I Know Everything chapter 160

Chapter 160: First Round. (Part 2)

The third to perform was Li Bi and was also considered the most likely candidate to challenge Zhao Changshou.

Girls had many advantages in a talent show.

Because people feel more sympathy toward them.

After all, girls were seen as weak.

Zhao Changshou wasn’t 65 years old so he drew more sympathy than her but if it was someone from a familiar age like Ruiyun who was in his thirties, he would be surpassed long ago and it wouldn’t even be close.

Of course, Li Bi’s advantage didn’t stop there.

Her live performance was first class.

It didn’t show in the top 64 but she adapted to the show at top 32, she showed her strong charisma during live performance.

She smiles as she sings and every one of her movements was filled with grace and beauty.

It hadn’t reached perfection yet but she was only 20 years old after all. If she was well nurtured, she would easily become the next small empress.

This was also what everyone thought in the industry.

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they saw Li Bi coming up with a dancing trope.

Li Bi was wearing a white dress earlier when she just came out.

But she changed to a tight fitting leather outfit that outlined her graceful and beautiful figure.

The 20 years old from the conservatory of music had no trace of fat on her body and showed that she was in the best shape of her life.

Couple with a golden heels filled with rhinestones and the wild expression on her face, she was like a kitten oozing with sexuality.

The song she chose was even more ingenious.

Li Bi didn’t chose a Chinese song but a godlike song from America called ‘Don’t Stop’ by Carry.

Li Bi started to move as the beat started.

Her cool dance moves and expressive expression instantly livened up the audience.

“Wow, so beautiful!”

“I want to take her as my wife! I’m a nouveau riche! My family has 50 million assets, I’m good looking and in perfect health while not having any bad trait!”

“Is the poster upstairs trying to make people laugh to death? You’re called nouveau riche with only 50 million?”

“It’ll be fine if it was in a little city but if you want to marry Li Bi, that’s not enough.”

“Tsk, it seems that everyone is thinking alike! A succubus like Li Bi isn’t suitable as a wife but she’s perfect as a mistress!”

“No way, a mistress will suck everything from you unless your dad is Zheng Qian!”

“Zheng Qian has only a daughter and Papa Yang has a son but he’s only 15 years old! Papa Qi had two sons though!”


Everyone discussed off topic as they listened and saw Li Bi’s song and dancing.

Li Bi’s movements were intensive as a lot of sweat appeared on her face and her singing was sometime off.

But those small flaws didn’t affect everyone admiration.

Then she stood in a slightly tilted way and completed the whole song with a solemn look. The studio gave her the warmest and loudest applause to date.

“The singing wasn’t good enough. The dancing was good. Overall it is good.” Han Dong’er said.

“Thank you Teacher Dong’er.” Li Bi held the microphone and said out of breath.

She knew Han Dong’er gave her a somewhat good grade which was something very rare.

Han Dong’er rarely praised her during the previous round.

“Wow, such a pleasant surprise tonight.” Bu Yiyi was the next to speak, “Li Bi, with skills like this, you can totally join the film industry and your starting point will even be pretty high!”

“What I want right now is to sing but I will consider you proposition when I develop further in my career, thank you Sister Yiyi~~~” Li Bi spoke to Bu Yiyi in a much more intimate manner.

One came from the music industry while the other came from the movie industry and there was no conflict between the two industries so they naturally could become friends.

“You chose this song that can cover up your shortcoming and perfectly shown your best attribute, which is very smart of you.” Tang Yuan concluded at the end.

What he said was also what everybody’s thought.

Compared to Jin Guwei who only sells how good looking he was, Li Bi’s had the same advantage as him but was also smarter about it.

After being sharpened by the many rounds, she had already started to radiate her own light and would definitely be a strong newcomer if she could further develop.

The scores from the judges also reflected this.

The musicians gave 40 points while the audience gave 45 points. It gave her a total of 85 points which put Jin Guwei and Ling Ruiyun under her.

Next, it was Zhao Changshou awaited turn.

The audience and the judges held their breath as they waited for his amazing singing.

