I Know Everything chapter 159

Chapter 159: First round. (Part 1)

The first one to start singing was Ling Ruiyun.

He was ranked last round so he performed first followed by Jin Guwei, Li Bi and the Grandpa.

The hundred judges would give the scores after the first round and depending on the scores, they would get proceed to the second round.

If someone arrived first in the first two rounds, they would directly crowned as the champion.

The other three participants would fight for the second, third and fourth places in the other rounds.

This was how ‘I Sing My Song’ worked.

But after so many years, no participants had ever won in the first two rounds.

Han Dong’er was extremely good and swept up the competition since the beginning. She was favored by the professional musician and fans but only got second place on the first round and first place on the second. She finally came out on top after three more rounds to get the win.

People guessed today that if Sister Xiaofeng took our songs that were as good as the last few ones, Grandpa Zhao Changshou might just be the first one to win after two rounds.

The first to walk out was the ‘Elimination King’. Ling Ruiyun had a very difficult path along the way but he had also encountered harder things as a vagabond singing so this was nothing to him.

His good mentality played a huge role for his success in elimination game.

Therefore, he remained calm as always when he introduced the song he was going to sing.

“I really love Teacher Fu Bufan’s songs, his songs are filled with sincerity so the first song I’ll sing is ‘Today’s Time’!”

Ling Ruiyun’s voice had a bit of vicissitudes but it was very attractive.

After the brief introduction, he nodded toward the band and began to sing the famous song ‘Today’s Time’. 

“The sun is burning on my chest, it was always high above us, guiding our position…”

Fu Bufan’s voice was similar to Ling Ruiyun as it had a bit of vicissitudes in it but it was also most of the case for ballad singer.

Ling Ruiyun’s voice was a little hoarse while Fu Bufan’s was low and heavy.

The charm was obviously different when he sang the song.

But Ling Ruiyun’s arranged the song to a lighter tone than the original version so it suited his hoarse voice better.

The singing stopped but the instruments continued for a few moment before it finally stopped.

Ninth Brother didn’t rashly intervene at this moment as he let the judges give their review.

“I think he sang it even better than me as it has deeper emotion.” Fu Bufan was the first to give his opinion.

“He handle the little details better and his singings skills is also better than the you from two years ago.” Lan Kai said, “His version of the songs seems even more sad.”

“It was nice!” Bu Yiyi only said that.

Tang Yuan, Han Dong’er and Wang Zhao only smiled and didn’t speak.

This was also normal as not every judge would comment every time. They also had their own thinking and would have to take responsibility for their words if they spoke.

Ninth Brother started to shout the name of the sponsor as the judges started to vote.

For the finals of ‘I Sing My Song’, the program apparently received 50 million in sponsorship fee according to some source.

This number was very high in the industry.

The results soon came out. Ling Ruiyun obtained 38 points from the professional musician and 40 points from the audience which gave him 78 points in total.

There was no other score yet so nobody knew yet if the judges were generous or strict.

Jin Guwei was the second to perform and he received much more applause and scream than Ling Ruiyun.

Jin Guwei wore a white shirt and jean but still attracted the attention of many.

“This is a new song Teacher Jin Dameng and Jin Daqian wrote for me, ‘Bravely Go Fly’, I hope everyone likes it.”

Jin Guwei said that while blinking at the camera. A few girls screamed when they saw that.

“This guy a good sense of camera.”

“No shit, you think Weiwei’s thousands of fans were fake? He’s really handsome and even more handsome than some small emperor.”

“Is being handsome enough? Do those emperors rely on their looks? It depends on their ability to sing, alright?”

“Haha, since male Fang Shu was created, I love hating on those people who brag about their looks, is he as beautiful as male Fang Shu?”

“They are completely different, alright? One is beautiful while the other one is handsome, girls likes handsome more.”

“Sorry but the poster upstairs is ignorant. Just come to Lin’an and take a look at our School Flowers, they are all obsessed by Chen Huan! In terms of appearance, only Lord Su Mo can be compared to Chen Huan, this Jin Guwei is far from them!”

“Why are you all talking about the wrong thing? It was rumored that the ‘Jin Brothers’ wrote a song for him, he already pulled it out on the first round, is he stupid?”

“I think he wants to pull an upset for the first round so that’s maybe why he’s so daring.”

“Yeah… ‘Bravely Go Fly’ is such a nice song~~~”


Jin Guwei sang ‘Bravely Go Fly’ and danced as the internet discussed about it and it was soon over.

He was following the style of singing and dancing with full of energy. His performance on stage was very appealing so many young fans stood up and gave him a loud applause.

“Weiwei you’re the best~~~”

“Weiwei, you’re the best in the world! Sweep everyone away!”



It was best to skip awkward praise like that.

The first to give his review this time was Wang Zhao, “The Twin Jin Brothers had been making pop music since their beginning. ‘Bravely Go Fly’ is just like their other work, good sense of rhythm and good melody. Jin Guwei also interpreted it beautifully, I would give you 80 points.”

Jin Guwei laughed and said, “Thank you Teacher Wang!”

As a student of a conservatory of music, how couldn’t he know about Wang Zhao’s ability and status in the music industry?

80 points from a person like him was already extremely good!

“Songs like that are nice but they lack a bit connotation.” Tang Yuan said in a stricter tone, “You’re suitable to sings this kind of songs for a few years to come and I don’t have anything to say against that. But a few years later, you’ll have to choose carefully when you want to change and evolve.”

“Alright, thank you Teacher Tang!” Jin Guwei looked sincere.

With the status Tang Yuan had, even the small emperor Fu Bufan wouldn’t dare to talk back to him much less someone like him.

A big brother of the music industry like that, Jin Guwei had to listen to him as long he remained in that industry.

“Yuan, don’t go frightening people.” Lan Kai butted in, “Jin Guwei, if all the songs in your albums are like this one, you’ll be able to sell at least 50k hard copies and it would be even more than what you imagine online. To be short, you will definitely become an idol!”

Jin Guwei had been signed by Yanhuang Music and although Lan Kai was from Phoenix Record, he was very smooth with his praises.

After all with Jin Guwei’s skills and appearance, becoming an idol singer was more than fair enough so his words weren’t that offensive.

Jin Guwei was very happy to hear that as he said, “Thank you Teacher Lan! I still have a lot to learn so my scores are just secondary.”

It was unknown if the scores were affected by his humble attitude but the musicians gave him 32 points while the audience gave him 48 points.

As a results, Jin Guwei surpassed Ling Ruiyun with a score of 80 points and temporary ranked first.

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