I Know Everything chapter 149

Chapter 149: Second High.

He Qiang was obviously a bit excited.

The competition was at 10am so he drove to Mingde Alley at 8:30 and waited for Chen Huan to come.

Then they rushed over to Lin’an Second High.

The three best schools in Lin’an were Second High, Monarch School and Senior High School. The oldest of them was Senior High School, Monarch School had the most talent and beauty but the most stable and prosperous was still Second High.

Since their foundation, they were the number one high school in Lin’an.

It wasn’t only student from Lin’an as students from other province or city would be proud if they could get into Second High.

But Second High was difficult to get in.

Their junior high was even better. Any of them that went to high school could become their class top student and definitely be one of the best in a specific subject.

It was precisely because it was so hard that there were so many people trying to get in.

Oh, right. At every winter and summer vacation when students from other places planned their outing, Lin’an Second High was definitely one of the place they would visit.

“Remember this place! If you can come here to study in the future, your future will be very bright and all your teachers and parents would be proud of you1”

There were such simulative words in each team that went there.

There were also countless children that would have their combative spirit lit up at that moment and started to work hard.

But it didn’t have much use because the fair entrance exam was inherently extremely unfair.

Whether they had the ability or not couldn’t be changed by only hard work.

They could only enter the school only by having ability and talent coupled with hard work just like the other students in Second High.

Chen Huan entered through the gate of Second High and it was his first time there.

However he didn’t feel any excitement from it.

How could a person that had already entered the work life for multiple years be excited for a high school?

Not to mention he was already in a high school and all the ladies in Virtuous Middle School treated him very well so he was certainly not willing to transfer.

But Chen Huan was surrounded by a group of little girls and boys as soon he stepped into the school.

It wasn’t because the student of Second High came to wait for him specifically but it was a group of junior high students from other cities and provinces that came for an excursion. They immediately gathered around when they saw the ‘world most handsome teenager’.

Chen Huan wasn’t short tempered or arrogant.

So facing a group of junior high students that had not experienced society yet, even if they were a bit too excited and noisy, he would answer their question with a smile and readily take pictures with them.

Far away, a group of students in the school building looked at this scene with a frown.

“That person that is like a celebrity is Chen Huan who is going to compete with us?” A tall boy asked in a mocking tone.

“Yeah, it’s him!” Shi Zixiong stood beside at that moment and loudly said, “He was extremely arrogant and said he was invincible in Lin’an last time. He also said that even if Brother Song was there, he will still swept you away.”

He deliberately said it loudly so the six competitors could hear it.

But an elegant girl suddenly laughed.

“I heard somewhere that someone betted with Chen Huan and the loser will shout ‘I’m a pig’. The result was Chen Huan won and even generously let that person not fulfill the bet.” She said as she looked at Shi Zixiong, “You have heard of it, right?”

Shi Zixiong’s complexion immediately turned red like a cooked lobster.

A teenager with glass heard that and said with a smile, “Yeah, there are some people who are smart but take other as fools, you want us to help you for such a boring thing, aren’t you thinking too highly of your instigating skills?”

“I, I wasn’t…” Shi Zixiong was waving his hand and tried to deny it.

He couldn’t finish it.

The tall teenager that was frowning said, “Stop, no need to say anything more! Put away your scheme and stop making a fool of yourself!”

“Okay, Okay.”

Shi Zixiong lowered his head and went toward the back but he could still hear those students laughing sounds.

He clenched his fists.

You bunch of bastards!

Just wait for it!

One day I will surpass you people and make you regret the humiliation you inflicted on me today!

He Qiang was in quite an easygoing mood so he let those children pester Chen Huan for a dozen of minutes before he coaxed them to make way so he could take Chen Huan to the school building.

Chen Huan saw the group of student from far away and it was as if he was looking at himself.

Then he saw Shi Zixiong hiding at the back of the group with his eyes flashing while thinking of something.

“Wow, what a handsome boy!” A third year female student said with a smile, “A talented and handsome boy that also know how to make money, I really don’t know which girl will be fortunate to get him in the future!”

“I hope he lives up to his reputation.” The teenager with glass said with a nod, “If his math skills is as good as his ability to write songs, we will a hard time today.”

