I Know Everything chapter 150

Chapter 150: Finish the test quickly to sleep.

The exam started at 10am.

The seven of them sat in a small classroom.

Yu Dingbian sat on the podium and didn’t even look at how they did the test as he brought a math journal to read.

He didn’t have to worry about them cheating at all as they wouldn’t come here if they wanted to cheat.

The subject of mathematics was known as the mother of natural sciences.

All natural sciences, including physics and chemistry, were based on mathematics.

The following two subjects simply couldn’t be developed if it wasn’t for the ability to calculate from mathematics.

It would be much easier to study physics and chemistry if one was well versed in math.

But it wasn’t that easy to be proficient in mathematics.

It wasn’t like Chinese, English and biology where people could rely on memorizing to recite some texts and do blank questions, where as long as one worked hard, they would have good results on those subjects.

Math depended entirely on intelligence.

Only people with high intelligence could learn math.

Therefore, cheating may be useful for Chinese and English for those seven but it had no use for mathematics at all.

When the exams were upgraded to the Olympiad level, not all questions were about calculation anymore but proofs.

For example, several major mathematical problems in the world were all vague proofs and those proofs would give people headache when they look at it.


This Goldbach conjecture that hadn’t been proven even at 2020 looked simple but the logics and knowledge in it left many mathematicians stumped for hundreds of years.

Back to the topic.

Yu Dingbian already read the test made by Chang Guancheng and two-third of the questions were about proofs.

Even if a student copied someone next to them, there would be mistake on it if they didn’t understand the logic behind the proof.

Yu Dingbian’s only concern now was whether any of the seven students could finish by 80 minutes and if they could, could they get full mark?

Not including Chen Huan, he knew the other students quite well as he made test for them for a few years now and knew their strength well.

It wouldn’t realistic for them to complete and do well on this test if it was based on their skill before they went to Huajin.

The only unknown factor should be Chen Huan.

He wondered if this enlightened genius that came out of nowhere could show his show off his ability today.

Yu Dingbian thought it funny now that he was thinking about it.

Before Chen Huan, he had never believed that someone would suddenly become a math genius only after they grew up.

However, Chen Huan changed his view as he came on top multiple times in a row and it definitely wasn’t because of luck.

The 80 minutes slowly passed as Yu Dingbian was in his thought.

Chen Huan did the same thing as last time and submitted the test in advance.

And he did it 30 minutes ahead of time.

When he got up, he saw the unbelieving, dumbfounded and shocked gaze of those top students. His expression was calm but he was grinning widely inward.

I didn’t expect it that I’ll have one day like this!

The life of a top student is really satisfying!

Yu Dingbian was also surprised by this but he didn’t feel like he was deliberately shock people so immediately started to read it after Chen Huan handed it to him.

The remaining six participants were the best math genius from Zhejiang so they were dumbfounded for a moment before they focused back on the test paper.

None of them went to think about Chen Huan who just left anymore.

Nobody continued to stare at Yu Dingbian who was reading the test anymore either.

Half an hour later, the six geniuses handed over their papers and found Chen Huan sleeping while leaning on the table in the classroom next to them.

“Hey, hey…”

The elegant girl tried to wake Chen Huan up.

When Chen Huan slowly raised his head and looked at her with his sleepy eyes, the beauty of that moment made her heart beat flutter.

Holy shit.

Mama, I’m in love~~~

This thought suddenly rose into the elegant girl’s mind.

But she immediately pushed that idea away.

Men are all players and this one is no exception! He’s just a bit more handsome!

I’m destined to reach the peak of existence and getting a man like this, it won’t be a problem once I become famous!

After steeling herself, the elegant curiously asked Chen Huan, “How come you came here to sleep? It is because you didn’t sleep well due to being nervous?”

“We rehearsed late into the night so I didn’t sleep much.” Chen Huan subconsciously replied.

The six students, “…”

╭ ∩ ╮ (626363) 47

(It’s a middle finger in case you guys didn’t understand.)

It was only at that moment that they remembered that he was the number one songwriter and he was currently working hard due to Grandpa Zhao Changshou finals.

The few of them didn’t watch much TV but ‘I Sing My Song’ was extremely popular as Grandpa Zhao Changshou and Teacher Lu Xiaofeng became the hero and pride of Zhejiang Province so how could youngster like them not know about it?

Many young people wouldn’t watch TV but they certainly would listen the songs.

All young people could recognize that Teacher Lu Xiaofeng’s songs were classic amongst classic and could make classic in multiple different categories of music and that he was a true genius.

‘Mama Do You Remember’ was an English song and there no Chinese who wrote English song in the past, the song was as if it was written by a songwriter from Europe or America.

‘Deskmate’ was campus folk song and now every student in China over 12 years old all listened to ‘Desmate’ no matter if they saw ‘Love Letter’ or not and countless young men wanted to learn guitar to sing the song.

‘Tolerance’ was a love song sung by Guan Yili where the voice was indistinguishable between a man and a woman but it was surprisingly attractive and popular among the young men and women.

‘Start Back From Scratch’ was the kind of song written for middle aged people and was loved by people around those ages. It could be said that Grandpa Zhao Changshou turned defeat into victory and gained countless middle aged and elderly fans thanks to the song.

‘Chinese Kung Fu’ was a passionate song and it was regarded as a classic by everyone who was passionate about Chinese martial arts. The only problem was grandpas and grandmas would blast this song loudly into the morning in the parks and squares which disturbed the other people.

‘Good Man Song’ was a song filled with heroic spirit and even if one didn’t understand the song, they could still feel the powerful heroic aura from it and it was no wonder ‘Water Margin’ tried that hard to get it.

‘Billows surge eastward in the Yangtze River’ used the poem of Yang Shen from Ming dynasty and it showed Teacher Lu Xiaofeng talents whether it was composition or arranging the song. It also made people feel that the poem should be like that to begin with and become a true eternal masterpiece!

They thought at Chen Huan natural talents and how he worked hard last night by rehearsing songs while still having to come early to participate in the competition, they all immediately swallowed back their intention.

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