I Know Everything chapter 153

Chapter 153: Nice Son-in laws!

Sure enough, on Monday, Chen Huan saw a huge banner hanging at the top of the school gate when he went to school.

“Warm applause to our year 2 student Chen Huan for defeating all the geniuses in the math competition and become the number one math student in Lin’an and the entire Zhejiang Province!”


This banner was actually a bit controversial as the words  ‘for defeating all the geniuses’ wouldn’t normally appear in official even much less in a banner like that.

Chen Huan wondered if they were so excited that they hadn’t considered that other people could use this.

Chen Huan obviously was used to this kind of impatience from the school.

The school hung banners every times Chen Huan participated in a competition and it was always very positive.

Not to mention that after so many hyping up by the school, some parents of junior high students from other cities started to ask about the math teachers in Virtuous Middle School.

The school obviously wouldn’t say that Chen Huan was an unique occurrence so they attributed the success of it to He Qiang.

Something along the like of ‘Chen Huan enlightenment was thanks to him and only had it after he was under his teaching’, ‘Famous mathematician and the student of Yu Dingbian of Fudan University’…. And other titles. It was all attributed to He Qiang.

If He Qiang couldn’t stand this and refused to take advantage of Chen Huan’s success, the school would still boast on how they improved Chen Huan math grades after a few years and how they never gave up as they finally got great results back.

Chen Huan actually tolerated the school practice and their publicities.

Virtuous Middle School was a very serious high school and was very rich but they had no way to attract better teachers so the students’ grades couldn’t go up and those good students weren’t attracted to the school so they could only stay as the second-rate high school.

He Qiang worked in Virtuous Middle School most of his life and would certainly be willing and happy to use the opportunity Chen Huan gave if it could get the school more resource and make the school better.

Chen Huan also felt the same.

The school and High Schooler could be said to have a good relationship so Chen Huan tolerated it as a thank you to them!

But this time it was a bit different as under the banner while also near the school gate, they put a large billboard with a picture of Chen Huan wearing the uniform of Virtuous Middle School.

At this moment, Chen Huan finally knew why the school wanted to take pictures of him a few days ago as they even especially hired two professional photographers to do so for half an hour.

It turned out it was for this!

He really had to admit that High Schooler was really handsome and derverve his title of the most handsome teen. He could display his unparalleled handsomeness even in school uniform.

The pictures was very well defined and high resolution so it could be saw clearly from far away.

It wouldn’t come out so good if they didn’t spend a lot of money on it.

From far away, Chen Huan saw a group of uncles and aunties taking pictures of it with their cellphones.

The women, whether they were from Virtuous Middle School or not, would at least glance twice at the pictures as they passed by and there were even some female workers standing there to admire the pictures with their cellphone in hand and acted cute with their scissor finger sign as they probably sent it to their social media.

Seeing this situation, Chen Huan could only enter the school with his head down.

But he still couldn’t escape from it when he got in the school.

Because the principal was leading a group of people as he pointed toward where he was.

The principal motioned to him when he saw him, “Student Chen Huan, Student Chen Huan!”

He was very polite when he shouted and didn’t directly shout his name.

The reason was Chen Huan wasn’t only Virtuous Middle School most handsome student but also the school’s number one representative.

One of his identity was a talented songwriter after all, who didn’t he was the famous Sister Xiaofeng?

Then he also gave a handsome acting in ‘Love Letter’ and those appearance loving Korean even gave him the title of the most handsome teenager in the world.

Those were worthy achievements.

At the end, the best reason for them to show off was Chen Huan winning the math competitions recently.

Especially the one from yesterday, the competition was done at noon but every high school in Zhejiang about it in the afternoon.

Since there were math competitions, the top three places in Lin’an and even Zhejiang  had never been taken away from the three major schools.

At their peaks, the top 20 were all filled with their students.

But that changed yesterday.

Chen Huan took the top with his 100 points.

Two people took the second place and they were the previous number one and two of Zhejiang Province as they got 75 points.

That result could be said to be an absolute stomp.

Even Lei Xiaode and Yue Shusong were completely convinced of their defeat.

With that, Chen Huan gained recognition and people even started to mention Virtuous Middle School.

So yesterday afternoon, the top brass of the school held a meeting and that was why there was a big pictures at the school gate.

Chen Huan heard the principal’s call and saw his flower booming smile on his face. He hesitated for a moment before he walked toward the group.

Chen Huan’s eyes were quite good as he could see those middle aged in suits demeanor from far away. From appearance, they either had a lot money or a lot influence.

After a closer look, they wore brand-named suits while oozing extraordinary aura. They should be from the business world.

