I Know Everything Chapter 162

Chapter 162: It this a farce or a comedy!?


Ninth Brother let out a relieved smile but his bright smile wasn’t there anymore as he said, “Since  Grandpa Zhao Changshou agreed with the decision too, then there would be no background story to tell. I would like to add here that when Teacher Lu and Teacher Han made such a decision, our program team knew about it and we also agreed to it! However we can’t say anything more about it.”

Bu Yiyi didn’t want to let go like that, “Ninth Brother, you’re so mean. Why can’t you tell us? If there’s a story behind it, just tell us!”

“I can’t say it or Teacher Lu will be angry.” Ninth Brother gave her a bitter smile, “Please everyone, just give your review on the music itself.”

“Let me give mine then!” Tang Yuan obviously would come out this time, “I was wondering why Teacher Lu will write a line such as  ‘I wonder if my weary soul is destined to have your company’ for the Grandpa. It didn’t suit the Grandpa’s style at all! I didn’t expect Teacher Lu to ambush us with that as it turned out he thought  of today when he wrote the song.”

After a pause, Tang Yuan conclude with a satisfied smile, “I think this song is great, very great!”

Lan Kai worked with him for many years so he obviously knew that Tang Yuan was fond of ‘Restless Heart’.

He happened to appreciate this song too and bought it for 2 million. It was totally worth it.

Who would complain about having too many good songs?

With Tang Yuan status, what was money? The most important thing was having more good songs.

“I actually think that this song is quite suitable for me.” Fu Bufan joined in, “Brother Yuan, that smile is kind of scaring me.”

“No way!” Tang Yuan just quickly shook his head and didn’t speak to him anymore.

One should never be soft and hesitant when they were buying songs.

Otherwise a tragedy like Meng Wusheng snatching away his song would happen again!

Wang Zhao gave his view after them, “’Restless Heart’ is the most gentle song I’ve ever heard from Teacher Lu Xiaofeng. It tell the feelings of the middle aged man wandering in the world with a hint of sadness, loneness and nostalgia. This song can’t be considered a classic but it’s the most pleasant song I’ve heard today. If there’s wine around, I could slowly sip a cup of wine as I enjoy the song through the night.”

What Wang Zhao felt was also what almost everyone else felt.

If Zhao Changshou didn’t stumble, not even Li Bi’s incredible performance would be able to shake the Grandpa’s first place.

But it was clear now that it was hopeless for Zhao Changshou to get the first place.

Ninth Brother also thought so as he asked the 100 judges to votes with a dignified expression.

The program team knew that Chen Huan only prepared two songs for the Grandpa. What would happen in the third round if they lose the first round?

It would be completely useless if they just sang some random song!

At the same time, Chen Huan returned to his room and was faced with the same question by Shui Qianyu, “What should we do if we lose this round?”

“We won’t lose if those 100 people are sentimental people.” Chen Huan replied simply, “If we lose then it’s the heaven’s will.”

Shui Qianyu was relieved after seeing how confident he was.

Since summer, Chen Huan didn’t let anyone down.

But she would definitely beat Chen Huan up if she actually knew what he was thinking.


It seems that I made a mistake this time!

Grandpa, Grandpa, you’re already such a big boy but you still couldn’t hold it!?

If cried while singing, it would still be alright if the tune was off a little since people can understand it.

But the result was you just stopped singing! It’s going be very troublesome now.

Chen Huan wanted to do something good as it would be a good memory for the old woman to have when she saw Zhao Changshou perform for the last time on the stage.

But unexpectedly, Zhao Changshou fumbled his performance just like a flustered kid.

At that time, Chen Huan’s pride refused to us Zhao Changshou and the Grandma stories to garner sympathy.

A mistake was a mistake and a lost was a lost.

With that in mind and his mind made, Chen Huan would bear with all the consequences instead of complaining like a bitch.

Even if he could go back on time, Chen Huan wouldn’t change it.

Wouldn’t he destroy his image in front of the miss small empress if he did that? Wouldn’t Han Dong’er look down on him?

However, he wouldn’t be able to get the Good Lord’s reward.

He hoped he would at least be able to complete the mission about Han Dong’er asking for help.

Good Lord, you’re not that cruel, right?

We are still good friend and buddies!

The people on the internet also started to get nervous.

“Why do I think Sister Xiaofeng let go of an opportunity?”

“Right! Things already reached this point, couldn’t he just put some good words to the judges?”

