I Know Everything chapter 158

Chapter 158: Mysterious guest judges.

Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu were in a separate room in ‘I Sing My Song’ backstage.

It was the finals so there were many empty rooms.

Each of the participants was in a room too.

The finals will start in a few minutes and a camera was placed in each of their room to capture how they were before the finals.

Even Zhao Changshou felt a little nervous.

While watching the TV, Shui Qianyu cling to Chen Huan’s arm and said with a light tone, “Grandpa probably doesn’t know that Grandma arrive yet, right?”

“I don’t know, he will only know when he gets on the stage.” Chen Huan then made a unwelcomed joke, “Maybe he’ll get flustered when he see grandma and then the judge would end up giving him a bad scores.”

Shui Qianyu gave him an angry glance and said, “Isn’t because they just want to make some suspense and make it interesting when we come up?”


Chen Huan patted her little head and praised.

Shui Qianyu didn’t angrily swat his hand as she just kept watching the TV.

Ten minutes later, the director urged them out of the rooms.

They didn’t only face three judges as there were 50 professional musicians and 50 normal audiences.

The three judges couldn’t vote now but they still could give out their reviews.

In addition, the show also invited a few multiple mysterious judges. After the four participants stood up on the stage, Ninth Brother started to loudly introduce them.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome our first distinguish judge! The famous Young Flower Dan Bu Yiyi!”

As his loud voice resounded, the light of the studio went toward the entrance where Bu Yiyi slowly walked out while wearing a big red dress.


She’s so beautiful!

This was the first reaction the audiences had.

Bu Yiyi was tall and born with a celebrity face as she learned the art of acting. She exulted an inexplicable charm as she glanced around.

After waving her hand and greeting the audience, Bu Yiyi didn’t sit yet and instead took the microphone and said, “I am not a professional singer but I’m a professional listener. I’m thankful for the show’s invitation and let me get a closer look to exceptional singers! I hope everyone can assist a wonderful performance from by today!”

She sat down after that.

It was such a simple action but everybody was amazed by it in the studio not to mention those people who were licking the screen back at home.

A wave of hungry wolves appeared on Weibo to praise her incredible beauty.

They took hundreds of pictures of Bu Yiyi’s outfit on TV and reposted it on the internet ten thousands of times.

Amongst the Young Flower Dans, Bu Yiyi wasn’t the most beautiful but she had the most fans and people licking the screen for her.

The program team invited her obviously in hope to increase the rating.

But they didn’t actually expected her to agree since many other shows failed to do so.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome our second distinguished judge, he is a very famous person in our industry! He is… the one of our nation’s top writers Mr. Wang Zhao!”

As he said that, a man with a relatively square head and also two little mustaches came out.

He wore a Tang suite and looked very casual. He naturally acted also very casual.

Lan Kai immediately went to pat his shoulder and say a few words when he came. Fu Bufan also respectfully greeted him and even Han Dong’er stood up to greet him.

The people in the internet didn’t understand their reaction so they went to show’s forum to ask about it.

“Who is this? Why does he look like so impressive?”

“Yeah, Dong’er has always been distant and cold, how came she’s suddenly so polite to him?”

“Bufan too, he’s already so big and generally wouldn’t be so admiring and serious when meeting people.”

“Hahaha! You bunch of kids are too young! You guys don’t know the powerful people behind the singers! This Wang Zhao is a huge figure in the music industry!”

“Wasn’t Han Dong’er title song ‘Girl in the Alley’ in her album two years ago written by Wang Zhao? The small empress even said at that time she really loved the song.”

“If you take a closer look at Tang Yuan’s last two albums, Wang Zhao wrote the lyrics for 7 of the songs! He also wrote three songs for the Emperor Zhou Jing’s new album that came out at the beginning of this year!”

“Don’t you guys love that little emperor Zhao Zifeng? There were 22 songs in his last two albums and he only wrote 5 of them but Wang Zhao wrote 12 of them! Is he impressive or not?”


“Super Impressive!”

These people didn’t forget to watch the TV as they commented on the internet.

Wang Zhao also took the microphone after greeting everyone, “Ninth Brother said that I’m a top songwriter in the country but compared to Teacher Lu Xiaofeng, I still feel that I’m a little worse. I have the same expectation as Yiyi and hope to assist a musical feast, I look forward to listening your songs, thank you!”

Ninth Brother wasn’t someone out of touch as when everyone expected him to introduce the third judges in the same manner, he just loudly said, “Let us welcome our last distinguished judges… Tang Yuan!”


Both studio audience and people in front of their TV couldn’t help but exclaim.

Although Tang Yuan had a large circles of friends and a helpful person, he never appeared in a variety show.

As he said, he only sings and didn’t know how to other things well so he rather avoided doing it.

Comments online immediately exploded with his appearance.

“Holy shit! How come Tang Yuan is also here? The program team really took out the big check!”

“Fuck off, a variety show last year proposed 20 million to have Tang Yuan for five episodes but he refused! Can ‘I Sing My Song’ even take out so much money?”

“Who care about that other program? Isn’t Tang Yuan in front of you now? Are you blind!? I can’t handle people like you!”

“Haha, I didn’t’ expect even Tang Yuan was defeated by money.”

“The poster upstairs needs to eat some IQ pills. Even pigs know the reason, Tang Yuan came because of Sister Xiaofeng asked him to come, you can’t wait for tomorrow’s news if you don’t believe.”

“Haha, I didn’t Sister Xiaofeng to be used like that! There’s no way he would ask him! He wouldn’t use a favor Tang Yuan owed him for this.”

“Agreed. The program team really made a great use of Chen Huan.”

As they lively discussed about it, Tang Yuan took the microphone and said, “Today is the last time Teacher Lu Xiaofeng write a song for the grandfather.  I thought I must come or I’ll regret this for my entire life! I look forward to all your performance and hope that Teacher Lu Xiaofeng will make even better songs!!”

With that said, all the three judges were present now.

It also meant that ‘I Sing My Song’ officially begun.

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