

“Oh, I understand, you also like me, but you will eventually go back to your hometown and back to the people who care about you…”

After singing the last bit of lyrics, Ling Ruiyan didn’t wait for Ninth Brother to speak before he directly spoke to the audience, “No matter what the results are this time, I’m grateful to the various teachers for giving me the opportunity to perform on this stage and sing to you! I also hope to be keep performing in a stage in the future and keep singing songs to the public! Thank you!”


A thunderous applause was heard.

People always appreciate people with talents. This guy singing with his guitar made them reminiscence about their high school and university life.

Ling Ruiyun speech also gave him bonus points.

The results soon came out and he got a total of 86 points.

He got 8 more votes than what he got in the first round.

But it was clearly not enough to win the championship.

Ling Ruiyun already knew about it and that was why he said that earlier.

He seemed to say goodbye to the viewers of ‘I Sing My Song’.

Fu Bufan stood up and loudly applauded Ling Ruiyun who left the stage and said nothing.

Only ballad singers would understand the bitterness ballad singers felt.

Ling Ruiyun didn’t lack in skills but he suffered from stage presence.

To put it bluntly, he couldn’t attract more fans and if he couldn’t unlock the ‘fans money’, the company couldn’t make any money.

That was why he didn’t get popular since the start.

Idols like Jin Guwei and Li Bi were loved by the talent agencies and record company since they were very popular with the young fans.

This was how the music industry worked.

Of course, there were singer like Tang Yuan that was appreciated by a wide range of the mass.

Since the most active of the society loved him, his albums, concerts and etc… could have be sold for a high price.

But Tang Yuan couldn’t be compared to Ling Ruiyun since Tang Yuan started to sing since his teenage years until now. He was near perfect in his art and not many people could be compared to him in China.

Zhu Shengyu, who was also a music emperor, could somewhat be compared to Tang Yuan in term of singing. He could sing many type of songs with his voice and was much better than Tang Yuan in terms of love songs. Tang Yuan rarely sung love songs due to his type of singing.

Su Mo was also another type of singer.

He was born with a heaven defying handsomeness and was very talented in music which helped attract fans from 20 to 50 years old and naturally became the sweetheart of many people.

Take Fu Bufan as an example since he was also a ballad singer. Just like another small emperor Zhao Zifeng, they could write good songs for themselves and that talent gave them bonus point which elevated them to the standing of a small emperor.

Ling Ruiyun didn’t have any bonus point and only had a good voice and singing skills. He naturally wouldn’t become one of the most popular singers.

He was already mostly guaranteed as the fourth place in ‘I Sing My Song’ and this also could represent his status in the music industry.

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