I Know Everything chapter 155

Chapter 155: I’m the one who will win!

Shui Qianyu was completely exhausted after the rehearsal.

She would first fall asleep in Chen Huan’s arms if he didn’t immediately go to home.

They were sent back by the hotel’s car every time they rehearsed and the cost was obviously paid by ‘I Sing My Song’.

‘I Sing My Song’ became second best show on Saturday since three weeks ago and Zhejiang TV had especially allocated them 30 million of funds for the remaining episodes, especially to make the finals better.

They also don’t have that much money to go on the internet to hype the show and they also didn’t want to tarnish their reputation.

The amount of money they transferred was just a small sum to them anyways.

Sun Yan insisted on sending Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu back this time.

Chen Huan knew she must have something troubling her and the result was she instantly started to talk about it with Chen Huan as soon they go into the car.

Shui Qianyu didn’t care about it so she just slept on Chen Huan’s shoulder as soon she got into the car.

Because of this, Sun Yan lowered her voice as she said, “Do you know the latest information about the finals?”

Chen Huan just glared at her that told her to spit out what she wanted to say.

Sun Yan also felt her attitude wasn’t suitable in front of Chen Huan so sheepishly smiled and said, “The finalists are Grandpa, Li Bi, Jin Guwei and Ling Ruiyun. Just like us, they also all had a song where they rehearse separately outside of the studio and no one knows about it.”

Chen Huan nodded.

Zhejiang TV got this idea from Chen Huan and had them all do the same so it would increase the mystery around the finals and increase the audience anticipation.

Fact proved before that the audience gets very excited by this technique as people started to analyze it for more than a week. Everyone started to speculate who would prepare the best and most interesting song.

The most discussed amongst them all was Lu Xiaofeng and Zhao Changshou.

It couldn’t be helped.

Since the start of their cooperation, Lu Xiaofeng used his talent to continuously tailor made song for Grandpa and quickly transformed him from an obscure no name peasant to the most popular competition singer in the country.

Everybody had at least two songs prepared for the finals and one of them was rehearsed in the studio. They couldn’t record any of it but people could still talk about it.

According to people who heard it, the song was very good and it was completely different from the style Zhao Changshou usually sang before but it was still very touching.

If those singers couldn’t come up with a song that was on the same level as this one, they would already be struggle at the first round, not to mention the second song that Teacher Lu Xiaofeng was hiding.

That song must be even more divine than the first.

When the news came out, the netizens and the audience couldn’t hold it anymore and just wanted it to be Saturday already so they could hear it.

Sun Yan was just talking about this, “From what I got, they all secretly prepared something. For example, Li Bi has good stage presence and performance with her young and beautiful looks, extremely popular amongst the young people so she went to the two first class songwriters, Yi Kanghai and Shang Ya, to help her create a secret weapon.”

“There’s also Jin Guwei whose contract has been bought by Yanhuang Music. This handsome boy from Shuchuan has been particularly popular on the Internet and has countless fans. Yanhuang Music has especially hired the Twin Jin brothers to write a song and it shouldn’t be a problem for him to attract the young audience.”

“Then there’s Ling Ruiyan who’s even more impressive as he caught the eyes of the small emperor Fu Bufan as he felt they shared similar experience so he personally composed a song for him.”

Chen Huan couldn’t help but smile when he heard her talk so smoothly.

“Was it Hua Zhongpu who told you this?” He asked.

“Eh…” Sun Yan cautiously asked, “How did you know?”

“How could you get so many details otherwise?” Chen Huan laughed, “Only the program team that doesn’t want to us will borrow your mouth to convey the opponent’s movement to me.”

“Teacher Lu, you’re so smart~~” Sun Yan immediately started to bootlick him, “So what should we do?”

“What do you think of our two songs?” Chen Huan asked.

“They are obviously great!” Sun Yan said, “We don’t need to talk about to first song but if the second song is unable to make into a sensational song, I’ll eat all the steel in the studio!”


You have a great appetite.

Chen Huan smiled and said, “So what are you worried about?”

“But they are strong competition, we will lose if we’re too careless. It’s usually like that on TV.” Sun Yan argued, “There’s also the invited guests, 50 musicians and 50 normal citizens, wouldn’t it be bad for us if they suddenly chose the young and beautiful?”

“There will be nothing unexpected this time.” Chen Huan confidently said.

Chen Huan had only the chances for two songs and if she wanted him to get him a third song then sorry, the few classic he remembered didn’t suit to Grandpa at all.

It would be an absolute shame and waste if those two super classics from his world lost to the others in term of musical achievements and conception.

Those singers would probably went to choose those pop songs and catchy songs.

But their age and experience absolutely didn’t allow them to sing those classics.

The songs chose by Chen Huan were classics that resonated with numerous people and would be remembered for years to come for men and women of all ages.

As long as those musicians and audiences members didn’t intentionally lie, there was no reason for it to fail.

Beside, they could know that Zhejiang TV wanted to Zhao Changshou to win the championship by how Hua Zhongpu acted. Wouldn’t they investigate what those audience members and musicians liked before choosing who would participate in finals?

If he still couldn’t win the championship in that situation, Chen Huan would go back naked to his from Zhejiang TV building.

He would definitely do so and he wouldn’t let those School Flowers cover for him neither!

“Let’s change the topic.” Sun Yan got closer to him and showed him a flattering face, “Teacher Lu, we should the next step after Grandpa wins the championship, right?”

“What next step?” Chen Huan asked in confusion.

“Our Dong’er new album!” Sun Yan said in disbelief, “Don’t tell me you didn’t think about it at all.”

Chen Huan lied without any change of expression, “That matter is obviously always on my mind.”

“Then did you write a few songs? Can I check them?” Sun Yan immediately became like a docile little girl, “I knew that Teacher Lu is the most fond of our Dong’er and after her second album success, we will definitely thank you profusely!”


Since when Dong’er is yours?

She is mine!

Chen Huan felt a little bit guilty when he saw the excited Sun Yan.

The Good Lord was definitely the stingiest system in the world.

Other people systems were all accessible and responsible, just like a protective nanny.

But the Good Lord was generally silent and also didn’t help in critical moment most of the time. He had to work extra hard just to earn some benefit for himself.

Now he had used all rewards he received. He only had the missions of ‘Helping Han Dong’er’ and ‘Make Zhao Changshou a champion’.

He would receive three rewards if he completed those two missions.

He hoped he could obtain suitable songs for Han Dong’er album.

After all, he only had a few classic that he remembered and there were only one or two songs that were suitable to her amongst them. What would happen in the future if he used them all up?

Now that he mentioned the Good Lord,

Couldn’t it just reward him with an entire album?

This is the only way for you to show that you’re generous!

Am I right, Good Lord?

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