I Know Everything chapter 151

Chapter 151: Relaxed atmosphere.

The tall teenager couldn’t hold it anymore as he said, “Chen Huan, can you do the test well when you’re doing other things as well? Aren’t you disrespecting the competition like that?”

Chen Huan scratched his head and said, “I wouldn’t come if I was disrespectful. Moreover, I finished the test before coming out and it wasn’t as if I was sleeping in the exam room, isn’t that being respectful?”

( ╯︵╰, )

You have a point and I don’t have anything to say against it.

The tall teenager’s face turned red and no words could come out of his mouth.

“Let’s get back to the topic, classmate Chen Huan, what do you think of today’s test?” A genius with glass that was about the same age as Chen Huan asked him, “Oh, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Lei Xiaode, a second year student from Second High. The one that just talked to you is Yue Shusong, a second year from Monarch School and this miss is Zhou Bei, a third year from Lin’an Senior High.”

Chen Huan slightly nodded.

They turned out to be the three math genius from Zhejiang.

The 16 years old Lei Xiaode was the number one and he was a genius that had won countless rewards since he was in elementary school. It was rumored that the Mathematics Departments of both Peking and Tsinghua were fighting for him for a while.

Yue Shusong of Monarch School was ranked at the second place and he had already decided to go to study at Stanford University in the United States.

Zhou Bei was at the third place and was the only female amongst the top five. She was in the same school as Shui Qianyu and planned to go to Oxford University.

One shouldn’t critic them because they were going abroad to study, each person had her own pursuit and choices. No one should say anything as long they didn’t break the laws and morals.

Hearing Lei Xiaode’s question, Chen Huan realized it was his time to show off so he said, “I think it was okay and not too difficult.”

“Stop bragging!” Yue Shusong finally found an opportunity, “Can you find the clue in the fifth question’s proof? The calculus knowledge of this question may even above graduate student! Damn, they lied to us and said that we’ll be able to do well if we’re on graduate level!”

Chen Huan calmly smiled and said, “Classmate Yue, I heard Shi Zixiong is your classmate, how about we make a bet?”

“Bet what?” Yue Shusong blurted out.

“We bet whether I can get full mark or not. “If I lose, I’ll yell ‘I’m an idiot’ three times.”

“And if you win?” Yue Shusong asked cautiously.

“If I win, then buy us all lunch!” Chen Huan said.


Yue Shusong didn’t expect Chen Huan to give him such a favorable condition. The price they had to pay for losing was completely different.

He wasn’t a narrow-minded person like Shi Zixiong to begin with and just mocked him a bit due to Chen Huan’s ‘arrogance’.

He didn’t expect Chen Huan to be so tolerant and that made him feel a bit embarrassed now.

“You don’t have to.” Yue Shusong said with a more relaxed tone, “It’s better if you buy us lunch if you lose instead, you are highest earning songwriter after all.”

“Okay! This is settled then!” Chen Huan laughed.

Everyone nodded after seeing that.

Everybody here was a real genius and there was no need to make it a life and dead feud. It was much better to compete with a relaxed like that.

Seeing that the atmosphere was relaxed, another student who had never spoken before coughed a little and said, “Teacher Lu, I wanted to ask you something, how did you write ‘Deskmate’? They say you went through a broke up and used the emotion to write this song, is that true?”

“Of course not.” Chen Huan quickly denied, “I still haven’t been in a relationship yet! The most important thing now is to study! I’ll only consider it after I get the best grades possible and secure a good living condition.”

“No way…” Lei Xiaode was startled, “Your face is so beautiful that it looks even better than my idol Su Mo but you never been in a relationship? It’s a waste of a gift!”

“You don’t know?” Another boy said with a grin, “Chen Huan’s famous saying is that he is obsessed with studying and can’t extricate himself from it!”


Yue Shusong couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

“I thought Chen Huan was bragging when I heard this but now I think he might just be telling the truth!”

Time passed quickly as the group chatted.

Around 12 o’clock, Yu Dingbian came in with the test papers in hand.

Everybody’s relaxed attitude became solemn in a flash when they saw him come.

Yue Shusong didn’t feel that Chen Huan was trying to be arrogant anymore but he still wanted to be better than Chen Huan and Lei Xiaode.

He always wanted to be the best in the subject of mathematics.

“Everyone did well this time.” Yu Dingbian looked at everyone and like every mathematician, he went straight to it, “I will give out the grade, Chen Huan 100 points, Lei Xiaode 75 points, Yue Shusong 75 points, Zhou Bei 60 points…”

Everyone: “…”

The way they looked at Chen Huan changed.

Everyone knew that the test this time was much harder and was completely above their level of knowledge as it was even harder than the Olympiad.

But it was worth doing precisely because it was so hard. Otherwise, doing and revising those low level test wouldn’t help with their growth.

They all had barely passed or failed a difficult test before so it wasn’t something to be ashamed off.

But such a situation was very rare since their second year in high school.

And even if they got low scores, there wasn’t much of a gap between them.

But it wasn’t like where the usual number one Lei Xiaode got 75 points while Yue Shusong tied with him and Zhou Bei got the third place with 60 points, barely passing.

The bottom three wouldn’t care that much about failing if the highest score was 75 points.

But there was Chen Huan who actually got 100 points!

Full mark!

Chen Huan said he would get full mark and he then really got full mark!

They didn’t doubt it because Yu Dingbian was grading Chen Huan’s test with great enthusiasm  when they handed over their test papers and completely ignored them.

This proved that Yu Dingbian was seriously reviewing the paper and it should take around 40 minutes.

With such a strict and careful grading, Chen Huan was really impressive for getting 100 points after all of that.

Lei Xiaode was very confident in his own skills and started to feel doubts after seeing such a big gap.

This was especially true for Yue Shusong.

He was having cold sweat now.

He was embarrassed and was dumbfounded for a bit. He felt fortunate that Chen Huan didn’t make it hard on him and push out difficult condition for the bet otherwise wouldn’t he be embarrassed just like Shi Zixiong?

If that happened, he would lost all pride!

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