I Know Everything chapter 152

Chapter 152: Just who is this genius!

After the result was announced, Yu Dingbian didn’t immediately let them go but started to lecture them about the test.

He completely didn’t take in consideration about meal time or whatever.

Yu Dingbian’s lecture was one of the most important reasons why many students wanted to join the competition.

Because when a famous explain and lecture the paper for them, it would open their mind and give them a feeling of being enlightened which was very good for their growth.

Moreover, Yu Dingbian was one of the top ten mathematicians in China and it was rare chance to assist his lectures.

Chen Huan also listened to it seriously.

A master was a master and was much better than teachers.

Some of Chen Huan’s slight flaws and roundabout process of proof could be made simpler after the ingenious analysis and explanation.

Everyone had learned a lot after an hour of lecture.

Everyone felt a bit hungry after hearing Yu Dingbian said ‘end of class.’

“Let’s go!” Zhou Bei stood up and said in a joking tone, “Yue Shusong, buy us lunch since you lost the bet! It’s already past 1pm, I’m really hungry now.”

“Alright, let’s go to Red Crane!” Yue Shusong didn’t shy from it as he declared with a slap to the table.

He already thought it through.

The other persona of Chen Huan was Teacher Lu Xiaofeng and was super talented, and this talent also went to the subject of mathematics. He definitely was above ordinary genius.

Super genius like him didn’t belong in the same world so there was no need to compare to him with ordinary people.

Otherwise would everybody who was studying physics have to compare themselves to Einstein? Wouldn’t they need to hang themselves then?

If he put away Chen Huan, he actually made great progress since he tied with Lei Xiaode! Shouldn’t he be proud?

This was worthy of celebration. Sadness or whatever should all get away from him!

With those self-consolation and enlighten thoughts, Yue Shusong, who didn’t lack money to begin with, chose to go to the most expensive restaurant in Lin’an.

Second High was at the center of the city center and was surrounded by high rise building while bustling business district were only a few streets away.

Yue Shusong called to make a reservation as the seven people walked out of the school building.

“Chen Huan!”

Someone suddenly called Chen Huan.

Everyone looked toward the source and saw a pretty girl with beautiful facial features.

She looked to be quite tall with skin white like snow and could totally become a celebrity.

“Eh, it’s Zhang Yaya!” Lei Xiaode blurted out.

“What? She’s from your school?” Yue Shusong whistled suddenly.

“Yeah! She’s the school flower!” Lei Xiaode suddenly got a gossipy expression, “She’s only third year in junior high but she’s already one of the two big School Flowers of Lin’an! She’s from a good family and very ambitious, she also had never been taken before too!”

Zhou Bei started to get a headache when she heard him, “Lei Xiaode, she must only 14 years old since she’s junior three, right? It’s normal for 14 years old to not be in relationship! Looking at your hungry eyes, you better stop your thoughts!”

Lei Xiaode immediately blushed, “How could I be this kind of person? It’s what the rumors said! I’m just telling you about it!”

Chen Huan didn’t stop as he listened them talk about it. He thought he met another fan.

The result was Zhang Yaya stood in front of him before looking up and down at him, “I was wondering how impressive Shui Qianyu’s childhood sweetheart is but it turned to be such a pretty face!”

Shui Qianyu eyes blinked, “You know Shui Qianyu?”

“She’s this lady archenemy!” Zhang Yaya snorted coldly, “I want to snatch anything she likes… your luck is quite good now, this lady fancy you! Just obediently kept your purity and enter my family after a few years~~!”

Chen Huan: “…”


Enter the family?

What is this little girl talking about?

Do you believe that I can wipe you out right now?


The math geniuses walked over and couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

They didn’t expect to encounter such a thing.

It was on thing to be admired by little girls but who wouldn’t feel uncomfortable when they were considered as personal goods by little girls, especially personal goods due to little girls’ rivalry?

Even the beautiful Zhang Yaya would make Chen Huan uncomfortable by saying that.

Chen Huan shined brightly earlier and made them feel embarrassed so everyone felt quite satisfied by this and even felt like praising Zhang Yaya.

“Don’t be dissatisfied yet, I have already inquired about you and those so called rich School Flowers from your school can’t be compared to me at all.” Zhang Yaya said after seeing Chen Huan’s unbelieving expression, “Whether it’s family condition, appearance or skills, I’m better than them! It would be your blessing to enter my house!”


