I Know Everything chapter 156

Chapter 156: Confrontation.

During the class today, Shui Qianyu didn’t take note as she listened to the class.

The reason was that her hands were painful and swollen. She had to drink porridge this morning and it seemed that it would have to do the same at lunch.

But she didn’t tell Chen Huan about this as Shui Qianyu was never someone who acted spoiled.

She had encountered many situations like this before and it should be good after a few days of rest.

Fortunately, Grandpa got into the right state of mind after drinking and rehearsed three times, each time better than the last.

If it wasn’t for him actually getting drunk, a few more attempts would probably satisfy Chen Huan.

But he already found the feeling and vibe so he should be able to find the best state of mind during their rehearsal tomorrow.

Playing the guzheng several times in a row like that wasn’t a problem to her.

She would play twenty or thirty times every time she practiced in the two weeks prior to this.

Shui Qianyu holding to her hands as she listened to class had never happened before but the gauzes wrapping around her fingers made it clear what happened.

Several of her little classmates were worried after the class ended.

They thought that Shui Qianyu had been injured and after they inquired, they were told that Shui Qianyu got tired when playing too much music instrument so she avoided using her hands in order to restore the sensitivity of the hands.

They even held the bowl for Shui Qianyu to drink during lunch.

The group of boys looked envious as they felt like kicking the girls away so they could directly spoon fed the School Flower.

It would probably the most memorable thing in their life if that ever happened.

Lin’an Senior High was 3km from Mingde Alley.

Her hands were swollen and extremely uncomfortable today so she took a taxi.

The bus wasn’t a good transportation as it was too crowded and noisy.

She was sent by her parents when she was in elementary school and when she was in her first year in junior high, Xia He rode with her on bicycle for half an hour and then Shui Qianyu rode to school and home by herself.

After school, Shui Qianyu stood by the school entrance to wait for the taxi and she obviously attracted the attention of many boys.

But Shui Qianyu always disliked having any contacts with these boys as she never had any boyfriends before. Over time, those people could only watch her from a distance.

As the students walked out of the school one after another, a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan approached.

The Mercedes came to stop in front of Shui Qianyu and the windows at that backseat lowered to reveal Zhang Yaya’s beautiful.

“How about you get into the car?” Zhang Yaya haughtily said, “I just happen to go where your house is, I can give you a ride.”


Shui Qianyu didn’t hesitate as she got into the car.

Shui Qianyu and Zhang Yaya were old acquaintances.

Their first meeting was during their first grade in elementary school.

The two little and very cute girls were participating in a reading contest at that time. Shui Qianyu took the first place while Zhang Yaya took the second place.

Zhang Yaya didn’t think much about it at that time.

But she would lose to Shui Qianyu every time she met her over the years so she felt extremely dissatisfied with the defeat.

Over the years, suppressing and beating Shui Qianyu became Zhang Yaya’s life mission.

It was because of that goal that the spoiled since she was a child young miss Zhang had been working very hard and kept a very strict self-discipline to learn as much knowledge and skills as possible these last few years. Her parents feel worried as they preferred their sweet good girl from before because it was just too hard and tiring for her to study until 10pm every day before she went to sleep.

It was a pity that Shui Qianyu had better talent than Zhang Yaya so she surpassed Zhang Yaya in most things.

The only thing Zhang Yaya could match up with Shui Qianyu was in academic performance.

Shui Qianyu was in the top 20 in Lin’an while she was in the top 10. She even invited a foreign teacher so her English was never lower than 149 points.

But Zhang Yaya still wasn’t satisfied by that as what she wanted was to crush Shui Qianyu in everything she took pride to.

“I heard that you hurt yourself while practicing musical instrument?” Zhang Yaya said after the car moved as she glanced her hands, “You are not participating in the Zhejiang Junior High School Musical Instrument Contest, why are you practicing so hard?”

Shui Qianyu smiled and said, “I have a more important place to be, you won’t understand.”

“Tsk, maybe you’re just thinking that you didn’t make any progress this year and was afraid I surpassed you so you gave up in advance?” Zhang Yaya said.

“Please, I’m not as childish as you.” Shui Qianyu said, “Seeing how confident you are, did you hire a good teacher again?”

“Of course!” Zhang Yaya declared with pride, “I found the best guzheng teacher in the province and improved a lot. I’ll definitely surpass you this time!”

Zhang Yaya was very stubborn.

She knew that Shui Qianyu practiced guitar and guzheng so she chose the same instruments.

Or it would feel less fulfilling to her if she won over Shui Qianyu in other aspect.

Shui Qianyu smiled softly when she heard that and said, “Zhang Yaya, you’re really obstinate. I play music instrument for personal enjoyment and to learn more stuff. You only learn it in hope to beat me to it, is there any fun to it?”

“It’s fun to beat you.” Zhang Yaya snorted, “Right, I saw your that big bro of yours. He’s just a pretty boy!”

“Chen Huan is exceptional.” Shui Qianyu gave her a glare, “Don’t do anything backhanded or I’ll get angry.”

Zhang Yaya interest was suddenly picked up when she heard that.

Shui Qianyu usually ignored her provocation.

But Shui Qianyu gave her a warning when she talked about Chen Huan, which showed she cared about him very much.

“Hahahahaha…” She couldn’t but laugh, “Relax relax, I definitely not use any backhanded tricks if I want to defeat you! This young miss Zhang will definitely steal that man from you fairly!”

Shui Qianyu obviously knew that Zhang Yaya’s personality was still alright.

Zhang Yaya always wanted to beat her but she never used any tricks to do so. Her self-esteem and pride wouldn’t allow that.

To put it clearly, Zhang Yaya wanted a beautiful and complete win!

So she wouldn’t use any tricks if she wanted to go contact Chen Huan.

Chen Huan usually wasn’t reliable but he certainly could withstand someone like Zhang Yaya.

Moreover, the two didn’t interact much.

Shui Qianyu couldn’t help but feel it funny when she saw Zhang Yaya’s triumphant and prideful look.

Silly girl, you definitely will go for the wool and come home shorn!

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