Before the principal could speak, a middle aged man with a bit of a belly greeted Chen Huan said with a smile, “Haha, Teacher Lu, nice to meet you! I always heard my daughter talk about you but we finally met now! You really have extraordinary looks as well as outstanding temperament and is really a human talent! Hahaha….”

Wait for a minute.

Did I get it wrong?

Why does this middle aged man talked like he was talking to his son in laws?

Then someone immediately made him understand the situation.

“President Long, isn’t what you say too awkward?” Another middle aged women in a moon white dress said with a chuckle, “Don’t talk like you’re seeing you son in law, matters haven’t progressed to that point and nobody knows which flowers is going to get him… oh, Chen Huan, you should be familiar with my daughter, right? She’s Xu Qiao.”

I got it!

They are all acquaintance.

That President Long must be Long Yuqing’s father and that women must be Xu Qiao’s daughter.

Chen Huan gave them a smile and said, “Long Yuqing and Xu Qiao are both my friends. They helped me quite often. I often wondered what quite of family could have raised such good girls but now I can see it wasn’t a surprise after seeing uncle and aunty.”

“Hahaha… exactly! You have good eyes!” President Long laughed in satisfaction and turned toward the principal, “Oh, principal, I don’t have any problem with the donation matter. It’s all for the children so I should do my part.”

The principal narrowed as he smiled, “Great, thank you President Long!”

“I don’t have any problem with it on my side too.” Mama Xu also said.

“Great, thank you President Xu!” The smile on the principal’s face widened.

He was worried Chen Huan was bad with talking but look at the results, genius that was enlightened were really different, look at how well he expressed himself?

The two CEO even directly decided to donate!

The other people didn’t speak but they were looking at Chen Huan with a very warm gaze.

Class was starting soon so the principal let Chen Huan leave.

Looking at Chen Huan’s back, President Long said with a smile, “Look at my son-in-law, he’s walked with the vigor and vitality of a tiger, so imposing, after entering the family, I don’t have to worry about my daughter being capricious anymore.”

“Cough, cough, President Long, you’re getting ahead of yourself.” A thin man next to him said, “My daughter said her relationship with Chen Huan is even better now and would ask my daughter when he needs help!”

“You can’t say something like that.” Another parent chimed in, “My daughter is only in her first year, just a little less than Chen Huan and perfectly suitable for him! Is he marrying a wife or a big sister?”

“What? My daughter is only a year older than Chen Huan, is that too old?” A women with glass said with indignation, “Isn’t older women who knows better how to cherish and spoil men? If she’s younger, wouldn’t Chen Huan have to take care of her all day long? How tiring is that?”

“Nicely said.” A man next to her nodded repeatedly and said, “I don’t dare to assure anything else about my daughter but she’s very smart academically and took care of herself since she was a child. It definitely be Chen Huan’s blessing if he marries her!”

“Hey, why are you talking so much for? The most important thing is still what Chen Huan want!” Mama Xu said with pride, “My girl is connected to him so you guys better not get jealous when they end up in the same university!”

“What’s so good about domestic university? It’s better to study abroad! You can get into any school abroad as long you have money and better your knowledge at the same time!” To say this, his girl’s performance was certainly not stellar.


The principal was a very cunning person.

The people he invited over today were all families of those School Flowers.

They must have heard of Chen Huan’s name before as long they were the parents of those School Flowers.

In the past, Chen Huan was just handsome so they didn’t thought of him highly.

But they couldn’t do anything about it since their daughters loved him so they could only put up with it. They wanted to wait until they entered university and after they saw more good men so their daughters could forget about this little pretty boy.

They didn’t expect Chen Huan to completely change just after a summer.

They didn’t like Chen Huan’s actor status that much since it was part of show business and that completely wasn’t up to par with their status.

But they admired very much Chen Huan the best songwriter of the country.

This was a cultured profession!

With such a talent, he would definitely get better achievements in the future. They could seriously brag it was Teacher Lu after he married their daughters, how could was that?

Not to mention that Chen Huan successively beat various geniuses and became the best math student of Zhejiang Province which also meant he had high intelligence.

What parents demanded the most for their son in law?

The first was obviously if they were talented or not and if whether they could support themselves.

The second was whether their son in law was smart or not.

The higher their IQ was, the better their children would be and would greatly benefit the genes of the next generation.

Their daughter was the School Flower and their son in law was and intellectual superman, it was a perfect match!

Therefore, they started to approve of Chen Huan.

Chen Huan didn’t what they were thinking and even thought they were teasing him.

He was only 16 years old. He could marry multiple girls in this world and people could marry at 18 years old but most people still married after they graduate from college.

So it was still early to talk about marriage.

If Chen Huan knew what they were thinking about, he would run as far as possible from them.

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