Chen Huan squeezed a smile before turning around and ran.

There was no way for him to reason a tough girl like her.

“Chen Huan, don’t be delusional, you can’t run away! You don’t belong to her! Shui Qianyu will definitely lose to me!”

Zhang Yaya didn’t act like a lady at all and her hands acted like a speaker as she yelled out loud at Chen Huan’s back.

Fortunately, there weren’t many people in the school or many of them would revel in Chen Huan’s embarrassment.

In the teacher office at the school building.

Yu Dingbian was on a call.

“Hehe, you didn’t expect it, right? The fact that one of my disciples’ student could get 100 points.”

“I really didn’t expect it.” The voice over the phone slowly said, “When is he coming over? How about in January when the Winter Camp start? He will definitely progress if he studies with all the geniuses in the country!”

“In you dream!”

The serious Yu Dingbian suddenly burst out profanities, “Chang Guancheng! Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking? You just want to convert him to your side and make him into one of your Peking University student, right?”

“Yes!” It was the director of Peking University’s math department Chang Guancheng over the phone, “Old Yu, you are always so narrow-minded! The math department of Peking University is the across the country and he can fulfill his potential by coming over! His talent would be wasted if he went to your Fudan University, can you bear do that?”

“Ptuh!” Yu Dingbian angrily said, “Our Fudan University’s math department is no worse than yours! It’s just that you got Bai Wushuang these last few years, what’s so great about that? She’s only number one now but wait until my apprentice grows up, then she’ll be pushed back!”

“You’re the one dreaming!” Chang Guancheng also got angry, “Who can compare to our Wushuang? Your apprentice? Forget about it! Wait until he gets some achievement! What’s those competitions counts for? Did he get any international prize? Did he get a gold medal and made the foreigner admire him? Did he write any articles in the ‘Annual of Mathematics’? Did any of your students from Fudan publish an article on it?”

“Tsk, look at that, your mental is so bad.” Yu Dingbian was rather happy at this moment, “I wasn’t talking about my apprentice but SH.”

“SH? What do you mean?” Chang Guancheng asked in confusion.

“Did you not read the article published by Professor Devries?” Yu Dingbian asked, “Didn’t it mention SH?”

“Oh! You were talking about SH from ‘Fermat’s Theorem’!” Chang Guancheng said in realization, “Although this ‘SH proposition’ is very interesting and is a major breakthrough, Professor Devries only said it was a friend from China and didn’t say it was a student! How such a proposition made by a student? We are comparing student right now!”

“Hahaha, don’t you know about this? Are your news falling behind?” Yu Dingbian proudly said, “My good friend Karuide from Cambridge University said to me that SH is younger than 18 years old when we called! Tell me if he’s student or not?”

“Are you for real?”

Chang Guancheng’s interest was picked, “Did he said which school was that Chinese student from? Is he from Cambridge? Oxford? MIT?”

“He didn’t say and in fact, he also doesn’t know.” Yu Dingbian said, “But he said that SH was Chinese and not ethnic Chinese.”

“Really?” Chang Guancheng was even more shocked now, “Which school actually produced such a genius? Why don’t I know about it?!”

“I am also surprised and curious.” Yu Dingbian said in lament.

The two changed the topic but it didn’t reduce the importance of the topic.

Chang Guancheng denied the possibility after he thought about it, “I think Professor Karuide is wrong and SH isn’t a student in China. Otherwise, it would be an incredible thing if China produced such a genius! Even if he didn’t know how sensational he was, would his teacher not know? It’s absolutely impossible to hide it!”

“I also think so too.” Yu Dingbian also expressed his agreement.

‘SH proposition’ details were revealed by Professor Devries and everybody was paying attention to the proof process of this proposition.

The proof for ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ would greatly progress if that proposition was proven!

It was a big step!

No teacher or school would be able to hide it if such an important proposition was made by a Chinese student.

If it was Peking or Fudan University, they would have already announced it at every corner of streets.

This would be something that brought glory to any Chinese school and would boost their fame and strength!

But it was really quiet in reality and no big news anywhere and that showed that it wasn’t a student from China.

Yu Dingbian and Chang Guancheng felt sad when they thought about that such a good student went abroad again.

Why don’t they stay in the country!?

It would definitely be a great boon to the domestic mathematics community if such genius could appear in China!

It could greatly change to world’s community’s view on the Chinese mathematical community!

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    Lu Changsheng is depressed.
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