I Know Everything Chapter 161

Chapter 161: First Round. (Part 3)

Netizens started to cause trouble on the internet but the viewers in front of their TV were even more concerned. It was unknown how many people shouted ‘Quickly Sing! Quickly Sing!’ in front of their TV.

But at the studio, nobody knew who started it but people started clapping.


The applause instantly started to get louder and more intense as all the 100 judges stood up with everybody to clap.

They didn’t need to hear him talk to know that Zhao Changshou shared deep feeling with his wife.

Those kinds of feelings didn’t need words at all as it could easily penetrate the people heart and touch them.

With everyone’s encouragement, Zhao Changshou finally started to sing again.

“Ooh…I have long forgotten the passer by. Those pas events and incidents are gone by the winds. My restless heart is gradually calming down… destined to have your company.”

But he obviously didn’t adjust his mood as he choked in a middle of a sentence and didn’t finish it.

“Ooh…I have long forgotten the passer by. Those pas events and incidents are gone by the winds. My restless heart is gradually calming down, I wonder if my weary soul is destined to have your company.”

In the last replay and with the dozens of harmonica playing, Zhao Changshou sang this again and completely it fully.

He put down his microphone immediately after he sung and rushed down the stage to go to the old lady so he could hold her hands.

The old woman was smiled with tears running down as she whispered something to him.

Zhao Changshou was completely immersed in their two people worlds as he completely ignored everything outside of it.

Director Wu Ping looked at Hua Zhongpu and Hua Zhongpu just nodded with gritted teeth.

The camera instant panned toward where the couple was and showed that scene appeared to the thousands of TV across China.

“Tsk, I thought ‘I Sing Me Song’ was a show that had integrity and wouldn’t use sensational tactics but they are like the others in the end! Dislike!”

“Bullshit! What kind of person are you? How can you not be touched after seeing that? It is such a bad thing for Grandpa and Grandma to be together even in bad times? If you like to nick pick so much, why don’t you go work in seafood store?”

“I don’t think it’s that simple. If it was the making of the program team, wouldn’t they only show it out at the most dangerous moment for Grandpa? Isn’t this too early for the Grandma to come out?”

“Exactly! I saw some news on the internet that said Grandpa sometime pushed someone in a wheelchair around the hotel. I didn’t expect it to be true! It shows that the Grandma was always with him and didn’t only come here because of the finals!”

“I also saw the pictures but they were so blurry. There wasn’t much reaction from it at that time but it seems that they had been together since that time. Grandma had always been supporting him by his side… I’m so touched~~~”

“Everybody stop squabbling, don’t you guys notice the most important point here? Look closely and think who is pushing the wheelchair? Who does he look like?”

“Who? Dressing like that, does he think he’s a big celebrity? So funny!”

“The poster above is such a fool! You will be soon wrecked by the 6 billion ‘Happy Fans Group’ members soon!”

“Hahaha! Exactly! Isn’t he our most handsome teenager?”

“I knew it! I knew Sister Xiaofeng would come tonight! It is indeed the case!”


The people in the internet instantly started to make a fuss when they saw the Grandma and Chen Huan.

It was similar at the studio but very few people actually noticed Chen Huan yet.

“Hey, Ninth Brother, doing in such a way, what’s the meaning of this.” Wang Zhao felt a little unhappy about this.

He was a sentimental person but he disliked using sob stories to win pity.

Competition was completion for him and one shouldn’t rely on outside factors to win.

“It wasn’t my doing.” Ninth Brother felt extremely wronged and he looked in direction on the Grandpa before motioning with his eyes if he should speak.

“It’s what we wanted.”

Han Dong’er wasn’t good as explained and her short answer made Fan Bufan feel dissatisfied.

Although you support Grandpa and I also really like the Grandpa, do you have to something like this?

Why it is so sensational?

It was still Lan Kai who handled this the best.

He took the microphone and asked with a smile, “Teacher Lu, since you already came out, how about you say a few words to us? Otherwise people will scold the program team, this is broadcaster across the country after all.”

Teacher Lu?

The people there weren’t fools as they knew who Lan Kai was talking about.

Who else could it be beside Sister Xiaofeng?

But where was Sister Xiaofeng?

Why couldn’t they see her?!

As everyone was looking at every direction, Wang Zhao thought about it and looked at the young man who was pushing to wheelchair.

The young man waved at a staff member next to him before a microphone was quickly given to him.

The lens also focused on him.

The young men didn’t speak immediately as he first removed his mask, sunglasses and hat so he could let everyone see who he was.

It was really the most handsome teenager!

They thought Jin Guwei was handsome but he was absolutely nothing compared to Chen Huan’s heaven gifted and god sculpted appearance.

“This matter has nothing to do with the program team and Grandpa also didn’t know about it. It was a decision made by Dong’er and I.” Chen Huan said on the microphone, “There are no other intentions behind the action besides wanting to let the Grandma come here to see the Grandpa sing. It didn’t matter even if it affected the Grandpa’s singing and affected his chance at winning the championship.”


Everybody present exclaimed in unison.

Fu Bufan had a bitter smile.

Sister Xiaofeng is really Sister Xiaofeng, she always speaks so bluntly.

It didn’t matter if you lost the championship?

People would probably think he was pretending if it wasn’t Chen Huan who said it.

Zhao Changshou raised his head and got agitated when he heard that and wanted to take the microphone in Chen Huan hands but was stopped by him.

“Alright, everybody can go vote now.” Chen Huan said calmly, “Let me say that whatever you guys decide, we’ll accept it because this it is the consequences of our action. I will not regret it, Dong’er will not regret it and Grandpa will not blame anyone!”

After saying that, Chen Huan lowered his head and said something to Grandma. The old lady nodded and grabbed Zhao Changshou’s hand who wanted to say something before they left the studio with Chen Huan pushing the wheelchair.

Before they left, Zhao Changshou turned his head to look at Han Dong’er and couldn’t help but sigh.

Everyone could see the guilt on his face.

That’s right!


Everyone knew at that time that Zhao Changshou was just as Chen Huan said. He didn’t blame the two at all and only feel a little bit guilty.

 As for what he was guilty of, he obviously knew that the first place of the first round escaped him because of his bad performance.

Zhao Changshou greatest regret was to disappoint Chen Huan and Han Dong’er expectation!

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