I Know Everything chapter 157

Chapter 157: Before the battle.

It was soon Saturday.

The finals of ‘I Sing My Song’ hadn’t begun yet but they already made a good start.

At 11 am yesterday, Zhejiang TV broadcast a small episode of 25 minutes pre finals to show the preparation of the participants. The short episode was only 25 minutes but it got 0.86% rating which made it most watched thing at that time.

From this, people could tell that ‘I Sing My Song’ was everybody new favorite show.

It wasn’t just Zhao Changshou alone.

There were still the pair of handsome boy and beautiful girl and the vagabond singer that attracted many people.

‘I Sing My Song’ wasn’t the most outstanding show this year but they overwhelmed a show like ‘The Voice’ majorly due to the distinct and different personality.

The students obviously liked Li Bi and Jin Guwei who were only 20 years old.

Li Bi was a student of Huhai Conservatory of Music and was in her third year. She only participated in this nearby talent show so she could try out her skills.

She was one of the most famous students of her class and went to an exchange program abroad when she was 18. She also already decided she would absolutely graduate from university.

The young and beautiful Li Bi was a very good performer with a strong and powerful voice, her low tone was soul stirring as she already had more than 3 million followers on her Weibo. Her fans were also very united as they helped her promote everywhere.

Li Bi skills alone could take her far as anybody who saw her sing on live couldn’t say she was bad even if they didn’t like her.

Jin Guwei was similar to her as he was 20 years old and a year three student at the Shuchuan Conservatory of Music.

Jin Guwei was quite handsome. While Chen Huan was more handsome, he still had many fans and although they didn’t dare to brag that hard, they still crowned him as one of the most handsome men in his twenties.

His singing wasn’t as good as Li Bi but his appearance and performance was still outstanding so he smoothly made his way to the finals.

Except that Han Dong’er didn’t give him the pass at multiple occasions but both Lan Kai and Fu Bufan favored him.

After all, idol singers were also important for the music industry.

They should naturally pay attention to an idol singer that was able to attract young fans.

But his fans were really aggressive. Among all the participants in ‘I Sing My Song’, his fans fought with the others the most.

The most notorious thing they did was to attack Yu Changhan’s fans who had just been eliminated. It was a violent and crazy internet squabble on Weibo and it only settled down after the moderators on Weibo intervened.

This gave the show a bad image.

If it weren’t for Jin Guwei having a lot of fans and have tremendous popularity on the internet as well as giving ‘I Sing My Song’ a lot of exposure, they would have long punished him.

The other top 4 participants was Ling Ruiyun and could be said that his path to finals was filled with thorns. He even got the name of ‘elimination king’.

He got into the elimination round since he was in the top 64 and he had been in every elimination round until the finals.

He won the last elimination round against the highly popular with a unique voice and Lan Kai’s protégé Zhuo Xiaofen.

At the finals decision, Lan Kai and Fan Bufan argued until their faces were red and the deciding vote was made by Han Dong’er who chose Ling Ruiyun after they sang a third song.

After that, many people said on the internet that Han Dong’er chose Ling Ruiyun because the little empress preference toward singer songwriter and it was the case since the start of the show.

They also said that any other person would have chosen Zhuo Xiaofeng. Those guys were like blind people since Fu Bufan also chose Ling Ruiyun.

Those who liked Ling Ruiyun tend to be people who went through a bit in life and those people in their thirties.

They also people that didn’t chase after a celebrity crazily like the younger people so Ling Ruiyun was the less popular and had less presence than the other participants of the final.

Zhao Changshou’s fan base wasn’t even as good as Ling Ruiyun’s. it was filled with uncles and aunties over 40 years old and those old people were all internet challenged.

But they couldn’t not support Zhao Changshou’s style. The people from above love it and the mainstream people also love it. How could they not promote this kind of music that gave positive energy?

It was impossible for Zhejiang TV to change it at the last moment after promoting him for so long. It was a very taboo thing to do and the people from above wouldn’t agree to it either.

Nobody in the music industry dared to say it openly either.

Even if some music fans discussed about it, they were positive about it as they said Zhao Changshou was the strongest participants of the four.

Everybody already knew how good Zhao Changshou was at singing. They already praised so much that they might just enter uncharted territory.

So they just continued to praise Teacher Lu Xiaofeng.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration no matter how they praised Sister Xiaofeng who came out of nowhere with her masterpieces anyway.

Even first-rate songwriters such as Bao Song, Yi Kanghai, Wang Zhao, Shangya and etc… all said publicly that Lu Xiaofeng was a one in hundred year genius and that he had the best composition skills.

After all, they all hadn’t been able to write songs like ‘Mama Do You Remember’, ‘Deskmate’, ‘Start Back From Scratch’ and etc… all masterpieces.

The music world was related to the literary industry so literary talents was directly related to the quality of the song.

Lu Xiaofeng’s ability already reached the apex and except some small tidbit about the lyrics, there was nothing to critic at.

Moreover, Sister Xiaofeng was only 16 years old and even if a songwriter wasn’t convinced, were they going to go compare themselves with a 16 years old teenager?

Wouldn’t they be embarrassed?

Wouldn’t it be shameless?

Did they have any pride?

Due to the media, Chen Huan’s school and home were blocked by reporters again.

There were fans in addition of the reporters. They were there to protest as they said that Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was a cheat code and shouldn’t participate in a competition like that.

The School Flowers happily started to pick him up again.

This time, their parents were more supportive of them and didn’t also sit in the car to accompany their daughters.

Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was praised by the mainstream media and if he became the head of their company, they wouldn’t have to worry about their future image and reputation anymore.

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