“We’ll have to check it out to know whether he’s good or not.” The tall teenager laughed a bit, “Professor Yu had him come today to test our capability!”

Everybody that heard it nodded.

The six people standing among the crowd were the strongest geniuses in the entire Zhejiang Province.

Sending Chen Huan over to them, they naturally understood Professor Yu’s intention.

They at least had an idea about it.

It meant that in Professor Yu’s mind, Chen Huan was the same level in term of mathematics with them.

The six of them were always been very conceited and even if there were many geniuses in the city and province, no one had ever come close to them.

There were a huge gap between them and the seventh place and co.

Then Chen Huan suddenly came out of nowhere, although they were fully confident, they would never look down on him.

Therefore, Shi Zixiong’s previous provocation had no effect on them at all.

If they wanted to suppress Chen Huan, they would have to do it on the exam. If they hated on Chen Huan openly, did they thought that Sister Xiaofeng’s millions of fans were vegetarian?

Lu Xiaofeng could still said that he was inferior to other in mathematics so he lost to those geniuses.

But if they antagonized him for no reason, the people on the internet would let them know what was called society real quick.

Chen Huan didn’t know what they were thinking as his thought wasn’t on this subject at all.

A genius mathematician who was about to unravel ‘Fermat’s Theorem’ only paid attention to the famous mathematicians in the world.

He and He Qiang went to the second floor before going at a teacher’s office.

Inside, there was a vigorous gray haired old man.

He was smoking at that moment and seeing his skillful handling of the cigarette and comfortable appearance, one could know that he was a heavy smoker.

Chen Huan saw him before. He Qiang had a picture with the two of them in it on his desk. The old man identity was Yu Dingbian, a professor in the mathematics department of Fuyan University.

“You guys are here? Get a seat!” Yu Dingbian didn’t get up and greeted them casually.

Chen Huan got a seat and He Qiang thought of telling him to be more polite and that he should stand when talking to his master but his mouth moved and yet no words came out.

Yu Dingbian smiled and said, “Xiao Qiang, look, your personality didn’t change even after so many years, even your student more easy going than you.”

“If I had his natural gift, I’ll be even more outgoing than you!” He Qiang said solemnly.

A trace of surprise appeared in Chen Huan’s eyes.

Teacher He, who had always been a serious person, could actually crack a joke unexpectedly.

“Haha, getting such a good student can also be considered as a good achievement.” Yu Dingbian looked at Chen Huan as he talked, “Xiao Huan, today’s test can be said to be very important for you so you must do your best until the end, okay?”

A lot of information could be gleaned from those words.

On one hand, it was a test for Chen Huan, while the other was this test was very difficult.

“This time is Old Chang who made the test and it would be at the level of a graduate student.” Yu Dingbian said, “For you students maybe you had already studied graduate subject on your own before and encountered similar questions before but it would be very hard if the exams were especially made for graduate students. The difficulty could be said to exceed the Olympiad.”

Chen Huan nodded.

There was a math top student in his neighborhood in his past life. He did that year math college entrance exam when he just graduated from elementary school and got 145 points. He made a school dreg like Chen Huan look like a fool.

That was why if you can’t do it, don’t think other people can’t do it.

So even if the other party was only the top six in Zhejiang Province, don’t think they are bad.

“Go out and prepare yourself! Your teacher and I need to talk.” Yu Dingbian said before shooing Chen Huan out.

“Teacher, is the test really that difficult?” He Qiang asked right after.

“The test is obviously going to be hard since is Old Chang who made it.” Yu Dingbian smiled, “But if it wasn’t hard, is there a point to have them do it?”

“Haha.” He Qiang felt worried but didn’t dare to ask Yu Dingbian again.

After all, Chen Huan foundation wasn’t that solid yet and although he progressed quickly, there was still a gap compared to those geniuses who had studied with the elites since their childhood.

Yu Dingbian felt looked forward to it.

Chang Guancheng’s questions weren’t easy but did it mean that his questions were?

Chen Huan had performed greatly several times in a row but it definitely not because of luck.

If Chen Huan did well this time, he could finally chat with Old Chang.

He always talked about their Bai Wusheng all day and night, was he bullying them and thought there was no one in Zhejiang like that?

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