I Know Everything chapter 148

Chapter 148: Very high-level math competition.

This week was the second round of top 8 to top 4 in ‘I Sing My Song’. Next week would be 4 people competing for the championship.

The old man that needed to prepare for two songs suddenly became nervous.

He sometimes had to go to the TV station to practice and rehearse the first song and then wait for Chen Huan and Shui Qianyu before going to another studio and practice the second song.

Having two songs was standard.

The program team meant that another song should be prepared for the elimination match at the end.

But Shen Huan told them directly that if these two songs couldn’t win the championship, then he would withdrew from the music industry and never write another song again.

The program team got scared by that and started to get nervous. They would become the biggest sinners of the music industry if something unexpected happened. It would be unknown how many fans would scold them.

Thus, for a total confidentiality, ‘I Sing My Song’ program team rented a studio for them to use as they wished.

It was hard for them but they could endure not to go there to take a glimpse.

Han Dong’er obviously went to the two places.

After hearing the two songs Chen Huan made for Zhao Changshou and seeing how they rehearsed, even the cold Han Dong’er couldn’t help but look forward to next week finals.

Han Dong’er admired Shui Qianyu but Shui Qianyu didn’t admire Han Dong’er at all and she acted even colder than Han Dong’er.

Han Dong’er wasn’t good at speaking to begin with so the girls were together, they became mute.

Chen Huan didn’t dare to rush them the two of them to become friends.

It was impossible so he shouldn’t get involved in this.

In addition of rehearsing the song at night, Chen Huan had another assignment which was the math competition.

Chen Huan didn’t know mathematics was like that before he stepped into the mathematical world.

He had revise and do math question all the time but also had to participate various competition. On one side he had to do a lot more questions while on the other side competing with people that were good would give him more experience and lit up his competitive spirit.

He also learned from He Qiang that almost all math genius all around the world lived like this when they were young.

Coupled with the information that Chen Huan got from the internet in his last life, he finally had a more systematic understanding of it.

Did people think the students in Japan, the United States, and Australia were all going to school happily?

Did their high school students didn’t arrive at school until 9:30am before left school at 3:30pm and then just participated in extracurricular activities after?

Of course not!

That was the case only for ordinary school and students.

These schools purpose weren’t to further their educations but only to teach the compulsory knowledge for them.

As for whether they would be admitted to college after graduation from high school or whether they wanted to go to college or not, it wasn’t something the school or the teacher cared about it.

So who would care then?

Those private school and those teachers in cram classes!

It was almost only students that went to those places that could go into good university and thus had the opportunity to change their life.

Therefore, foreign family with good income would take their children to various tutoring classes after school so their students’ difficult school life weren’t that different from China’s.

Otherwise, would all those teenagers that participated in various scientific competitions be geniuses? Were all foreign students geniuses?

It couldn’t be denied that there were geniuses amongst them but it was only one or two of them while the other could only stand out by working extra hard and taking extra courses.

Thinking of this, Chen Huan could only grit his teeth and endure it.

He had to pay the price if he wanted to become a genius mathematician and get a PHD from a renowned university.

Even if he solved ‘Fermat’s Theorem’, but if he didn’t have any previous achievement, many people would feel doubt when they heard about it.

Now, he improved step by step.

Winning competition again and again would give the people the feeling that Chen Huan was indeed a genius that had enlightened and it wouldn’t be as embarrassing to say it that he did it.

Today, they said the competition was smaller than the last time but it was much more important than the Ten School competition.

The first reason was because the top six students didn’t participate in the ten schools competition last time as they went to train in Huajin.

In fact only three of them got a place in that training camp while the other were only sent as an auditor.

Auditor wasn’t a shameful thing as the hundred or so auditors that went could get into the top 10 student in mathematics in any first-tier city.

People like that basically were exempted from the college entrance exams as even big universities would prioritize their admission first.

For example, Shi Zixiong, a top ten math student in Lin’an and top 20 in Zhejiang didn’t even have the qualification to be an auditor.

Of course, only one of the three people who are officially attending the classes would stay in Huajin at the end to participate the ‘Mathematics Winter Camp’ so they could compete for next year’s World Olympiad Competition.

In other world, it wouldn’t be surprising for all students from Zhejiang province to be kicked out if the other students from super math provinces performed well.

But this never happened before.

So the geniuses of this year worked very hard since they absolutely didn’t want to become laughing stocks.

They originally didn’t want to participate in such math competition in Lin’an.

But they had to participate because of the second reason.

The reason was because the supervisor for this exam was Yu Dingbian, a math professor at Fuyan University, and the person who made the exam was Chang Guancheng who was the director of the mathematics department in Huajin University.

They basically couldn’t avoid these two big whales as long they studied in math.

They were top people in the mathematical field in China and only about two or three people could be compared to them in the country in term of math skills and influence.

Geniuses like them would never miss the opportunity to test themselves like this.

In fact, not anybody could participate in this competition as many students wanted to participate after hearing about it but it was already good for them to come take a look.

But the people who organized it refused them all and said it was the will of Professor Yu.

A total of seven people were selected from Lin’an.

Six of them were the student that just came back from Huajin while the other was the charging out of nowhere Chen Huan from the second rate Virtuous Middle School.

Chen Huan mind was still very calm as he faced six geniuses that far surpassed Shi Zixiong.

If he was afraid just because he was facing against six math geniuses, it would embarrassment for all the people who crossed over worlds and an insult to the Good Lord who gave him the reward.

The mathematician would bite him to death if this was known.

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