Zhao Changshou came out while wearing a Chinese tunic suit and received a warm applause as usual.

He gave everyone a smile and said, “The song I want to sing today is ‘Restless Heart’.”

The details on the song appeared on the screen behind.

Song Title: Restless Heart.

Singer: Zhao Changshou.

Lyricist: Lu Xiaofeng.

Composer: Lu Xiaofeng.

Arranger: Lu Xiaofeng.

The song of train passing by was heard before a harmonica started playing. Then Zhao Changshou started to sing.

His styles were always the same as he barely moved except when in ‘Chinese Kung Fu’.

This was why many musicians liked him.

As a singer, the main thing was obviously singing so what they were trying to do by putting so much importance on other thing?

When Li Bi was singing and dancing previously, only Bu Yiyi was seriously praising her. Did Lan Kai, Wang Zhao or Fu Bufuan talked?

That was why Zhao Changshou had such a huge reputation amongst the musicians. They could dislike him but they couldn’t deny his talent in singing.

“I once thought my home was like those ticket stubs; As soon as they were torn, I began onejourney after another, flinging myself into a world of strangers.”

“Drifting like this days after days and feeling lonely years after years, now I suddenly realized that all my destination goes back to my starting points.”

“Ooh…I have long forgotten the passer by. Those pas events and incidents are gone by the winds. My restless heart is gradually calming down, I wonder if my weary soul is destined to have your company.”

This soothing music with the beautiful lyrics and melody made the musicians extremely comfortable as they listened to it.

The four men of Tang Yuan, Fu Bufan, Lan Kai and Fan Bufan couldn’t help but close their eyes and moves their heads gently as they obviously enjoyed the music.

This was pure music!

Only music like that could make them seriously listen to it and appreciate it!

Next was the interlude with the harmonica and that melodious sound sent them to the memory lane.

But uproar resounded at this moment.

The unhappy Wang Zhao that had been disturbed by it opened his eyes and couldn’t help but frown. He saw Zhao Changhou’s mouth wide open and seemed wanting to say something but held it at the end.

The most important thing was Zhao Changshou was staring somewhere with reddened and teary eyes.

What’s going on?

Wang Zhao was confused.

He immediately follow Zhao Changshou’s gaze toward a place dimly lit by little lights.

It was at their side and in the first row. There was wheelchair amongst them.

An old woman was sitting on the wheelchair. She was looking at Zhao Changshou with a smile as she shed tears.

Pushing the wheelchair was a young man with a mask, sunglass and hat.

Wang Zhao immediately understood at that moment.

That woman should be Zhao Changshou’s wife.

But why hadn’t they heard about his wife being in bad health?

He thought that Zhao Changshou was in a happy peasant family due to how cheerful and optimistic he looked and acted.

But before he could finish thinking about it, the music started again.

Zhao Changshou should had normally stabilized his mind and continued singing but a big mistake happened at that moment.

As the tune resounded and rhythm started to pick up, Zhao Changshou’s mouth moved but no sound came out of it.

The music continued but the singing didn’t!

Zhao Changshou didn’t notice this as he bit his mouth and wanted to give his wife a smile but it all it did was make his face even uglier.

The fans on the internet were completely shocked.

“What’s going on!? Don’t stop! Keep singing! Grandpa, what wrong?!”

“It’s over! Grandpa made a huge mistake!! Grandma shouldn’t have been bought here!!”

“The performance is an absolute disaster! How are we gonna fix this?! How are we gonna fix this!?”

“Why did the program team did such a mistake? Couldn’t they just bring the grandma after he won the championship? Aren’t they just hurting him by hindering his performance like that?”

“Exactly! Did the program team saw that the few youngsters are popular so they want to eliminate the grandpa?!”

“Young people like Li Bi and Jin Guwei bring more rating with them most of the time so they probably bring a lot of profits to the shows. I heard that they could make tens of millions by just selling their contracts! Compared to that, what kind of profit can the old man bring them!?”

“The program team is a bunch of dogs who are messing things up! This Lord right here absolutely dissatisfied for Grandpa, Haaaaaa……….”


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