I Know Everything chapter 147

Chapter 147: Determined Shui Qianyu.

Shui Qianyu encountered some troublesome matter on Monday.

The PR branch Teacher Pan went to look for her in a happy mood.

“Qianyu, the Zhejiang Junior High School Musical Instrument Competition will be held in advance. Which one are you participating in? Guitar or Guzheng?”

Shui Qianyu was stunned, “Didn’t they say the competition would be at the end of december?”

“The people on top changed their mind.” Teacher Pan said helplessly, “Fortunately, our school still has you as a trump card, don’t worry about the preparation.”

Shui Qianyu looked at him and said, “When is the competition?”

Teacher Pan quickly replied, “The preliminary is this Wednesday, the elimination game start Sunday, the semifinals are next Wednesday and the finals are next Sunday. It’s still done in two weeks but we’ll see their ugly face, haha!”

Shui Qianyu coughed twice and said, “Teacher Pan…”

“What is it?” Teacher Pan was still excited, “Oh, don’t worry, with you skill, you will at least get the first tier prizes and maybe you will even get the special prizes!”

“It’s not that, I want to tell you that I have something to do so I can’t participate.” Shui Qianyu directly said it all.

Teacher Pan: “…”

Did she hear it wrong?

“No, Qianyu, what’s wrong?” Teacher Pan stammered, “You’re our school trump card! What would we do if you don’t go?”

“I have a very important thing to do so I can’t participate in this competition. Sorry Teacher Pan.” Shui Qianyu apologized.

“But if you don’t go, the honor of our Senior High…” Teacher Pan tried to persuade her by that way.

But she and Shui Qianyu hadn’t interacted much in the past so she didn’t know the personality of this junior high top student.

If it were Shui Qianyu’s teachers that came, they wouldn’t say something like that.

Shui Qianyu stopped her, “Teacher Pan, will you let the student sacrifice what’s important to them for the school’s honor?”

“This…” Teacher Pan didn’t expect her to ask that, “If you have to make a choice, you’re still a student of the school.”

“If a school can’t do it just because a student doesn’t go, then the school ability to train student is a huge failure.” Shui Qianyu gave a side glance, “If the school has to sacrifice the wishes of the students in order to obtain honor, they’re even more of a failure. Don’t you think so?”

“Qianyu, can you just deal with the difficulties?” Teacher Pan was getting nervous. She didn’t know why Shui Qianyu who obediently participated the competition before would be so disobedient now.

“No.” Shui Qianyu shook her head, “Teacher Pan, pleasure hurry up and choose someone else while there’s still time.”

After saying that, Shui Qianyu left and didn’t let Teacher Pan the chance to persuade her again.

Teacher Pan obviously still didn’t give up so instead went to the office of Shui Qianyu’s homeroom teacher.

“Teacher Cao, what’s going on with your class Qianyu?” Teacher Pan immediately came up to complain, “Having her go to the Zhejiang Junior High School Musical Instrument Competition is a matter of school honor but she doesn’t have any team spirit or honor at all and said she had something to do and won’t go!”

“She said she had something to do?” Teacher Cao asked her.

“She did!”

“Then she really have something to do and can’t participate.” Teacher Cao replied while spreading his hands.

Teacher Pan frowned and said, “Teacher Cao, why you also…”

Teacher Cao directly interrupted her, “Teacher Pan, you have little contact with Qianyu. This little girl is very headstrong and never lies. Nobody can stop her when she’s wants to do something, but even I can’t do anything if she’s unwilling to do something.”

“Then we just let it go?” Teacher Pan angrily said.

“That’s your business. I definitely will not talk to her about this.” Teacher Cao said with a smile, “You shouldn’t try to pressure her either, this girl is the top 5 student in our school as well as our school mascot, even the headmaster treats her gently.”

Teacher Pan really could nothing else.

Teacher Cao was the homeroom teacher of junior class three.

His influence was much greater than hers.

If they really started to fight, Teacher Pan wouldn’t get much support as grades were the still the most important thing in a place like school.

But in the afternoon, a small rumor started to spread.

“Do you know? Shui Qianyu actually thought herself too grand and refuse to play in the Musical Instrument Competition on behalf of the school.”

In less than one lesson, the rumors spread all over the junior high and it was known even in the high school students.

Shui Qianyu was in her classroom but as the well-deserved Big Sister Boss, one of her little spy came to tell all about it.


Shui Qianyu smiled and muttered that.

She obviously knew who spread it.

But if they thought she would yield and participate in the competition because of this, then they were too naïve.

In this world, what was more important for her other than her parents and Chen Huan?

She would definitely do it as long as she promised it to Chen Huan. Who cared about what school or teacher?

“Big Sister Boss, who’s so despicable that they made some bad rumors to hurt you?”

A group of people surrounded Shui Qianyu after class and said in indignation.

“It doesn’t matter, I don’t care what other people say.”  Shui Qianyu said as her gaze didn’t leave her book.

“But it is really okay for you to not participate in the competition?” A girl timidly asked, “Big Sister Boss, you’ve been ahead of Zhang Yaya from class 2 for two consecutive years. Wouldn’t she turn it around if you don’t participate?”

Each school would list some ranking for everybody to see. It wasn’t made to let people know who didn’t anything but to encourage people to work harder.

The school would certainly not do any ranking about whose more handsome or beautiful but top students ranking, other skills ranking and etc.. The school would take them out to flaunt them.

Shui Qianyu was the pride, mascot and top student of Lin’an Senior High School.

Zhang Yaya was also the pride, mascot and top student of Second High.

The two people had been fighting against each other for seven to eight years.

Zhang Yaya had slightly better accomplishment than Shui Qianyu but she couldn’t to Shui Qianyu in term of talents and personal charm.

There were many people who disliked Zhang Yaya but also many people who liked her in her school.

It was unlike the junior section of Senior High where very few people disliked Shui Qianyu while most were her fans.

“For this little competition, I’ll just let her have it and be proud.” Shui Qianyu said, “


The group of little girls laughed at that.

Every time Zhang Yaya encountered Shui Qianyu, she faltered couldn’t come on top of Shui Qianyu. It was unknown how many time she lost these last two years.

With Shui Qianyu not participating, how could she not take the opportunity and brag that she beat Shui Qianyu once?

But everybody who was at least a bit familiar with the both of them would know that even if Qianyu lost once, it wouldn’t change the gap between the two of them.

Zhang Yaya wanted to turn it over?

In her dream!

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