“Look at the judges’ grim eyes, I’m think it’s really bad this time!”

“Tsk, what you guys worried about? How could Sister Xiaofeng not be prepared? If the old man doesn’t get the first place, wouldn’t we just get to listen a third song?”

“No, I heard Sister Xiaofeng only prepared two songs for the Grandpa because he thought two was enough.”

“Where did you see that? Why didn’t I heard of it?”

“What he said is real. Everyone in the program team knows about it. My cousin said so when he came back from work. Sister Xiaofeng is really a gutsy guy.”

“It’s not gutsy anymore but pale in fright right now, no?”

“What are you talking about? Would it affect Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s status and talent in the music industry even if Zhao Changshou doesn’t win the championship? Ignorant!”


At that moment, the voting was also ended.

Everyone noticed that Ninth Brother’s face changed as shock was plastered all over his face.

But it immediately turned into a smile as he said, “Let us see our latest participant’s scores…”

The result immediately appeared on the big screen.

Musician judges: 45 votes.

Civilian judges: 45 votes.

Total votes: 90 votes.

Everybody took a big breath when they saw that.

Tang Yuan: “…”

Lan Kai: “…”

Wang Zhao: “…”

Musician judges: “…”

Civilian judges: “…”

Audience in the studio: “…”

Audience in front of their TV: “…”

Netizens that were commenting: “…”

“Shady! There’s definitely something shady going on!”

“Program team, aren’t you guys too daring? Huh!? I love Grandpa Zhao Changshou but I still think he screwed up this time!”

“’I Sing My Song’ is gone! I’ll never watch it ever again!”

“The program team is despicable! Lu Xiaofeng is despicable! Han Dong’er is despicable!”

“Hey! You just have to scold the program team but why are you also scolding our Chen Huan? Are you deaf or blind? Didn’t you hear what he just said? He will bear with the consequence and doesn’t care about the win! Why a person like that go cheat!?”

“Yeah, I also think this has nothing to do with Lu Xiaofeng and Han Dong’er. It must be the program team doing! Yikes!”


There were many people scolding on the internet but there were even more people stunned in front of their TV.

Even the audience in the studio went into an uproar.

They liked the Grandpa and cheered for him but they absolutely couldn’t tolerate blatant cheating.

The 100 judges were looking at each other with confused and stunned face.

Ninth Brother was worthy of his reputation as he immediately had the camera and light focus on him.

“Alright, I know that everyone is in disbelief due to the results and I also feel the same.” Ninth Brother seriously said, “But I want to say that the results is genuine and our program didn’t have anything to do with it.”


The audience instantly started to boo him.

Ninth Brother didn’t get flustered as he raised his voice and said, “Since everyone doesn’t believe it, how about we randomly interview the judges and ask them the reasons of their vote? Camera please aim toward there…”

The professional musician and normal civilian were separated in two different directions.

Ninth randomly pointed toward a 20 years old female civilian judge and asked for her opinion.

“I… I just thought that Grandpa was very sad and this little mistake wasted all his efforst…” The female said while stuttering, “Since no one was going to vote for him, I gave him a sympathy vote or his scores will be really bad…”

“No way!” A musician judge in the opposite direction grabbed the microphone and said, “You also thought so? I also gave a sympathy vote! He made such a blunder but you shouldn’t all gave him a sympathy, no?”

“You think you’re the only person that have compassion?” A female musician below him said, “I was about to cry too when I saw them cry as they laughed and talked! How can I not give him a sympathy vote? Hey, the cold and heartless Lil’Huo, what did you give? Don’t tell me you also gave a sympathy vote?”

A male musician in the first row with a small ponytail turned back and said with a bitter smile, “It’s not like my heart is made of steel so how can it not feel compassion in a situation like this? I thought he would only get 20 to 30 votes and give him a bit more so he wouldn’t feel so miserable! Otherwise wouldn’t the Grandma come in vain tonight? How saddening would that be!?”

“Me too!”

“I also think so!”

“Oh my god, why all of you are thinking like me?”

It was even noisier on the side of the civilian judges as they all couldn’t believe it.

Ninth Brother: “…”

The six main judges: “…”

The audience: “…”

Netizens that were yelling ‘Shady’: “…”

Chen Huan in the room felt like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulder.

The heaven didn’t let him down!

It was real that good people would be rewarded and he could be lucky!

Chen Huan felt extremely happy inside as he felt he had the plot armor of a protagonist and felt like dancing.

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